How To Pack Electronics For Moving Without Breakage

How To Pack Electronics For Moving Without Breakage

Apr 08, 2022

Carefully packing electronics when moving to a new home is crucial because if they break you can experience great financial distress. Electronic items often have fragile components that need expertise and skills to wrap and box. They can easily get damaged during handling and transportation.

Therefore, people hire professional Gold Coast removalists to pack, store and move their belongings, ensuring they have peace of mind. However, if you are up to the task yourself, here is your complete guide for packing electronics for moving without breakage.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Things

A house move is one of the best opportunities to get rid of unwanted gadgets, appliances and other electronics. It isn’t until you start decluttering that the amount of clutter you have becomes apparent. Therefore, segregate every item into one of the four categories – keep, discard, donate and resell.

You can donate or resell things in good condition and appropriate for all ages via offline or online platforms, while the rest you sort to throw away responsibly or pack. Australia has a waste management problem which is why it helps if you are considerate and give away electronics for reuse or recycling to prevent them from ending up in landfills.

Get Good Quality Packing Supplies

If you can find original packing materials of electronics, then use them to pack the items securely. For those you cannot, make sure to get high-grade supplies to wrap and box electrical things of different sizes. You will need small and medium 3-5 ply boxes along with a few large ones to keep most of your gadgets, equipment and appliances. Additionally, you must keep the following things on hand while packing electronics.

• Extra-strength packing tape.
• Plastic, bubble and foam wraps.
• Plastic or foam Ziploc bags.
• Labels and marker
• Cell dividers
• Strapper with claps to secure moving blankets

Use Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are cushy packing items made with polyester and cotton to prevent household items from breakage, scratches, scuffs, dents and other damage. They are ideal for wrapping large and bulky items like flat-screen TVs, speakers, home theatre systems, etc. Professional removalists in Gold Coast use them often packing and moving heavy furniture, artwork, and other oversized household items.

To pack electronics with moving blankets, wrap them first then secure them with plastic sheets and tape. Make sure the blanket covers every open area of the electronic to protect it during transit and handling.

Clean the Items and Back-Up Data

Before packing and moving your hard drives, laptops, computer, and other electronic items with important data, make sure you have backups. Virtual photographs, videos, financial records, medical reports, and other data are stored in your daily use electronics.

In addition to making copies of the data, always clean electronics before packing to reduce the risk of compromising structural integrity. Moisture, mould, dirt and grime can weaken plastic, corrode metals and make glass fragile. Therefore, dirty electronics are more susceptible to breakage during transit and especially in storage.

Dissemble Electronics

The electronics part of a system usually has complex wiring that connects various components together. You increase the risk of breakage trying to move a whole system, which is why you must disassemble it and pack the components. But, before you remove wirings and wrap electronics, take pictures and videos to re-assemble quickly and without professional help.

While packing, label everything carefully to make the identification of components of a system easier. If a box has delicate items, write fragile on the box to let your hired removalists in Gold Coast know to handle it carefully.

Take Necessary Safety Precautions

While packing and handling, electronic items often don’t get the care and attention they need, increasing the risk of breakage. To avoid it, here are some safety precautions you must take.

• Take our batteries, accessories and extra media from electronics before packing and wrap them separately.
• While packing electronics for storage and long-distance moves, put silica gel packets inside to absorb moisture.
• Stack boxes properly by keeping large and sturdy items at the bottom and keeping smaller ones on top.
• Read the product manual for packing instructions and get an idea about using the proper technique.
• Fill empty space with newspaper, packing peanuts and soft scrap to avoid toppling and jostling of electronics inside boxes.
• Take extra care of corners as they are most susceptible to breakage during movement and handling.

The Bottom Line

While you can toss books, clothes and other household items carelessly into boxes, doing the same to electronics is a recipe for disaster. To avoid hassle and any kind of stress, hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to pack electronics and other belongings. However, if you want to do it yourself, follow the tips shared above to pack electronics for moving without breakage.