How To Pet-Proof Your New Home When Moving?

How To Pet-Proof Your New Home When Moving?

Nov 29, 2021

Are you moving to a new abode with your four-legged friend? Pets bring joy and happiness but they have a habit of roaming all around the home and poking their paws and nose into everything.

Relocating household belongings is a taxing process but taking care of pets is more challenging. They don’t like big changes and that’s why you need to keep them relaxed. Stick to their daily routine and spend quality time with them during the packing process. For a safe and sound transition, you can hire experienced Gold Coast removalists after doing proper research.

Apart from preparing your household belongings for a damage-free move, make sure you pet-proof your new home.  Make sure you keep packing supplies away from your pet. Throw away packing tape, bubble wraps and other plastic wraps as soon as you unbox your belongings.

For more pet-proofing tips, keep on reading this article and keep your house safe for your furry friend.

Let’s Get Started!

Pet-Proof Your Kitchen

You can begin this process from your kitchen. This particular area can be tricky to pet proof when you are unpacking your boxes. The sharp and hazardous items in your kitchen can be risky for your dogs and cats so be careful. Keep everything out of their reach after moving in to the new home in Gold Coast.

• Unpack your boxes and put all kitchen items that could be dangerous for your four-legged family member. This includes knifes, foods and cutlery.
• Make sure you dispose of all unwanted packing materials, such as packing paper, tape, bubble wraps, etc.
• Put a trash can in your kitchen and throw loose trash in it.
• Keep all drawers and closets closed when you are not around.
• Move chairs away from the kitchen countertops so that your pet can’t climb them to create a mess up there.
• Keep alcoholic drinks away from your pets because it is toxic for them.
• Install a safety gate to keep your dog out of your cooking station.

Bathrooms and a Laundry Room

The bathroom and laundry can be very dangerous for your furry friend. So, make sure you pet-proof these rooms:

• Keep all bathroom cleaning products and other items in a cabinet that can’t be accessed by your kid as well as pet.
• Don’t forget to store all medications in a medicine cabinet and keep them closed. Also, keep sharp objects like razors at a safe place.
• Keep the toilet lid closed to prevent your pet from drinking water from there.
• Store perfumes, shampoos, conditioners and soap in a cabinet.
• Keep the doors of your washing machine and dryer closed when not using them.
• Always check the machine before using them, especially when the doors have been left open.


These are the least important areas because people usually don’t store any dangerous stuff in their bedrooms except cords, and small items. Still, there are few items you need to pet-proof in your bedrooms:

• Check drawers and closets before closing their doors because pets can hide there to do something mischievous.
• Keep your shoes and boots in a sealed box, especially if they tend to chew on footwear.
• Keep your windows closed and remove climbable furniture away from windows and balcony if you are living in a high-rise building.
• Put mothballs away from your pets.
• Store jewellery pieces in a secure box.
• Organise your electric cords and keep them away in a safe place.
• Get rid of plastic bags and papers as these can be hazardous for your pets.

If you want to relocate your heavy and expensive bedroom furniture safely to the new home, hire the best removalists in Gold Coast at the most reasonable price.

A Living Room

There are various dangerous spots for your pets that can harm them. Keep the following checklist in mind while pet-proofing your living room:

• Keep unstable furniture pieces away from your pets.
• Cover all your electric cords as well as wires.
• Tie-up the cords of your window blinds and drapery as these can be a choking danger for your pets.
• Install a fire scree in front of your fireplace.

You can also downsize your home and reduce your moving load if you have a lot of unwanted items.

Garage Area

Most people often forget to pet-proof their garage and basement areas because they are outside the main abode. This area can be dangerous for your pet if you leave anything hazardous in the open space.

• Put nuts, screws and blots in a container that have tight lids.
• Keep chemicals, such as car fluids, etc in secure cabinets.
• Antifreeze is extremely lethal for your pets. Store it in a closed drawer.
• Store electrical tools in closed cabinets.


If you have just moved into your new abode, your pet may spend most of their time playing in its yard.

• Keep the poisonous plants out of their reach.
• Remove pesticides and herbicides.
• Never leave your pet alone in the fire pit.
• Check the existing fence and install a new one for more security.


Moving to a new abode in Gold Coast is a tiring process. You need to plan things ahead of time and search for the best Gold Coast removalists. Also, pet-proof your new home when moving.