Moving A Washing Machine Safely In 7 Simple Steps

Moving A Washing Machine Safely In 7 Simple Steps

Jun 28, 2021

Moving heavy home appliances, such as a washing machine may lead to serious damage or personal injury, especially if you are doing without any professional assistance. Its average weight may range between 150 pounds to 200 pound- this means you need at least 2 people for moving through the hallway and staircase.

Apart from an enormous weight, washing machines are big too. Whether you have a front-loading machine or a top-loading one, make sure you hire professional Gold Coast removalists for safe and hassle-free moving experience. They will transport your much-loved possessions with extreme care using best techniques and advanced equipment.

In any case, you are under financial constraints due to the COVID-19 pandemic, then read these 7 simple steps and move your washing machine safely.

Let’s get started!

1. Ask for Help

DIY moves are always challenging and involve potential risks. If you want to play safe, then plan things ahead of time and ask for assistance at least 2-3 weeks prior to your final moving weight. It is good to ask at least 2 people (your friends or relatives) to move a heavy and large washing machine from one place to another.

You can decide the moving day and ask those who can come on that day and assist you in packing and transiting a washing machine and other heavy appliances.

2. Rent Necessary Moving Tools

Whether you are moving next to the apartment or moving across the new city, you need necessary moving tools, such as an appliance dolly to lift and drag heavy machine (150-200lbs) without causing any damage.

A moving dolly comes with wheels that can make it easy for you to load and transport bulky appliances through entryways, hallways, and stairs to the truck. Instead of buying, it is good to rent it from a local moving company on the Gold Coast. Also, arrange other equipment that can assist you in moving delicate and heavy items.

3. Arrange Packing Materials

Packing is a crucial step when it comes to providing the utmost safety to your household belongings. A washing machine is an expensive and delicate appliance and needs extra care throughout the process.

You can give extra shield of protection to it by investing in quality and reliable packing materials. You need thick padded blankets, moving straps and packing tape, bubble wraps and other important materials that can protect your machine from scratches and other serious damage. It is good to prepare ahead of time and know the most efficient way to pack for a safe and sound move.

4. Clean Your Washing Machine

After arranging packing supplies, the next step is to cleaning your washing machine. Remove all the clothes and empty your machine. Get rid of soap residue, grime and stains using white vinegar solution. You can get rid of bad smell and also use tablets to clean and sanitise the washing machine. Run the washer when you put a tablet inside. After completing the cycle, leave the door open for 24 hours to fully dry before getting into the packing process.

5. Search for Washer Transit Bolts

The next step is to disconnecting the power supply to prevent you from electric shocks and other serious injuries. So, turn off the power before getting into the packing process. Do not forget to turn the local water valve to stuff off the water supply.

Make sure you protect the drum of your washing machine, which moves and spines while washing your clothes. You can secure it using transiting or shipping bolts. These will keep your washer drum locked during the transition process. 

6. Pack Them Safely

You can either hire professional removalists in Gold Coast for proper packing of your machine or do it yourself with the help of your friends. It is good to put a slider on the legs of your washing machine. You can also use a piece of cloth between the edges to simplify the sliding process without causing any damage to the floor.

Next, wrap the appliance using padded blankets and do no leave any area unprotected. Be sure you protect the washer using rope or straps

7. Load it Safely

Believe it or not! This is one of the risky stages as you have to load the washing machine to the appliance dolly. You can take assistance from your helpers and load it onto the dolly. Allow the helpers to move the machine in a tilted position so that you can easily slide the dolly.

Do not forget to use the straps of the dolly to secure the appliance while loading  onto the truck. Make sure you keep a machine in an upright position to avoid scratches and other serious damage.

While loading it to the moving vehicle, use its ramp to avoid personal injury. Once inside, protect the appliance to the side of the van using straps or rope. Make sure it is not moving during the moving journey.


The risk is always involved when it comes to moving washing machine without any professional assistance. You can follow these steps and relocate your heavy home appliances safely to the new house in Gold Coast. If possible, you can search for the most affordable Gold Coast removalists and protect your much-loved possessions.