How To Make Moving With Children As Painless As Possible?

How To Make Moving With Children As Painless As Possible?

Apr 30, 2019

Moving to a new home is a long process. It is stressful, exhausting and challenging, especially when you have kids. Whether you are relocating across the street in the Gold Coast or across the state, the entire process can be a stressful experience when children are involved. The thought of leaving old friends, home, and familiar surroundings can make them feel restless, which in turn, make your entire relocation a more arduous task.

In such scenarios, it is better to hire highly-trained and affordable Gold Coast Removalists who can take the stress out of your move so that you can focus on preparing your kids for this new beginning. You can spend quality time with them and give special attention during the relocation. This will make the process less painful for you as parents as well as for your children.

Here is the list of things you can plan, prepare and implement to turn your stressful relocation process into a fun adventure for your kids.

1. Break the News at the Right Time

Whether your children are small or teens, it is important for you to break the news of your relocation at the right time. If your kids are mature, they will appreciate the news and feel involved in the entire process. In case, your kids are younger, give them time to understand the situation.

You can tell them about the move a month before this event. This much time will be enough for them to accept the change. It is important to make them comfortable with this big move. Listen to them and answer all questions they may have about the new place. This will help them know what to expect, things to do in Gold Coast and how to manage the situation during the transition.

2. Plan and Prepare

Planning and preparation are the key aspects when it comes to relocating with kids. It is imperative to do as much as you can before the final moving day to experience a hassle-free move. It is good to get them involved in the packing process.

Make packing fun by giving them small things to pack for the big move. Teach them how to wrap the items property and encourage them to help you in packing household belongings. If your kids are older, then take their assistance while packing your household belongings. Let them pack their toys, books and other stuff related to their room. This will give them a feeling that they are an important part of this relocation process.

3. Cope with their Emotional Stress

For children, leaving their rooms, their school, their friends – it’s all filled with emotions. This is one of the crucial phases where you need to ensure that they are settling down well with the situation without any anxiety.

Allow your kids to know that it is normal to be sad during the relocation like this. Instead of leaving them, spend time and also throw a good-bye party and invite their friends, relatives and neighbours.

Since younger children need time, you need to be careful while breaking the news of relocation. A month is enough for them to say goodbye to their friends. But try to overcome their stress by spending quality time with them. Keep them stay mentally active and encourage them to express their feelings.

4. Get Them Involved

No matter how stressful the entire process is, make sure you involve your kids in different tasks. Whether it’s about packing household items or cleaning the house, you can make it a fun process.

You can also get a floor plan of your kid’s bedroom and allow them to plan what goes where in his/her room. Let them choose the paint colour, curtains, new furniture, etc. to make that happen before the move-in day.

Apart from this, invest them in packing their own precious stuff like toys, CD collection etc. Allow them to create their own colourful labels or decorate their room boxes in their own creative way.

Tip: For professional packing, hire a well-renowned removal company on Gold Coast which can offer you complete packing and moving services at the best price.

5. Make them aware of new place (home)

Don’t forget to promote your new home and neighbourhood to your kids. Be specific about the hot spots including the schools, the parks/playing grounds, the restaurants and other hangout places. This will appeal to them, and they get more excited about the move.

Tip: Use maps, photos, destination brochures to encourage your kids to embrace the benefits of living in a new home.

6. Pack first night bag for your children

Moving with kids is challenging, but you can make it a painless process by packing all essentials for the first night in your home. This is specially applicable when you are moving with toddlers on board. This will automatically reduce the stress out of your shoulders and make it easy for your kids to gel up in the new place. Here is the list of few things that you need to pack for your kids:

  • A first-aid kit
  • Diapers and wipes (if they are toddlers)
  • Food, milk powder, sippy cups and water bottle
  • Clothing and night suit
  • Toys
  • Extra bags
  • Pacifiers
  • Blanket
  • Toiletries
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Bath items
  • Stroller and carrier.

7. Make their first night in the new house comfortable

Move-in day is both exciting and exhausting for your children. So, it is better to make the first night as relaxed as possible for them. Make sure your kids feel comfy and homey. For that, you can stick to the same routine and make them feel familiar with all of their favourite things such as toys, bedsheet, blanket, etc.
Try to spend quality time together at your new home. You can eat pizza with your kids or watch cartoons with them. This is the best time to thank your kids for their assistance.


Moving to a new home is physically stressful and emotionally exhausting, especially when your kids are involved in it. To make the process painless, you can follow the tricks as mentioned above and also hire experienced Gold Coast removalists for the safe and secure transition of your valuable belongings.