How To Move A Refrigerator? DIY Moving Guide

How To Move A Refrigerator? DIY Moving Guide

Sep 10, 2021

Moving a heavy appliance like a refrigerator is among the most challenging tasks you must manage when relocating. You have to be extremely careful while handling and loading it because the risk of the appliance toppling is high. During the process, you can irreparably damage the equipment and injure yourself seriously.

Therefore, most people avail full moving service through reliable removalists in Gold Coast, as the professionals can manage the entire moving process smoothly. Since the specialists have the expertise, expertise and equipment, they can effectively and efficiently move your belongings.

However, if you plan to do it yourself, here is your complete DIY moving guide outlining helpful tips to move your refrigerator without professional help. Have a look.

Know your Moving Options

Most people planning a DIY move think their only option is to hire a moving truck and transport their belongings. While it is a viable option, it is not your only one. Instead of renting a moving truck, you can consider availing a storage container service where the company drops the container at your residence, and you can load it at your pace.

Once the container is full, the company transports it to your new home, and while you manage other moving-related tasks, your belongings remain safe in the container. You can unload it immediately or in a few days as per requirement giving you more time and flexibility.

Empty The Appliance

One of the first things you need to do before lifting or shifting your refrigerator is to ensure it is empty. Take all the food and drinks out of the appliance, including canned goods, perishable items, beverage bottles, etc. Additionally, take out the removable parts like the glass panes, trays, dividers, holders and the vegetable box. Make sure you pack the removable parts with bubble or foam wraps, then put them in cardboard boxes labelled refrigerator.

Get The Right Moving Equipment

Handling and moving a refrigerator with the proper equipment is dangerous because you can sustain musculoskeletal injuries, fractures, cuts, scrapes etc. When you hire professional removalists in Gold Coast, they bring the necessary equipment. But, when you plan a DIY move, you should have the following tools at your disposal.

• Harnesses and straps
• Moving dolly
• Appliance/Furniture sliders with rubber grip

These equipment will help you move heavy furniture and appliances without hassle too, which is why you should have them on the moving day.

Safety Measures To Take

Since the refrigerator is a heavy electrical appliance, you need to take extra safety measures while moving. Here is a list of things you need to take care of.

• Unplug the equipment before emptying its contents and removable parts.
• Clean the fridge to remove debris, grime and ice from the freezer.
• Wear gloves and coveralls while cleaning or moving to avoid cuts or scrapes.
• Roll the power wire in a coil and tape it along the back wall of the appliance to avoid tripping accidents.
• Ensure the appliance doors are tightly shut. Use a bungee cord, sturdy rope or duct tape to secure them.
• Let the compressor of the refrigerator cool down before handling it.
• Wear tight clothes but breathable clothes. Also, wear shoes to protect your feet from injuries.
• Don’t try to move the appliance alone and always ask another household member to help.

Use The Right Techniques

Since professional removalists have experience and expertise, they know what techniques to apply while moving a heavy item like a refrigerator. Here are some things you should keep in mind while DIY moving any bulky appliance.

• Always lift with your legs and keep your back straight. Get a support belt for your back. Keep the appliance upright and use a moving dolly to move it out from your house.
• Use furniture sliders to take the appliance out of narrow spaces without damaging the floors.
• Wrap a moving black on the upright rails of the moving dolly to avoid starches on the refrigerator when you load it on the equipment.
• Move your fridge to the side before placing it on the dolly. Never keep the appliance with its back or front pressed against the handles of the equipment.
• While moving the dolly and the appliance downstairs, one person should be in the back steering the equipment, and one person should be in the front guiding it.
• Tilt the dolly at a 45º angle and slide it down slowly. Don’t try to lift the dolly or the appliance down the stairs.

The Bottom Line

Moving is a time consuming and tiring process during which you have to manage various tasks simultaneously. Among these tasks, moving your refrigerator is a major one. You can hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to manage the packing and moving of all your property contents. But, if you plan to do it yourself, follow the tips shared above to move a refrigerator without any hassle or stress.