Important Tips To Move A Refrigerator By Yourself
A removalist in blue uniform lifting a fridge

Important Tips To Move A Refrigerator By Yourself

Aug 31, 2018

Nothing can be more strenuous than moving the bulky and expensive refrigerator from one place to another. It is one of those moving chores that need the right trick, manual strength and professional support from reliable and cheap furniture removalists in Gold Coast.

However, hiring professionals sometimes become difficult due to a tight budget, and that’s the reason why people engage in DIY refrigerator moving process with the help of their friends and relatives.

If you are also moving your house from the Gold Coast to the new city or shifting next to the apartment, then the following tips will make your refrigerator relocation process a bit easier.

All you need to do is to follow the tricks properly and keep the safety measures in mind while shifting your bulky items.

1. Gather Necessary Tools

Moving is a stressful job, especially when it comes to relocating heavy, delicate and expensive items. To ensure the safety of your belongings and of course, your back, keep the following tools handy:

• Appliance dolly with straps
• Screwdriver or drill
• Rope or tape
• Measuring tape
• Moving Blankets

Tip: Take voluntary help from your partners, friends and relatives (at least 2 persons) to avoid injuries. You can also avail the services of your removals company for the task.

2. Remove items and Clean Out your Refrigerator

Prepare your refrigerator for a move by removing all the food contents. Throw away leftovers and try to finish all the perishable food items, including fruits, breads, and cakes. Finish half used products by making new recipes.

Here, the purpose is to clean out the entire refrigerator so that you can move it without any stress. Take out any removable shelves and wash them thoroughly. Use a mixture of warm water and baking soda to remove food residue, dust and grime out of the walls and surfaces of a fridge.

Tip: Keep all the perishable food items in a temporary cooler or prep your batch meals and store them in a cooler.

3. Defrost

Keep the door(s) open to let the ice melt (available in the fridge). If you are in a hurry, then use a hair dryer to melt down all the remaining ice. You can also put hot water in a large bowl and shut it in the fridge cabinet for an hour to defrost it. It is good to switch off the fridge at least 2 hours before moving.

Tip: Make sure you soak up or drain all the excess water while defrosting your fridge using a mop.

4. Disconnect Your Fridge

Does your fridge have an ice maker or a water filter? If yes then make sure you disconnect these as well in advance using the user manual guidelines. Most of the experienced removalists on the Gold Coast unplug and disconnect the fridge if you ask them to do so.

But if you are doing it alone, make sure you unplug and disconnect it properly. Also, roll up the cord and tie it to the back of the fridge using a rope or tape.

Take assistance from your friends and family and disconnect as per the user manual instructions and keep all screws together in a small bag.

Tip: Don’t forget to cover your fridge (exterior) in moving blankets to protect it from scratches and damages during the transit. Many reputed removalists in Gold Coast provide packaging material at affordable prices in their removals services list.

5. Measure your Fridge

This step is crucial because the safe removal of your fridge will be dependent on its width and length. Measuring a refrigerator and doorways of your house is two important things that will ensure the safe relocation process. In some cases, you will need to get rid of both the doors in your house and the doors on your refrigerator to get it fit through without any scratches.

All you need to do is take a measuring tape and write down the width, height and depth of your fridge. After that, measure the width and height of your doorways in your new house in Gold Coast. This will help you create a moving plan for your bulky fridge.

Once you are done with this, ask your friends to help you in lifting the fridge on the dolly so that you can easily push through your main door.

Tip: It is advised to hire highly-trained moving company on the Gold Coast while shifting heavy furniture and electronic appliances.

6. Lift the Fridge Forward

Moving a fridge can be done easily if you are using appliance dolly. If you want to be on a safer side, then it is good to lift it forward slightly and place furniture sliders beneath the back of your refrigerator. Now drag yourself to the front side of the appliance, grab both sides and push it side to side while letting your partner directing it forward.

The next step is to lift the fridge onto the appliance dolly. Let one person lift the fridge while the others slide the furniture dolly below the refrigerator. Use dolly straps to provide extra support.

Sometimes, it is good to leave this complicated job to the professionals. They will lift your expensive refrigerator and other heavy appliances using furniture dolly in the right way. But if that is not an option, you can try this hack with the assistance of your friends or partner.

Tip: Fold your knees slightly and keep your back straight to avoid any injury during the moving process.

7. Tilt Fridge Slightly Back

Make sure your fridge is positioned evenly on the dolly. It should not be tilted back more than 45 degrees. When it comes to moving, be sure you walk slowly without leaving the marks of scratches on the floor.

Let the other person support the equipment from the other side so that you can easily get through your rooms (and main door).

8. Load it into Moving Truck

Load the fridge into the moving truck using a plank or platform. This will make it easy to navigate the refrigerator on the truck without any damage.
While one person supports the fridge with the dolly, another should be below it. Be careful because a small mistake could lead to a serious personal injury.
So, follow the procedure correctly and load the fridge into the truck with care.

9. Secure the Fridge

Use additional straps to secure the fridge to the truck. Instead of laying all its sides, you can tie the top as well as sides of the fridge for better protection.

10. Hire Professionals

In case you are finding difficulties in relocating your fridge, then you should contact a reliable and trusted moving company that can help you throughout your moving process with care and responsibility.

Let them take the responsibility and move your refrigerator using advanced moving appliances and techniques.

Tip: You can look for the company who has at least five years of experience in prepping and moving heavy household belongings such as a fridge with extra care and perfection.


These are some important tips that will make it easy for you to move your fridge without any hassle. Do your research and find out an ideal Removalists Company on the Gold Coast that can assist you until reaches to the final destination.