Introduction To Gold Coast Suburbs For Anyone New To The City

Introduction To Gold Coast Suburbs For Anyone New To The City

Jul 17, 2023

Gold Coast is one of the flourishing cities in Queensland, known as the golden strip for its scenic beaches. It has a lively atmosphere, warm people and a host of entertainment options. Gold Coast has emerged as a residential and commercial hub besides being a popular tourist destination.

Therefore, the city has a stable economy, excellent housing options and multiple things to do. Over the years, thousands of Queenslanders and people from other Australian states have migrated to Gold Coast and continue to do so. If you are among them and plan to come here, it is important to gather information to make the transition smooth. Hire professional Gold Coast removalists to have a seamless moving experience.

Additionally, look at the introductions to Gold Coast suburbs below if you want to live in one alone or with family. This guide will help you gain valuable insights and make an informed decision if you plan to move to Gold Coast.

Surfers Paradise, 4217

Even if you haven’t been to Gold Coast, hearing the name of this suburb is common. Surfers Paradise is one of the most famous suburbs in Queensland known predominantly for its beaches and tourism. It is the place to be if you want to be at the centre of Gold Coast’s nightlife, clubs, bars and restaurants.

Surfers Paradise is also reckoned for Cavil Avenue and several tourist hot spots. The suburb has great housing options as well, which is why its population is 25,000 strong and growing. Majority people in the suburbs live in rental homes which is a wise solution for people migrating for the first time.

The median house price here is $2,100,000 and the unit price is $456,000, owing to the area’s popularity and population. The median rent for houses and units is $690 and $450 per week, respectively.

Surfers Paradise has higher property prices and rent than many other Gold Coast districts, although this is offset by the area’s accessibility to excellent schools, stunning beaches, cafes/restaurants, and tourist attractions. Additionally, because the area is well connected, reputable Gold Coast moving companies can help you move here without hassle.

Broadbeach, 4218

One of the most desirable suburbs in Gold Coast, Broadbeach is home to Australia’s wealthy and popular people. However, it isn’t only the place for the famous, as people with decent incomes also have houses and apartments here.

The suburb is reckoned for its diverse and culturally-inclusive population, primarily comprising of locals and vacationers. Owing to its excellent housing, modern amenities and accessibility, the area is among the top spots to invest in property. However, if you don’t plan to buy a house or apartment, you can join majority of the population here and live on rent. Also, hire Gold Coast removalists to have an uncomplicated moving experience.

The median house and unit price here can be $1,565,900 and $6,10,750, respectively. The rent is on the higher side too with the median weekly rent for houses and units being $950 and $530, respectively.

Southport, 4215

Southport is a great place to live in Australia and families often end up here as it is friendly and convenient. It has multiple great schools, easy access to the central business district, a university campus, and several green parks. Moreover, Southport is a safe, private and well-connected area making it suitable for couples planning to start a family or parents of young kids.

It is quieter than Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach, which is why when looking for an area away from the beach crowds and bustling tourism, come to Southport. Here it is all about normal life, work, families and tranquillity. Thus, while you are here looking for homes, don’t miss out on several residential streets, retail centres, entertainment hubs and cafes/restaurants.

As Southport is less on tourism, it has reasonable median house and unit prices at $781,250 and $425,000, respectively. Renting a residence here is also affordable with the median weekly rent being $550 for a house and $450 for a unit. What’s more, you can easily find Gold Coast removalists at reasonable price to move to Southport.

Burleigh Heads, 4220

People always assume Gold Coast is a bustling city with no time to catch a breath. Contrary to popular belief, the city has suburbs like Burleigh Heights that are laid-back and relaxed. This suburb is amidst the ocean and the Burleigh Head National Park offering peace and break from the city life.

Many people move here with the help of Gold Coast removalists for economical housing, stunning beach view, scenic walks and more. If you plan to move here, do it now while the suburb has a population of approximately 11,500 residents and housing is affordable. Also, make sure to select the best movers to handle the process.

As of the latest data, the median house price in Burleigh Heads is around $1.3 million AUD.

Robina, 4226

Want to live a comfortable life while having easy access to modern facilities? Robina is the answer. It is one Gold Coast’s master-planned residential communities, known for its greenery, sporting facilities, Robina Town Centre and multiple dining places.

Robina also has a host of good schools, healthcare facilities and entertainment options for kids and adults alike. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that the suburb has a population of 23,000 residents. The median house price in Robina is around $760,000 AUD.

Coolangatta, 4225

Popular among migrants, Coolangatta is an affordable Gold Coast Suburb right on the border of New South Wales. Over the years, this area has gained recognition for Coolangatta Beach and Greenmount Beach.

Therefore, it is a favourite among beach lovers, water sport enthusiast and surfers. You can find a good mix of young and older people in Coolangatta as locals here have been living in the area for years. Since the area’s population is 6,500 residents, it has greater availability of good housing options than many other Gold Coast suburbs. The median house price in Coolangatta is approximately $900,000 AUD.

Main Beach, 4217

Another less populated suburb of Gold Coast is Main Beach with a population of approximately 4,000 residents. However, unlike Coolangatta, the housing here is not cheap as the suburb is reckoned for its upmarket residential properties, luxury high-rise apartments, and waterfront living along the Nerang River and the Broadwater.

If you are someone who is interested in getting modern amenities and a sophisticated environment, Main Beach is the perfect destination.

It has trendy restaurants, cosmopolitan atmosphere and stunning vistas. The median house price in Main Beach is around $1.5 million AUD.

Helensvale, 4212

Helensvale is one of the largest suburbs in Gold Coast with a population of 16,000 residents. It is a family-friendly suburb with low crime rate, tranquillity and lush greenery. Over the years, the population of this suburb has steadily increased owing to well-made community parks, healthcare facilities, excellent schooling and other modern amenities.

It is among the best places in Gold Coast to move with family or start a family as it has planned residential communities, smooth public transport system and diversity. If you are considering moving to the suburbs, rely on professional removalists in Gold Coast for a seamless move. The median house price in Helensvale is approximately $600,000 AUD.

Wrapping Up

Gold Coast is one of the popular cities of Queensland offering a good standard of living to people from all walks of life. Thus, if you plan to move here, relocating to one of the suburbs introduced above is the best option. You can rent a home or buy a house or apartment as required to ensure you have smooth moving experience.