Mistakes That Should Be Avoided On The Day Of Your Move
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Mistakes That Should Be Avoided On The Day Of Your Move

Jun 26, 2018

Are you shifting to a bigger and better house? Have you ever prepared your moving process for your long distance move? Interstate move, such as Sydney to Gold Coast is one of those chores that need time, money and professional assistance. From the planning phase to the packing process, loading belongings onto the truck to the safe removal, everything requires great expertise.
In fact, it is easy to get overwhelmed when you have multiple tasks to do. And that is the reason why people run into various problems on their moving day.

If you don’t want to ruin your entire relocation, then you should hire professional Sydney to Gold Coast Removalists. They can assist you in moving your precious treasures from one city to another using best tricks and techniques. Of course, you can hire them to simplify your move but don’t forget to unveil the following mistakes that you should avoid on your big moving day.
Let’s have a look at the most common blunders that could ruin your entire interstate move.

1. Not Planning in Advance

Unplanned moves always create chaos. When you move your belongings without proper planning, you could end up your relocation process with a mess. This could happen because of the delays and unexpected situations such as bad weather, traffic, injury or illness. These scenarios can affect your move and make it difficult to achieve the desired results on time.

If you want to ensure safe and secure relocation, you should hire a reliable removalist in time and sign the contract after reading and understanding it completely. Also, prepare a custom moving checklist in advance. You can include all the necessary tasks related to your move and make things more accessible for you and your family.

Tip: It is good to create a backup plan if you are relocating to the new city or state. This could save you if something goes wrong with your move.

2. Overlooking Pre-packing Process

People who pack their belongings on a moving day are the real culprit for unsuccessful relocation. In case, your moving truck is arriving tomorrow; you have to make sure that everything is packed correctly. If you skip the packing process, you could lose your precious possessions due to the lack of quality packing.

So, instead of packing in hustle-bustle, it is advised to wrap fragile goods and other treasures in advance. You can start the process two weeks before your final move by purging out the items that you don’t need.

Tip: Hire the best Removal Company on the Gold Coast that can offer your top-quality packing materials such as packing paper, tape, bubble wraps, mattress and furniture protector, etc. at the most reasonable price.

3. Not Cleaning the Property

If you are moving out from your leased property, then you can’t skip the professional end of lease cleaning process. In order to secure your bond amount, you have to get your rental property cleaned by hiring experienced end of lease cleaning company in Sydney. Being a tenant, it is your responsibility to return the leased property in the same condition as you found it. This means thorough cleaning such as dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming, wiping, etc is imperative once you have loaded everything on the moving truck.

4. Not Estimating Moving Budget

Moving is life’s one of the biggest decisions and heading towards it without figuring out your estimated budget could leave you nowhere. If you want to experience hassle-free move, make sure you calculate your expenses including the gas, truck, new security deposits, packing materials, etc. to know your financial potential while shifting from one location to another.

Since you are relocating from Sydney to Gold Coast, make sure you create a rough moving budget and estimate your financial reach to ensure best possible results.

5. Shifting Without Taking Measurements

Those who are moving for the first time forget about creating a floor plan for their new house in Gold Coast. People usually overlook taking measurements of their furniture and then find difficulties when setting up their new residence.

Well, you can avoid this scenario by visiting your new apartment with a measuring tape in hand a week prior to your moving day. Ask your friends to assist you in this task and make your entire relocation process a smooth and efficient one.

6. Forget to Inform About Utility Companies

This is one of the most common blunders people make while moving their house from one city to another. Make sure you inform your utility companies and turn off your electricity, cable, Internet and gas service before your final moving day.

Also, don’t forget to turn on your utility supplies to your new residence.

7. Not Packing Essentials

If you are among those who forget to pack the essential things during their move, then you should read this point.
While packing furniture and fragile items are imperative, don’t forget to pack some of the key things that can simplify your moving journey.

It is recommended to pack your first aid box, food items, water bottle, soap paper and toiletries in a separate and handy bag, especially if you are relocating from Sydney to Gold Coast or any other interstate move.


Interstate moves are always challenging. Due to the complexities and unplanned procedures, you may commit some common pitfalls that could leave your entire relocation into a mess. If you want to ensure a safe removal, make sure you avoid the mistakes mentioned above in this blog post. Also, don’t forget to hire professional and credible Sydney to Gold Coast Removalists that can deliver your possessions safely to the new residence.