How to Stay Organised During A Move?
Young couple sitting on the ground while surrounded by cardboard boxes

How to Stay Organised During A Move?

Oct 09, 2018

Once you have decided to relocate, the next step is to learn how to accomplish it systematically. Packing, removing and transporting to an unexplored place can draw a lot of anxiety. Regardless of whether you are planning a local or interstate relocation, moving in an organised manner will take the stress out of it.

Make your experience of relocation more rewarding by referring to the following guidelines approved by the top-notch professional removalists on the Gold Coast.

1. Plan The Removal On Holiday To Avoid Hassles

Once you establish the date of departure, inform your removalists. Most of the client-centric Gold Coast removalists render flexibility with their dates. They transport all your belongings – whether it’s your valued furniture, piano, or the expensive antique with a great precision well-within time frame that you decided.

2. Carefully Design A To-do List

It’s not humanly possible to memorise all the intricacies involved in the home moving process. From maintaining a record of all the finances to enlisting the items contained in each box, working with a well-defined checklist will be a smart move to make. Impart a start and finish date for each task.

Begin by listing the crucial jobs in hand and sort them in order of priority. For instance, a standard checklist would appear something like this:

3. Get Rid Of The Unwanted Items Lying In The House

It’s imperative to do away with the belongings that you no longer need. However nostalgic you may feel, the unnecessary objects are only going to contribute to the clutter and make effective packing hard. Outlining garage and online sales and charity etc. well in advance will help you release the excessive bulk and buy time to consider the essentials.

On an off chance, you may as well end up carrying them along on the movement day for not knowing how to dispose of them. Avoid moving items that you have not been using for a long time since most likely you won’t use them later. Donating the things you don’t require will not only be a fulfilling deed but also help you keep the cost of packing and removing down.

Quick tip: To make your relocation convenient, it is vital to creating an inventory list of all the items in your house.

4. Pack Your Belongings Systemically

Packing right is a skilful job. Understand what to pack first and what to defer till the end to avoid reopening the sealed boxes. Besides, upgrade your packing plan by assigning a colour code to each of the box labels. This trick will help you decipher the content of the boxes even from a distance. Follow a well-coordinated packing plan for your furniture to keep it safe from any damage.

In case you are not thoroughly convinced doing it on your own, seek assistance from the professionals. There are some reputable removalists on the Gold Coast like Better Removalists Gold Coast who work with trained staff and employ high-quality packing material. They ensure that all your belongings are packed and transported carefully without any damage.

5. Keep The Important Contact Numbers Handy

Make sure that you keep the addresses and contact numbers involved in the moving process accessible – the details of the removalists, emergency numbers and medical facilities, etc. Furthermore, note the address and routes to your new home, and the important surrounding locations for a referral.

Preserving the contact numbers of utility provider companies like phone, cable, internet, sewer, electricity, satellite and security systems will help you settle them at the earliest.


As the saying goes – Well planned is half-done. Likewise, the best way to stay organised during a move is to plan ahead. The notable Gold Coast Removalists like Better Removalist Gold Coast value your belongings and guarantee a sustained and secure transit while keeping you relaxed during the process. What’s more? They tailor their services to suit your specific requirements at the most competitive prices.