How To Make Your First-Time Move Stress Free

How To Make Your First-Time Move Stress Free

Oct 19, 2022

Did you know that over 104,100 people moved interstate in Australia in March 2021? And according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Queensland gained over 7000 people from this interstate migration.

This is because Queensland is a beautiful place to live in with its stunning beaches, lush rainforests and peaceful lifestyle. If you are considering moving to Queensland, you must look at one of its fastest-growing cities, the Gold Coast.

When you move to the Gold Coast, you will enjoy 300 days of sunshine, a variety of job opportunities, greenery all around and some of the most stunning beaches and recreational facilities. If you want to move here and are doing it for the first time, you can follow these expert tips by professional removalists on Gold Coast:

1. Make A Moving List

According to a survey, people across the globe find making a to-do list helps them destress and stay organised. Since you are moving for the first time to the Gold Coast, you must organise your process and write down what you need to do step by step.

This will ensure that you do not miss out on anything and can keep checking your list daily to finish all your moving tasks. Your moving list should include the following:

  • When you plan on moving
  • All your moving tasks
  • A timeline for each day
  • Your current and new address and location

2. Create A Budget

Once you have mapped out your moving plan, you must create a budget to ensure that you do not go overboard in your expenses. Calculate your total income and daily expenditure and see how much savings you have left. Then, you can create a budget and start saving money for your move to the Gold Coast.

3. Contact Your Utility Services

One of the essential moving tasks is to write down your utility service numbers for your water, electricity and gas. Then, research your new neighbourhood and find the best providers there.

You can then compare the prices and deals each utility service provides and pick the one that suits you best. There might even be newcomers discounts in your new neighbourhood, so do proper research and set up all your utilities.

4. Book Your Removalists

When you are moving for the first time, you might feel stressed, but you can stay calm if you hire professional removalists Gold Coast to help you. If you hire full-service movers, they will handle the whole move, right from packing to loading and unpacking in your new home.

You can help them out from time to time and complete all your other moving tasks. But you must make sure you book your removalists in advance to get better deals and also to make sure you can get the date and time of your choice.

Important tip:

Try to book your removalists on a weekday and during the off-season, as you will get the best prices during this time.

5. Start Decluttering Your Rooms

When moving homes on Gold Coast, the most significant stress factor is packing up all your belongings. You can relieve some of this stress by starting as soon as possible and decluttering your space before you pack. Decluttering your space will not only help you sort your things, but you can also get rid of unnecessary things and thus reduce your moving boxes.

  • Start by listing each item in a room and then ask yourself if you need it.
  • You can either donate them to a charity or sell them in a garage sale and make some extra money.
  • The rest of the items can be kept in a box, and you can start your packing process.

6. Pack Using Labels And Markers

Once you have all your essential items, you can start packing each room and write the room name and items on the box. For instance, if you have packed all your kitchen items, it is a good idea to write kitchen on the box and utensils as the description of the items. Another way you can pack for a move is by assigning a colour to each room and placing that sticker on the boxes.

For instance, if you have assigned the bathroom a blue-coloured sticker, all the boxes with bathroom items should have a blue-coloured sticker.

Next, you must write down the sticker colours and the rooms they belong to and give this to your removalists on Gold Coast. They will then be able to place all the boxes in the correct room, which will save you time when you are unpacking.

7. Pack An Essentials Bag

Lastly, pack a survival bag that will help you last two to three days in your new home so that you don’t have to unpack everything immediately. Put all your chargers, medicines, important documents like your ID cards and rent slips, keys, one or two utensils, coffee mug, kettle and toiletries in this bag. You can even throw in some snacks, water and your favourite CDs to enjoy your journey to your new home.


Once you follow these steps, moving to the beautiful Gold Coast will be a breeze, and you can enjoy every part of the move. If you are still nervous and stressed about the move, let your removalists on Gold Coast handle the process while you spend time in your new neighbourhood and relax.