How to Pack Up Your Commercial Office?

How to Pack Up Your Commercial Office?

Sep 11, 2020

Moving to a new office is a back-breaking and stressful activity that requires careful planning, organizing, and execution of a variety of moving-related tasks simultaneous. Among the crucial activities to perform for managing the move smoothly, packing the office contents is one.

It requires planning, time and effort whether you have hired professional removalists in Gold Coast to manage the move or considering to do-it-yourself. Whichever option you’ve chosen, a little guidance and knowledge go a long way. Therefore, here is your complete guide by experts who perform removals in the Gold Coast on how to pack up your commercial office like a pro.

Declutter and Create an Inventory

Offices usually have a lot of clutter which involves paperwork, files, boxes, broken or obsolete electronics and much more. Therefore, when moving it is the best time to declutter your commercial space for filtering things you require at your new office. Decluttering will not only help to get rid of things you don’t need at the new office, but it will also reduce your packing load.

After the decluttering process is complete, ensure to make an inventory of all the things to pack for transporting to the new property. Categorise office supplies and contents according to type, its placement, and measurements (if possible for getting the right packing boxes).

Arrange Packing Supplies

Getting the right packing supplies is crucial to ensure the contents of your office don’t get damaged or lost during the handling and transportation process. There are a variety of boxes such as flat, columned, square, rectangle, triangular, long, short etc. which are suitable for storing different types of supplies.

These boxes are made of different types of materials like corrugated cardboard, wood, plastic, and Styrofoam, among others. In addition, you will need packing tape, bubble/foam wraps, newspapers, labelling tags, plastic sheets/bags, filers etc.

Business owners who have moved before may have packing materials from a previous move which should be recycled. In case of unavailability of supplies from before, they can be arranged by purchasing new or used ones. Ask neighbouring offices, family members, or friends to give supplies which are in good condition and can be reused.

Besides, there is another option to stay stress-free and availing packing services from reputed removalists in Gold Coast who will bring moving pellets boxes, wraps, and other materials to ensure the belongings are packed correctly and safely.

Disassemble Large/Heavy Equipment and Furniture

The most effective and efficient way to pack furniture or huge equipment is to disassemble to have small parts to pack and move. Wrap each component separately and label correctly to make it easier to assemble once it is transported to the new office and unpacking is done.

Things that can be dismantled include computer systems, desks, fixtures, cabinets, accessories, frames, and other office contents that are assembled, heavy, and large. While dismantling items for packing, make sure you take pictures for reference for easier assembly of things.

Take Professional Assistance

Since moving office is an activity that requires attention, it is best to seek the assistance of professionals who can handle all your belongings safely. You can contact a reputed removals company and avail their packing services. Many experienced and reliable removalists in Gold Coast are trained and skilled in packing important documents, electronics, furniture, and other commercial office items.

They have the right tools and equipment to handle these items and ensure they are safely transported from point A to B. What’s more, by hiring professional removalists in Gold Coast to manage the move for you can get insurance via a third party agency they suggest.

Make Packing a Team Effort

While moving offices, there are a host of things to manage simultaneously, which why packing should be made a group effort. Ask trusted employees, friends, and relatives to help with packing your office contents to ensure to everything is sorted and packed correctly for the move. For safely storing important documents, systems, and other items make teams of people in your office who know the best way to stack and pack them.

For example, get IT professionals to dismantle, pack, and safely keep the hardware. Similarly, people from the administrative team can securely sort the documents, files, and other paperwork to pack them for movement.

Wrapping Up

While relocating to a new office, there are a host of things you have to manage and among them packing is an important one. It can take a lot of time and effort to pack office supplies because commercial spaces have a lot of things to securely wrap/box and transport.

Therefore, follow this guide to how to pack-up your commercial office. The tips shared above are by professionals who perform removals in the Gold Coast and will help you manage your move smoothly.