How To Make Your Move Eco-Friendly?

How To Make Your Move Eco-Friendly?

Mar 13, 2023

Moving household belongings from one place to another is often tedious and stressful. The process requires attention-to-detail planning, proper packing supplies and great moving strategies.

While you are busy collecting bubble wrap and corrugated boxes for your items, you may not realise that this can affect the environment. According to the Australian Environment Protection Agency, transportation is one of the country’s major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change, global warming, and air and water pollution are key signs of environmental impact. Plus, using plastic-based packing materials and boxes increases plastic waste and causes harm to the environment. Therefore, making small changes and making your move eco-friendly is important.

It is good to make smart decisions, even hiring trained removalists Gold Coast and reducing carbon footprint.

Here are some great tips and tricks to help you relocate sustainably:

1. Plan Your Move in Advance

Making your move eco-friendly is a big decision because you must ditch traditional packing and relocation strategies and adopt sustainable ones. So, prepare your mind and plan things ahead of time to reduce unnecessary waste. Look for options that can protect the environment or minimise plastic bags.

For instance: You may toss your old clothes, towels or other items. But, if you think wisely, you can use these things to pack your knickknacks and reduce paper and plastic packing materials.

2. Host A Garage Sale

This is also one of the best ways to eliminate items you no longer need. Selling at a discounted price can also help you earn extra money and reduce the moving load.

Organising a garage sale at least 2-3 weeks before the move is good. So, plan ahead and reduce waste when moving a house.

3. Donate Pre-Loved Items You No Longer Need

De-cluttering is one of the crucial steps that can help you reduce the entire moving load. You can get rid of unnecessary items, and donating to the local charity is one of the best ways to help underprivileged peopled and protect the environment.

Instead of adding waste to the landfill, you can donate pre-loved items to disadvantaged people. Give your unused clothes, old furniture, books, dishes, old bed linens and much more.

Make sure all are in good condition.

4. Use Old Clothes and Towels to Wrap Fragile Items

There is no denying that bubble wrap, packing paper and other plastic materials; use old clothes, towels and blankets to pack your fragile items.

Wrap your plasma TV, lamps, dishes, and other delicate items in clothes to add extra protection during lifting, loading, and transportation.

This will save you money on packing materials and reduce plastic waste- which is good for the environment.

You can also ask removalists Gold Coast to bring biodegradable packing products for safe and sound removals.

5. Get Reusable Packing Boxes

Instead of buying corrugated moving boxes, you can reduce your carbon footprint by getting reusable boxes from grocery stores, liquor shops, bookstores, Facebook marketplaces and recycling centres.

This will reduce landfill waste and also save you a lot of money. You can also rent reusable boxes to pack your delicate household items. Many renowned companies offer pick-up and drop-off services once you are done with the boxes.

6. Utilise Storage Units For Your Belongings

Reduce the need for corrugated boxes by using portable storage items. Leave clothes in the dresser or pack bed linens in a suitcase. You can also pack your books and other supplies in desk drawers and containers and save the planet.

You can also make your new home energy efficient by reducing utility and water consumption.

7. Consciously Toss Unwanted Food

A lot of food gets wasted during the moving process. You don’t need to toss everything. Instead, you can donate sauces, oil and canned foods to local shelters on the Gold Coast.

Pack these food items and look for reliable charity organisations where you can easily donate such stuff.

8. Look For Recycling Options

You can’t overlook the accumulated trash when preparing a house for a relocation. You might have bottles of household cleaners, empty shampoo bottles, canes and other plastic waste. Throwing everything into the landfill leaves a carbon footprint and pollutes the environment.

So, think wisely and recycle your household belongings. For instance:

  • Find the best recycling centre for paper waste
  • Recycle your old electronic devices, such as mobile phones, computer, DVD player and much more.
  • Search for local recycling centres.

9. Hire an Eco-Friendly Moving Company

It is always good to let professional Gold Coast removalists handle your much-loved possessions throughout the process. If you have decided to hire a company, research and look for eco-friendly or green options.

Many responsible and reliable companies practice sustainable moving habits to save the environment and keep your items intact. They even use green moving trucks to reduce pollution.

Tip: You can also opt for the backloading option if you have only furniture or fewer items to relocate.

Wrapping Up

Sustainable moving requires proper planning, patience and a creative approach. These tips will help you go green while packing and relocating your household belongings.