How To Organise Your New Home After A Move
woman organizing home holding cleaning equipment in bucket

How To Organise Your New Home After A Move

Sep 24, 2019

We have a specific place for all our belongings in our homes. For instance, there is a marked corner for the study table, a stand for umbrellas, an ironing board beside the cupboard, etc. Even if you are not using something, it has a fixed place in the room. But when you move to a new house that is a bit different from your old place, in terms of layout and storage, you find it extremely difficult to organise everything the way it was.

People often hire removalists in Gold Coast so that they can get the benefit of an end to end service and don’t have to waste time in loading and packing the boxes. However, you need to keep a few things in mind if you want to organise your new home in a hassle-free manner. Here is a list of things that can help you find the right approach. Have a look

Decluttering To Organise Your New Home After A Move

You must get rid of the unnecessary things before moving because it is almost next to impossible to do that in your new house. Identify those things that you don’t need any more or use anymore and things that are not working. Such things include gadgets, small appliance, books, magazines, clothes, shoes, etc. You can sell, donate, or throw these items.

If you can sell some of the items in your garage sale, you can use the amount in your moving budget. This will reduce the time and effort spent on packing your belongings and the overall cost of moving. And when you only have the essential things with you, it will not take much time to unpack and organise things.

Make Proper Plans before You Start Unpacking And Organising Things

After moving to your new house in Gold Coast, you need to spend some time in making proper plans that can help you to get the job done perfectly. Incorporate some smart tactics and follow the right approach. Spend sufficient time on essential topics like how much time do you need to unpack everything, how much cleaning do you need, which items belong to which room and so on.

Set a Deadline to Unpack Your Belongings

It is essential to set a deadline to unpack your belongings. If you don’t fix a specific date, the unpacking process can go on for many more days than what is required. So do your calculation and set a date. For a small apartment, it might take more than a week. But if you have moved to a large house that has storage spaces such as sheds, coat closets, basements, it is likely to take three to four weeks.

Make a List of All Belongings You Plan To Keep In Different Rooms

Make a list of all the rooms and then decide which items belong to which room. This will help you to unpack all the things in a hassle-free manner and in the least possible time. If you hire professional removalists in Gold Coast, they will put all the boxes at the right places.

Clean Your Home Thoroughly

Before you start unpacking your belongings, you must clean your new house thoroughly, particularly the areas like the basement, bathroom, kitchen and so on. This is because once you have unpacked the boxes, your belongings will be all over the place. And in this scenario, it will be a massive challenge to clean your home properly.

If you have don’t have time or are not aware of the right cleaning methods, then hire professional cleaners in Gold Coast. They will ensure that you get high quality cleaning in the least possible time. When people hire removalists in Gold Coast, they usually opt for end to end service where the professionals unpack their belongings. But you can opt for a service where they only unload your boxes and place them inside your home. This way you can clean your home and unpack as per your convenience.

Decide Where You Will Set Your Large Furniture

When you are organising your belongings, it is important that first, you focus on the large furniture and appliances such as the sofa set, bed, refrigerator, tables etc. If you can place them perfectly in the room, you will find enough space for the small things. You will get a better idea about how you can set the smaller items in different ways so that the room looks attractive. Take a proper measurement of all the furniture so that you find the most appropriate place for them.

Unpack and Organise Your Kitchen Belongings

Kitchen is the most important place in your home, so do not delay the unpacking of essential kitchen items, such as plates, bowls, spoons, spices and other perishable foods. Moving and unpacking demands a lot of energy, time and effort, so you need to make sure that you have your food on time. Do not delay or skip your meals just because the kitchen items are packed.

The unpacking procedure may take several weeks, so the first thing to organise is your kitchen. You also have an option to go out and have food in various Gold Coast restaurants, but it will be costly and unhealthy for you and your family.

Organise Your Bedroom

The unpacking procedure will be extremely tiring. Thus you should have your bedroom ready, at least the bed, so that you can get quality sleep and have sufficient rest. So, unpack your pillows, pillowcases, sheets and blankets, and then make your bed. Do not forget to have a separate moving kit that will have all your essential things, including a pair of clothes that will help you to sleep comfortably.

If you fail to prioritise what you require to sleep, you will find yourself exhausted while unpacking and organising your home. Hire experienced removalists in Gold Coast so ensure proper packing of all your belongings. They will help you to unpack everything, so it becomes easier for you to organise your belongings after the move.

Organise Everything You Need In Your Day-To-Day Life

People often get late for the office or take leaves following the move because they are not able to find the things that are required in the daily routine. Thus you should unpack belongings like, toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, shaving foam, shower gel, towel etc. and place them properly in your washroom. Also, put all the medicines that you have daily and your key sets at a place that is easy to remember and accessible. By doing this, you will not miss any dose or accidentally lose any vital key.


Unpacking your belongings and organising your new home can be a stressful task as it requires a lot of planning time and effort. However, if you can follow the right approach and some smart tactics, organising a new place becomes a lot easier. The methods mentioned here will help you accomplish a smooth relocation.