Important Questions To Ask Your Movers Up Front

Important Questions To Ask Your Movers Up Front

Mar 03, 2022

Choosing the most suitable moving company plays a vital role in determining the success of your home relocation. From packing fragile items to lifting heavy boxes, professionals can do everything to give you peace of mind and a trouble-free experience.

Make sure you manage your stress while searching for the best Gold Coast removalists. It is good to know about their full-fledged moving services, additional services, work experience, professionalism, pricing policy and other important aspects. This will help you make a well-informed decision about your precious possessions.

Here are some important questions you can ask your movers upfront so that will clear your doubts and help you can experience a stress-free move:

1. How long have you been in the Gold Coast Removals Industry?

You can begin this process with common questions that can set the base and help you fetch essential information with ease. Knowing the experience of removalists or the company is vital because lifting and moving precious and heavy items is quite challenging. A company with at least five years of experience is good because they have established a strong reputation in the industry.

The longevity of the removals company is a great sign that their experience has gained through the years, and this will be helpful for you.

Quick Tip: Avoid hiring new movers in the industry because they have not had enough experience and time to prove their quality of service and worth.

2. Do you subcontract removalists?

It is important to ask this question as it will help you know who will be relocating your household belongings. Some companies may hire other movers to assist during the moving process. So, it is good to check the licensing information if any subcontractor is involved in your home relocation.

Make sure you do proper research about the company after de-clutter your home. You can get rid of unwanted items to reduce your moving load and also let go of sentimental items when relocating home for the first time.

3. Is your moving company in Gold Coast fully licensed?

Ask this question before making the final decision. Be sure that the company you are hiring is properly licensed to do business in Queensland. This will help you stay away from scams and fake companies.

Whether you hire a local moving company or interstate removals, be sure they have a license to transport household belongings. Also, remember that moving regulations and license requirements may differ from state to state- so keep these things in mind while clarifying your doubt.

Quick Tip: Do not book services if the company makes excuses when you ask for a license.

4. How do you process quotes?

The estimation process may vary from company to company in Queensland. Some companies inspect all your household belongings in-person before providing a quote.

If you are moving across the state, you can get an in-home estimate, which will help you get an accurate one.

It is good to avoid companies offering estimates without seeing your possessions.

5. What are the rates and fees of your moving service?

This is also one of the important questions you must ask before hiring movers. For local or shorter moves, companies may charge you per hour. For long-distance or interstate ones, the rate is likely to be based on the distance and weight of your home relocation.

Do not forget to ask about extra or additional fees, hidden charges, etc for packing materials, oversized boxes and other activities. It is good to hire professionals, especially if you have heavy boxes because they strictly follow moving safety tips to avoid injuries.

6. Do you offer extra services?

It is important to know what additional services a company will offer you when hiring removalists in Gold Coast. However, companies quote separately for packing, unpacking, temporary storage unit, and auxiliary services.

So, it is good for you to know what is included in a moving package to plan things accordingly.

7. What type of packing solutions do you offer?

Usually, movers across the state offer full or partial packing services to their customers. They will come to your place to pack household items, large appliances, furniture and other precious possessions. You can ask them to bring high-quality materials if you need a full-fledged packing service.

8. Do you offer moving insurance?

This is one of the crucial questions you must ask for the utmost safety of your household possessions. Ask them to check their moving insurance options with you because there are two common types of insurance offered by removals companies:

Released-value Protection: This covers up to 60 cents per pound. You won’t get full compensation against the damage to your belongings, and that’s why people avoid this option.

Full-value protection covers the value of the damaged items and is based on your valuation of the items that are being transported.

You can also look for additional insurance options for a third party to cover all your household items.


These questions will help you gather relevant information about the right Gold Coast removalists so that you can transit belongings safely to your new home in the city without causing any damage or disputes.