Most In-Demand Suburbs Of The Gold Coast Right Now

Most In-Demand Suburbs Of The Gold Coast Right Now

Jan 17, 2022

Gold Coast is a thriving city of Queensland and one of the six largest metropolitans in Australia. Since the golden strip is reckoned for its lifestyle and diversity, it is no surprise that over 635,000 people call it and its suburbs home. The city’s strong economy, modern infrastructure and abundant opportunities for business/jobs provide the base for the residents to live and work comfortably.

However, more people have moved to the suburban regions from the city for spacious homes, greenery, and tranquillity with the help of professional removalists in Gold Coast. Moving to suburbs allows them to keep reaping the benefits of the services and amenities the city has to offer while maintaining a life away from the hustle and bustle.

If you plan to make a safe and capacious home in a picturesque area too, have a look at these most in-demand suburbs of Gold Coast right now.

Surfers Paradise, 4217

Surfers Paradise is the tourist town of Gold Coast, and every day is almost a holiday for its residents. The suburb has over 41% of the city’s residential properties, making it a hot spot for buying or renting a home.

The median house price here is $2,100,000 and the unit price is $456,000, owing to the area’s popularity and population. The median rent for houses and units is $690 and $450 per week, respectively.

Although the property rates and rent are higher in Surfers Paradise than many other suburbs of Gold Coast, the availability of good schools, beautiful beaches, cafes/restaurants and places of interest make up for them. What’s more, since the region is well connected, reputed removalists in Gold Coast can assist you in moving here without stress.

Broadbeach, 4218

Among the most enviable spots in Gold Coast, Broadbeach is home to Australia’s rich and famous personalities. However, that doesn’t mean people with reasonable incomes cannot have a house or apartment here.

The island has a diverse and culturally-inclusive population, mostly consisting of locals and people on holidays. It is a great place for investing in a property, as units and houses are majorly taken on rent, as you will find independent youth and maturing/established adults here.

The median house and unit price here can be $1,565,900 and $6,10,750, respectively. The rent is on the higher side too with the median weekly rent for houses and units being $950 and $530, respectively.

Southport, 4215

Looking for a friendly and convenient suburb of Gold Coast? Southport is one of the best areas to live with your family. It has proximity to great schools, the central business district, a university campus, and a host of lush green parks.

If you are looking for a place a little away from the hustle/bustle of the beaches where it is business and normal life, Southport is the best location. It has several residential streets, retail centres, entertainment hubs and cafes/restaurants. Thus, it makes the perfect place to live with your near and dear ones.

Compared to Surfers Paradise & Broadbeach, Southport has cheaper median house and unit prices at $781,250 and $425,000, respectively. Renting a residence here is also affordable with the median weekly rent being $550 for a house and $450 for a unit.

Palm Beach, 4221

Palm Beach is known for its safe, posh and spacious surroundings and it is home to numerous families, established/mature adults and independent youth. It is removed enough to let the residents live a life of peace and connected enough to let them access hub areas without hassle.

It strikes the perfect balance between greenery, commercial areas and residential properties. Thus, it is a popular suburb for working professionals, families with kids, elderlies and students.

Considering you can get tranquillity with great amenities here, you will need to pay more for a home. The median house price is $1,375,000 and the unit price is $799,000. The median weekly rent of a house is high here as well at $750, but the average weekly rent of units is lower at $530.

Helensvale, 4212

Helensvale is an in-demand suburb of Gold Coast as it has greenery, tranquillity and excellent housing options for singles, couples and families with kids. Its proximity to the city and Broadbeach keep it relevant but it still is at a distance affording its residents a reprieve from the constant hustle and bustle.

The hilly suburbs is reckoned for modern amenities, planned estates and hinterland fringe. If you plan to move here, you can easily find good removalists in Gold Coast to pack and transport your belongings here. Moreover, you can access shopping centres, schools, a bowls club and a golf course among other things.

The average house rate of Helensvale is $900,000 and the unit rate is $405,500. For people leasing a unit, the median weekly rent is $770 for houses and $460 for units.

Hope Island, 4212

This suburb has a high-demand property market owning to its modern amenities and suitability for living with family. The area has a majority of older and established families and several quality housing options for couples and new families with kids.

The location is preferred by many as it has a low crime rate, quiet residential streets, lush green surroundings and easy accessibility to crucial amenities. Hope Island has a diverse population consisting of working professionals, families with kids, singles, students and more.

The property rate for the houses is significantly higher than units, making this place a mixed bag of income groups. The average house price is $1,155,00 and rent is $785 per week, but the median house price for units is $590,000 and the weekly rent is $580. Thus, if you belong to a medium-income group, consider looking for a home in Hope Island. You can easily book reliable and affordable removalists in Gold Coast to help you move here smoothly.

Upper Coomera, 4209

For people looking for a home in a family-friendly place, this suburb of Gold Coast is a great option. You can get a host of housing options at cheaper rates than other suburbs of the city. The median house price here is $650,000 and the rent is $530, whereas the median unit price is $435,000 and the weekly rent is $440.

Owning to the suburb’s connectivity, modern amenities, multiple places of interest and cheap housing options, it is a high-demand region. Many independent adults, working professionals, students, and new families come here to be close to the city and live a peaceful life away from the crowds.

As so many people move here, reputed removalists in Gold Coast provide affordable moving services in this region. Therefore, you can find accommodation within your budget and relocate without depleting your saving.

The Bottom Line

The Gold Coast is among the most popular cities of Queensland with several suburb areas that afford excellent connectivity to the city. These suburbs also provide facilities, services and several housing options to their residents. Thus, if you plan to move to a suburb of Gold Coast, the ones mentioned above are the most in-demand ones. You can easily hire local removalists in Gold Coast to help you move to any of these areas and start a new life.