How To Prepare Furniture For Moving?

How To Prepare Furniture For Moving?

Feb 20, 2023

Moving household furniture from one place to another is the most stressful process in the entire journey. Large beds, dining tables, pool tables, dressers, coffee tables, chairs, etc., are large and bulky, which makes them difficult to move, especially if you have stairs, tight spaces and narrow doorways.

Some furniture pieces, such as armchairs and couches, may have an awkward shape that can lead to serious physical injuries due to poor handlings, such as back and shoulder strain.

It is always good to prepare your large furniture pieces by dismantling and packing them using tried and tested techniques for a smooth move.

However, you need assistance from seasoned Gold Coast Removalists because they bring dollies, furniture sliders and straps to move heavy pieces without causing damage or injury.

But if you have decided to prepare and pack your furniture on your own, keep the following pro tips in mind for a seamless experience:

1. Take Inventory of Your Furniture Items

It is good to plan your move in advance to avoid unnecessary chaotic days during the process. You can take inventory of furniture items you want to relocate or take along with you to a new place. This will help you decide how much time they will take to disassemble and pack. You can also plan ahead and reduce waste, especially outdated furniture or broken items before starting the packing process.

So, here are some of the common household furniture pieces that you may need to prepare for home relocation:

  • Seating Furniture: This includes sofas, chairs, recliners, couches and ottomans
  • Tables: Dining tables, end tables, coffee tables, pool table and console tables
  • Beds: Four-poster beds, platform beds, bunk beds, and daybeds.
  • Storage: Wardrobes, dressers, shelving units and bookcases
  • Outdoor: Patio furniture, chairs and tables

Make a list of your items and plan things accordingly.

2. Stock Up on Packing Supplies

You need high-quality packing materials, such as bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, moving blankets and straps to protect your delicate and expensive furniture from getting damaged. The double layer of supplies will protect your possessions during the lifting, loading and moving processes.

3. Take Measurements of Hallways and Doorways

Before moving large furniture from one place to another, it will be beneficial to measure doorways, elevators, hallways and stairways so that everything will fit through without leaving scratches behind.  This can help you move a pool table without breaking the slate or any property damage.

Sometimes, you need to move large pieces without taking it apart. So, measure the doorways and other tight areas for better outcomes.

4. Arrange Necessary Moving Equipment

It is good to arrange necessary moving equipment and other tools in advance. You may need a toolkit to disassemble legs, doors, tabletops, and other furniture pieces.

You can also rent a dolly along with straps to lift large pieces without putting any pressure on your back and legs. You can prevent injuries, such as shoulder strains and chronic knee pain if using right set of moving equipment.

The best thing you can do is to hire the best removalists Gold Coast who can lift your furniture without causing any damage.

5. Remove dust and Stains

Make sure you remove accumulated dust, dirt and stains from your furniture pieces before packing. It is good to vacuum your couch and other upholstery furniture. You can use mild dish soap and warm water to remove stains for wooden ones

6. Disassemble Your Furniture

This is one of the crucial steps when preparing your large furniture for moving. Check what can be dismantled without any breakage. This can be a time-taking process, so be prepared.

Remove parts, particularly table legs, shelves, glass tops and bed frames and keep them aside. It is good to do one piece at a time and safely pack the nuts, washers and bolts in a plastic bag.

Do not forget to label the packed nuts and bolts so you can easily assemble your furniture once you reach a new abode. You can also opt for backloading option when moving large furniture. This will save your time, money and energy as well.

7. Take Care of Loose Parts

Secure the loose parts of your furniture by wrapping them in plastic bags. Also, tape them underside of larger pieces. If any furniture has many parts, write down serial numbers so you can find and assemble them quickly.

Securing a book of instruction manuals with your furniture is also good. This will save you a lot of time and energy.

8. Use Blankets, Towels and Cushion Covers for Extra Cushioning

Delicate furniture pieces and other items need proper cushioning to prevent damage or injury. So, you can use old towels, blankets and bedsheets to cover the edges of your large furniture pieces. Wrap it around and secure it with packing tape.

9. Hire Professional Furniture Removalists

Whether doing it for the first time or the 7th time, you should consider hiring professionals who can lift and relocate your furniture without any stress. Do proper research and find removalists that specialises in furniture removals Gold Coast. They know how to lift sofas and couches with care. They will take care of loading the moving truck and ensure all your items arrive safely in one piece.

Wrapping Up

With proper planning and preparation, you can pack and relocate household furniture items without causing any damage. These tips will keep your couches, beds, tables and other furniture intact throughout the process.