How To Pack A Messy House For A Move

How To Pack A Messy House For A Move

Sep 22, 2022

Did you know that between 2011 and 2016, 6.6 % of people and 42.1% of people moved to the Gold Coast in Queensland? With lush rainforest, scenic landscapes, turquoise beaches and sunny skies, it is easy to understand why people are moving to the Gold Coast in large numbers. If you are also hoping to make a move to this beautiful city and need help, you should hire professional removalists on the Gold coast.

These experts will load and unload even the messiest of homes in a professional and organised way so you can move stress-free. You can help speed up this process by organising and packing your messy home in advance in the following steps:

1. Create A Deadline

Creating a deadline is the best way to motivate yourself to start packing a messy home. You should write a starting day for when you start packing and an end date for when you want to finish all your packing. This will give you an idea of how long you have to pack and organise things so that you can move homes within the set timeline.

2. Start With One Room

Once you have a deadline, you should get down to sorting and packing your mess as soon as possible. Set a timer for 15-30 minutes daily and start with one room. It is better to organise and pack one room before moving on to the next so that it is easier to unpack one room at a time. It will also make you feel more in control if you know you have finished packing one room.

3. Make An Inventory

Next, you should list all the items in the room you are packing and make three columns with the item name, specifications and price.

Make copies of this inventory and keep the original with you so that you can claim contents insurance in case any items get stolen or lost while you are relocating. You can also put the room it will go in so that your expert removalists on Gold Coast can unload it in your new home.

4. Declutter Your Items

Decluttering is probably one of the most essential steps when packing your messy house. Once you have your list of items ready, you can go through it and start making five piles:

  • Keep- You should separate the items you need and use in your new home on Gold Coast.
  • Sell- If you have items that you haven’t used in a year, it is time to put them up for sale. This includes old and worn-out clothes, books, and furniture that won’t fit in your new place. Practise the 12-month rule and sell those things you haven’t used in over a year.
  • Donate- If you have specific items that cannot be sold but are in good condition, you should donate them to a local charity or shelter. You can also give your friends and family essential heirlooms and sentimental items.
  • Recycle- There will also be items that you can’t use in your new homes but that you can send for recycling. For instance, plastic bottles, utensils, bags, boxes and more. It is a good idea to contact your local recycling centre and have them pick up these items so you can reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Throw- Once you are left with items you can sell, donate, recycle or use in your new home, you should discard these items. But make sure you dispose of them in the proper bins, and if you throw away any toxic and chemical substances, you should check with your local waste disposal centre.

5. Assess Your Keep Pile

Now that you have removed most of your clutter and organised your items, you must start packing your “Keep” pile. Look at the items in your pile and assess how many packing supplies you need.

6. Arrange Packing Supplies

Next, get the necessary packing supplies for your items like packing paper, labels, stickers, bubble wrap and cardboard boxes. You can save some money by using household items like towels and linens to wrap your items. If you hire expert removalists Gold Coast, they will bring their packing supplies and pack all your items properly.

7. Pack Your Items Efficiently

  • It is better to pack your items in the same way you had organised them by moving from one room to another.
  • You should also wrap fragile items carefully and use as much bubble wrap as possible to fill empty gaps in the boxes.
  • Also, remember to pack less than the weight of your box so that it is easy to carry and you can avoid any injuries on your moving day.
  • For instance, if the box says it can carry 20 kgs, it is better to pack less than 20 kgs so that your removalists can quickly load and unload these boxes.

8. Keep The Rest In Storage

Lastly, if there are items that you still haven’t organised or are not sure about, you can keep them in storage. This will give you more time to decide whether you need these items and move them accordingly.


Once you have organised and decluttered your mess, it will be easier to pack and move them. Therefore, always declutter your items as this will also help remove items you don’t need and thus lighten your moving load. Thus, you will only take the things you need to your beautiful new home on the sunny and warm Gold Coast.