How To Move Your Belongings To A New Country

How To Move Your Belongings To A New Country

Oct 17, 2023

Are you ready for your international home relocation journey? This would be the most exciting, stressful and expensive experience in your entire lifetime.

Whether you are relocating for a new job, work or boost your living standard, it is good to research your specific requirements, moving purpose, estimated budget and overseas situation before making a final decision.

From applying for skilled visas to learning new languages, you must plan everything for your overseas relocation. Apart from this, ensure the utmost safety of your precious household belongings. Whether you want to move belongings via air freight or water freight, be prepared in advance and keep them intact throughout the journey.

Of course, you can hire professional removalists Gold Coast to protect your possessions, but it is important to consider the following aspects when moving internationally.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you move household belongings to a New Country with ease.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Self-Analysis: Ask A Few Questions to Yourself

Leaving a current place and re-starting life in a new country not only seem challenging but can bring a lot of emotional distress. So, gather your family, like your spouse and kids, and discuss an overseas move.

You can ask yourself a few important questions that will help you clear all your doubts:

  • Why do I want to move to a new country?
  • Can I afford to live abroad with my family?
  • How will I adjust to a new culture and atmosphere?
  • Will I get a better lifestyle in an unfamiliar place?
  • Are there good schools close to my new house?
  • How will I stay connected with my friends back home?

According to the ABS, around 5.6 per cent of international people moved to the Gold Coast in 2021. It is because of diverse employment opportunities, great lifestyle, excellent education facilities, beautiful homes, etc.

So you also need to consider these factors when searching for an ideal city or suburb in a new country and choose the best time to start your move.

2. Choose the Right Freight For Your Belongings

There is no denying that choosing international freight for the safety of household belongings is the most crucial aspect. The cost is one of the major factors that are determined depending on the mode of transportation, travelling distance and size & weight of the overall shipment.

If you are searching for an affordable option to relocate belongings overseas, opt for sea freight over air freight. This is because international container shipping prices are cheaper as compared to other modes of transport, especially when moving from or to Australia.

In case, moving to New Zealand, you can move belongings via land freight. It can be affordable to rent a moving vehicle or use a freight trailer as compared to ship or air freight.

However, if you are relocating in a hurry, choose air freight because it is faster than a ship or land.

3. Choose the Best Moving Company

Whether moving belongings by air, land or sea, make sure you hire a reliable moving company at least two months before your moving day.

Start your research as soon as you decide on relocation and get referrals from your friends, relatives and co-workers.

You can also do online research to ensure whether they can relocate your items safely to a new country. Hiring in advance allows removalists to assess your specific requirements and help you find the best options within your estimated budget.

If you are moving locally or across a new state from or to Queensland, hire the budget removalists Gold Coast. They are equipped with a spacious and modern fleet of trucks and quality packing supplies for the safety of your valuable possessions.

4. Compare Shipping Quotes

International moves are complicated and require a lot of planning and preparation. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving belongings via air, land or water; make sure you compare quotes from at least three companies and make a final decision depending on your needs.

You need to give details about your move to a new location, and they will provide you with an on-site inspection before giving you a final quotation.

5. Book Flight Tickets in Advance

It is good to ship your belongings via a sea route. If yes, you need to plan your flight dates in advance so that you remain available at a new location when your belongings arrive. You can consider the following hack:

  • Buy air tickets 6-7 weeks in advance for short-hauls
  • Buy tickets 16-18 weeks prior for long-hauls.

These simple things can help you coordinate the entire process without a hint of stress. This will also give you enough time to settle into your new home after relocation.

6. Get Rid of Unwanted Items As Soon As Possible

Once you have decided the plan for your overseas relocation, purge your unwanted household items because the weight of the shipment can set you back during the process.

You can donate pre-loved belongings to the local charity in Gold Coast, QLD.

If you want to earn extra dollars, host a garage sale and get rid of items that you no longer need but are in good condition.

Make sure you dispose of unwanted items before a house move, especially when relocating overseas.

7. Pack Belongings using Quality Materials

It is good to use quality packing paper, bubble wrap and boxes to keep your items intact during the moving process.

You can also hire local removalists Gold Coast for packing your household belongings, such as furniture, fragile items, etc.

8. Choose Between FCL and LCL

If you opted for an overseas shipping company for ship freight, you would get two options, especially when transporting loads:

  • Full Container Load: You will need to pay flat rate for the full use of a container.
  • Less Than Container Load: You can share a container with others and save money.

If you have limited items to relocate, opt for LCL. However, for a complete house, you need a FCL- which is quite expensive.

Wrapping up

Moving overseas requires attention-to-detail planning and a positive mindset. With the help of this guide, you can easily move your belongings to a new country in a safe and sound manner.