How to Pack Your Kitchen Like a Pro
a couple packing kitchen plates and cutleries in a cardboard box

How to Pack Your Kitchen Like a Pro

Dec 03, 2018

When you are moving, packing your kitchen is the most challenging task as it involves a lot of planning and proper execution. A kitchen has countless items including packed foods, crockery, glassware, silverware, bottles and appliances, so it requires enough time and a careful watch.

With so many things to take care of, it is always good to have a helping hand. And what can be a better option than the professional Gold Coast removalists? With years of experience, advanced machinery and technical knowledge, they can get things done in a safe and hassle-free manner.

But if your budget doesn’t allow, you better start your kitchen packing early. Always remember, the earlier you start, the easier it will be! In this post, we will discuss some essential guidelines that will help you to pack your kitchen like a pro. Let’s have a look.

1. Segregate and Organise Your Kitchen Items

Before you start packing, the first things you need to do is to identify the essential items, the ones that are useful and things that you don’t need. Start your packing with those things that you don’t use quite often like a baking tray, pie plate, steak hammer, corkscrew, cake slice, wines glasses, etc.

Sort out those things that you don’t need anymore. You can donate them to charities, a giveaway to needy or send them for recycling, depending upon the condition of the items.

Make an ‘Essential Box’, which will have things that you will need until the last day and as soon as you reach your new place. Keep stuff like plates, bowls, glasses, cups, coffeemaker, toaster, dish soap, knives, saucepans, etc. in that box.

2. Get the Appropriate Packing Material

Your kitchen items aren’t safe if you haven’t rightly used the appropriate packing material. You need stuff like bubble wrap, newspaper and good quality packing tape.

If you can contact a professional removals company, they will provide these materials along with customised boxes to keep delicate items like glasses and crockery safe.

Get the best material from the Gold Coast removalists and ensure the safety of your kitchen items throughout the journey.

3. Pack Everything Carefully

You should know how to use your packing materials carefully – take one item at a time. There are different types of things in the kitchen, and they all need different treatments.

Packing wine and Liquor bottles: Use bubble wrap or paper to wrap them properly and place them vertically in a divided/cell box. Do not forget to tape the bottom of the box.

Expensive Dishes: As these types of dishes are usually delicate, make sure you have packed them properly. Keep them standing on their side and use foam plates between them, at the top and bottom of the plates to provide a cushion.

Fragile Glassware: Take a couple of packing paper sheets and use them to fill the interior space of the glass. Be gentle while filling the space, otherwise you can break the thin glass wall.

Silverware: Make sure you wrap all your silver pieces with clean and unprinted paper like tissue paper. Keep it with plates, bowls and serving dishes so you can find it quickly and easily.

4. Label Your Boxes Properly

It is the kitchen boxes that you will unpack first when you reach your new place, so make sure you are putting a label on every box. Labelling not only ensures that you have packed every specific item but also help you know where the things are.

Most importantly, label your delicate items as “fragile” so that you take the extra care. Also, making an inventory list along with the moving checklist is always helpful when you are moving on the Gold Coast.

5. Pack you Appliances

The chances are low, but if you still have the boxes of your small size appliances, use them to pack. But if you don’t have, use medium size boxes to wrap them properly. To keep your electronic items of kitchen safe, use thick cardboard materials.

For moving large appliances like a refrigerator, be very careful and always read the manual. It gives you information on how to disconnect and carry your large devices.

As large appliances are expensive and have a complicated process, it always better to hire professional removalists of Gold Coast. They not only have experience and technical knowledge about these types of appliances but also equipped with advanced tools to pack and securely load these heavy machines.

6. Finish up your food

Make sure that you finish all of your perishable food like meat, fish, poultry and other dairy products in the last couple of weeks. Also, to ensure that there are no cooked leftovers on your moving day, you can eat out with your family or order food in the last two days.

First, you need to empty your fridge, then defrost it and finally clean it. But cleaning your large appliances like fridge and washing machine is not an easy job. Moreover, you might need to clean your entire house, especially the kitchen before you move out.

This is where a professional team of cleaning comes into play. Contact a reliable bond cleaning company in Gold Coast as they have all advanced machinery and a set of skills to provide the best cleaning service.


Packing your kitchen takes require time and efforts, so give it at least a week and if possible, ask for some helping hands. At least it can reduce some physical strain, if not the mental stress. But it is always advisable to contact a professional removal company like Better Removalists Gold Coast. They have the workforce, tools, strategies and experience to deal with all sorts of challenges. Their quality guidance makes the entire moving process very smooth.