How To Plan A Home Renovation When Moving

How To Plan A Home Renovation When Moving

Jun 26, 2023

Moving to a new home is fun and exciting until the reality and stress of making it liveable catches up. Planning and conducting home renovations is a major part of personalising your home and making it comfortable.

It is also essential for a smooth transition and increasing your home’s curb appeal. The plans for home renovations must be complete before you move because it is time-consuming and you don’t want the hassle of living in a semi-complete home right after moving. It can make you sick and also take a toll on your mentally and financially.

Therefore, before you hire professional removalists in Gold Coast and start the moving process, plan your new home’s renovation. Want to know what you must do to manage it well? Here are valuable tips to help you renovate your property.

Inspect the Property & Outline Goals

Inspect the house/unit before you sign the deed and afterwards as well to establish clear goals for renovations.

Create a checklist outlining repair work, upgrades and modification you want to do before moving to have your dream home. During this step, it helps to get professional opinion for better insights and make a budget for renovations.

Look at Home Renovation Projects for Inspirations

If you take professional assistance for home renovations and designing, ask them to share portfolios of their projects for ideas and inspirations. Additionally, conduct an independent online search on Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms to get good ideas.

You can discuss your ideas and expectations with the contractors to ensure your home is upgraded in the way you want and settle in your new home quickly.

Research to Know What People are Seeking

To know what renovations you may need to perform in your house, the best solution is to research about other people’s requirements. It will help you increase your property’s valuation. Ask professional realtors and property managers what people look for in a house and inspect your house to see what changes may be required.

This activity will help you create a renovation plan and set your moving budget. Creating a budget is essential because moving is financially draining as well. You need to think about the cost of packing supplies, fees of hired removalists in Gold Coast, and getting new things etc.

Get Carpentry Work Done

Whether you need new shelves in a room or cabinets in the kitchen, a professional handyman can take these projects. These professionals are trained and skilled at cutting, installing and shaping a variety of building materials.

Traditionally, carpentry meant woodwork, but an expert can work with stones, metals, concrete etc., in modern times. You can hire professionals to create a shed in the backyard, install outdoor furniture, place a kitchen breakfast counter, and much more.

Consider Getting Roofing Done

Roofs are among the most important parts of a house because they provide protection and resilience to the property. Various environmental factors affect the structural integrity of roofs, and they need repairs and maintenance.

If the damage is extensive, then you need to replace the structure. A professional can install or repair roofs made from clay, concrete, steel, tiles, wood, or other material. You can even hire for insulating the roofs or replacing the previous one with a modern, more chic design.

Fix Plumbing Issues

Have a leaky faucet or a clogged drain? You can hire a professional for fixing minor or major plumbing issues. They can repair or change faucets and spouts leaking water, clean the gutters, fix broken pipes and do much more. If required, you can seek their assistance for installing sinks, bathtubs, toilets, showerheads and other fixtures.

Managing Electrical Installations or Repairs

Changing a bulb is a simple task you can manage yourself; however, it is best to call the professionals when your house needs better lighting or upgrading an electrical system. Professional handyman service providers are experienced and skilled at installing electrical fixtures and appliances without any hassle.

You can also call them for repair work and annual maintenance any time and ensure your house does not have issues that lead to water damage. A professional can fix lights, ceiling fans, HVAC units, microwave, oven and other common household items.

Coordinate with Contractors And Removalists

While moving, striking a balance between tasks is the most challenging. Therefore, ensure you coordinate with your hired removalists in Gold Coast and contractors to plan your move.

During renovations of your new home, you must have provision in place to keep your belongings in a storage facility if it is necessary. Additionally, you must prepare your family to move only after the renovations are complete.

Wrapping Up

Planning home renovation when you plan to move can weigh heavy on you mentally, physically and financially. Therefore, use the tips above to get things done in time and ensure your dream home is ready to move in from day one.