Important Tips To Consider While Relocating Heavy Furniture

Important Tips To Consider While Relocating Heavy Furniture

Jun 09, 2021

Moving household belongings from one location to another involves a lot of risks, especially when it is your expensive furniture. From a pool table to a piano, upholstery furniture to a master bed, you need proper lifting tools, a spacious vehicle and the professional assistance.

It is impossible for you to drag or lift furniture from your house to the moving truck without any helping hand. This can lead to personal/physical injury as well, or you could damage your floors, doors or even furniture. So, it is good to hire trained and dedicated Gold Coast removalists for the utmost safety of your precious possessions.

In case you are running low on budget, then consider the following tips while relocating your heavy and expensive furniture and transit them safely to the new place.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Planning is Important

Before you get into the furniture removals process, make sure you plan things ahead of time for a damage-free result. It is ideal to take an inventory of all the large furniture you have and find out which items need to load first.

Also, load the heavy stuff either at the back or at the sides of a vehicle to maintain the balance and ensure utmost safety for your other belongings.

Make sure you plan everything at least a few days before the final moving day to avoid last-minute chaos.

2. Use Proper Lifting Tools

Obviously, you need proper lifting and moving tools to carry heavy furniture while moving a home. If you are planning to go for a DIY home relocation, then you need to rent the following equipment to experience damage-free moving of the large furniture:

  • Furniture Dollies – There are two different types of furniture dollies available in the market. One of them is a two-wheel hand truck whose base is small and can help you distribute weight of the furniture properly in a vertically manner. It is good for tall belongings. The other one is a four-wheeled square dolly that comes with a handle so that you can push the heavy items.
  • Moving Scraps – They are also known as furniture scraps or lifting tools. They work wonder when it comes to transferring some of the weight of your back and you arms while lifting heavy furniture. They come with an adjustable feature so that you can make the changes depending on the size and weight of the object while carrying them.
  • Furniture Sliders – They are small pieces of hard and durable plastic on one side for carpeted floors and spongy one the other side for hard floors. You can place the, under each leg of the furniture piece and glide it across the floor. It won’t leave scratches behind on your floors.

3. Carefully Dismantle the Furniture

According to moving experts in Gold Coast, it is advisable to dismantle the large furniture (if possible). You can take away all the removable parts, such as cushions, drawers, legs, and knobs before packing them for safe relocation.

Also, disassemble the bed frames, sectionals, screws and nuts and other pieces so that you can pack them safely in plastic wraps. You can secure these small pieces with the furniture using tape.

Tip: Label all these packed pieces so that you can find them easily when you reach the new place.

4. Use Blankets To Protect Your Furniture

Do not forget to use moving blankets when transporting your heavy furniture from one place to another. These will add a layer of protection and prevent your expensive furniture from damage. You can wrap fragile objects, edges of dressers and other items with moving blankets and protect the blanket with a stretch film.

5. Lift Tall Furniture High and Low

Whether it is a tall dressing table or a shelving unit, make sure  you take assistance from your friend or partner while lifting and carrying it. If you want to prevent serious back injury, then tip the furniture backward at an angle. This will allow one person to lift the top while you can carry the bottom. It will balance the week and make your job a bit easier and safer. You can easily transport them up or down the stairs without leaving any signs of scratches behind.

6. Use Forklift Straps

You can make the most out of forklift straps if you don’t have a shoulder dolly. You and the other person have to place your hands on the heavy object to keep it balanced while using forklift straps. Make sure you adjust the straps if there is a height difference between two of you.

7. Hook Chairs While Around Corners

This is one of the best tricks when you are moving large chairs out of your house. You can use the “L” method by turning the chair on its side and move its back first via the doorway. Then hook it around the door frame and move it through the door.

8. Prepare an Unloading Plan

The stress of moving will carry forward when you reach the new destination because you need to unload those heavy and fragile items from the truck. To alleviate the moving stress, you can create the unloading and layout plan ahead of time. It will save you from wasting unnecessary time, and you can easily place the items inside your new house as you planned earlier.


It is important to follow the right tricks and techniques while relocating heavy and expensive furniture. Do not rush and do it slowly with the help of the tips mentioned above in the article. If you are concerned about the safety of your precious belongings, look for affordable Gold Coast removalists and transport them securely to the new house.