How To Plan, Organise And Prepare A Household Move?

How To Plan, Organise And Prepare A Household Move?

Oct 12, 2022

There is no rocket science behind planning a successful house move. With good time management skills, a positive approach and proper planning, you can relocate all types of household belongings without causing any damage.

Creating a customised checklist and prioritising important tasks can alleviate your stress level and keep you stay organised throughout the process. If you are still confused about how to get started, book professional removalists Gold Coast who can assist you in packing, lifting, loading and transiting processes using proven techniques and high-end equipment.

They can handle your possessions with extreme care so that you can focus on other aspects, such as setting up the utilities or changing the address on your license etc.

If you still have doubts and want to streamline the process, have a look at the following tips and plan a successful household move:

1. Create A Plan

As soon as you decide to relocate, begin the planning process. This is one of the imperative phases that can determine the success of your relocation. Start with a simple plan and fill it in as you find out further details about a schedule.

Set a base and think about what needs to be completed in your current home, such as de-cluttering, packing, organising a garage sale or selling a home, making small renovations, etc. This takes time, so plan things ahead of time to avoid last-minute chaos.

2. Prepare a Moving Budget

Whether you want to hire professional removalists Gold Coast or do it yourself depends on your estimated moving budget. It is always good to create a rough budget by including expected costs, such as packing expenses, moving company fees, transportation expenses, etc.

Don’t forget to add hidden costs and create a budget, especially if you are moving to a cosmopolitan city like Gold Coast. Keep the living cost in mind and plan your budget accordingly.

3. Create a Moving Schedule & Timeline

It is important to create a customised timeline as well as a schedule to track your process and ensure that everything is going according to the plan. Include important tasks and rooms you are going to pack first.

Whether you want to hire a moving truck or a full-fledged moving company so that you can book them on time, everything should be accomplished according to the timeline. This will give you peace of mind when you are just a few days ahead of your final moving day.

4. De-clutter Your House

There is no better time than a home relocation to get rid of things you no longer need. You can check out all your rooms, wardrobes, cupboards, cabinets, drawers, etc, to know what needs to be packed and what needs to be tossed.

You can divide all your items into three to four categories, such as keep, donate, sale and throw, to have better clarity when arranging packing materials.

It is good to donate pre-loved belongings, such as old furniture, clothes, electronic gadgets, books, etc, to the local charity or NGOs in Gold Coast and support disadvantaged people. This way, you can save on moving costs as packing necessary items will reduce the overall expenses and moving load.

5. Book Professional Removalists

If you have decided to book removals services in Gold Coast, you need to look for reliable options. Do a proper research depending on your needs and look for top-rated and experienced companies that can give you hassle-free packing and moving solutions at the best price.

Book them in advance because hiring professionals at the last moment can cost you a lot more. Choose the date wisely so you can stay organised on a moving day.

6. Arrange Packing Supplies

Before starting the packing process, make sure you arrange everything that will keep your items intact. You can arrange packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, moving blankets, boxes, Ziploc bags, etc, to wrap all types and sizes of items.

To save money on packing supplies, use old bed sheets, towels, blankets, socks, egg crates, cushion covers, etc and give extra protection to your fragile items.

7. Start Packing As Early As Possible

It is good to pack your messy home as early as possible. Start with items you don’t use or need regularly. This could be your seasonal clothing, extra kitchen items, storage unit items, decorative pieces, picture frames, etc. Use proper techniques to pack delicate items or hire professionals for a quality packing service in Gold Coast.

8. Label Your Boxes

If you organise pre and post-moving tasks, label your packed boxes. This will make things easy for you as well as removalists when it comes to carrying or lifting boxes. Write relevant name, such as “fragile items” or “kitchen utensils” using a black marker if boxes carry such items so that you can unpack everything without a hint of stress.

9. Create a Moving-Day Essential Kit

This includes everything that you may need on or after the moving day. Include a first-aid kit, snacks, water bottles, toiletries, hand sanitisers, soaps, a pair of clothes, kid’s toys and pet’s bowl and blankets, etc.

10. Reserve a Parking Spot For a Truck

Though a permit for a moving truck is not needed, make sure you reserve a spot in your parking for a hassle-free move. Make sure you reserve space close to your home so that movers can easily carry and load the stuff without much effort.


Moving home with a plan can help you achieve desired results. Make sure you stay calm and composed by practising meditation. For the safety of your possessions, hire the most reliable removalists Gold Coast, after doing thorough research.