How To Move Art, Antiques & Valuables Without Damaging Them
decorated antique flower vase kept in a cardboard box

How To Move Art, Antiques & Valuables Without Damaging Them

Oct 17, 2018

Moving fine art, antiques and other valuables pose a slightly different kind of challenge than transporting regular household items. When you have to move any of your fragile and precious objects, keeping them safe and sound is a must.

There are many things to consider when shifting valuables and other precious objects. Moving a priceless treasure is no small feat, so it is advisable to hire experienced Gold Coast removalists to pack, handle and load the valuables.

However, if you wish to move these precious items yourself, here are some tips for you.

Create an Inventory

The first thing you should do is create a list of all your valuables. As a record, ensure to give a copy of it to your removalist in Gold Coast. This listing will be invaluable if some mishap happens or anything goes missing. Take pictures of all precious and antique objects from different angles before packing them.

By doing this, you can easily spot any damage occurred during the transit. If you have any papers such as a letter of authentication or bills, put all of them together in a file. It will be useful if you end up making an insurance claim.

Get Insured

It would help if you also had your antiques and valuables evaluated by a certified appraiser in Gold Coast, and consult your insurance company before you move anything precious. Find out if your property insurance covers your valuables.

Even if your home insurance covers damage to valuables, loss of items and breakage that happens during the transit might not be included. Purchasing an additional insurance cover will ensure a full value in case your valuables are lost or damaged.

Proper Packing

When it comes to fine art, antiques and other valuables, you will need plenty of supplies of good quality packing and protective materials. Use correct supplies such as cardboard, packing paper, cushioning, stretch, and bubble wraps and boxes; depending on exactly what you are moving.

Fine art and valuables are prone to damage when relocating, so it is essential for experts to undertake the job. Below are some tips that you should remember while packing the antiques, painting and other valuables.

• Fine art requires careful handling and the use of proper packing materials to make it transport safely from one destination to the next.
• Make sure to wrap art piece in a white cotton cloth or a soft blanket. To avoid severe damage, cover the front side with the cardboard and wrap the painting in bubble wrap or glassine to protect anything from spoiling the fine art, glass or print.
• Make use of heavy-duty telescope boxes for packing painting, mirrors and other flat-lying, rectangular objects.
• The perfectly crafted glassware, antiques and inherited furniture are often valuable and irreplaceable to their owners.
• Pack them using multiple rolls of bubble wrap, moving blankets, packing tape, and place these valuables in custom-made wooden crates.• Crates facilitate in reducing the impact from bumpy roads and prevent antiques and glassware from tossed around inside the truck.
• Antique furniture is one of the most fragile items, so it demands extra care. Make use of plenty of protective padding and line crates and trolleys with carpet or blankets. Wrap furniture legs before wrapping the rest of the item.
• When moving the big antique clock, wrap it in a white cotton cloth or small blanket before packing it in a bubble wrap. Remove the weights and pendulum, and cover them separately in the bubble wrap.

Label the Boxes

Once the art, antiques and other valuables are safely packed, label them with big bold letters – ‘‘Handle with Care or FRAGILE’’. Make sure to tag the fragile and expensive valuables to stand upright with arrows pointing up.

Also mention the name of the object that is packed and secured in each box separately, which will be of great help when unpacking.

Hiring Professional Movers

Of course, the best way to move precious and valuable items is to hire moving experts for the job. It would help if you called in for a removal firm with specific experience of dealing with antiques and valuables. The Better Removalists Gold Coast has the necessary expertise and techniques to safely pack and load the valuables to move them to your new house.


Moving fine art, antiques and other valuables isn’t just putting the pieces into crates and transporting them to the new location. There is a lot of planning and preparation between two destinations that need precise execution beforehand.

Regardless of where you have to go- the methods you use to pack and transport the antiques and valuables are critical. The best way to safeguard your valuables is to consult and hire the moving professionals from Better Removalists Gold Coast.