Moving Checklist: Packing And Moving Tips For Senior Citizens

Moving Checklist: Packing And Moving Tips For Senior Citizens

Mar 17, 2023

Are you moving with your elderly parents, or are you a senior citizen yourself who is moving to a new home on the Gold Coast? Moving homes is a tough task, and it can take a toll on your mental and physical health, especially if you are a senior citizen.

Thus it is important to make a checklist of your move in advance and communicate your needs with your family so they can help you with this process.

You can also enlist the help of removalists Gold Coast who are professional experts with trusted licences and will help pack and move your belongings to ease some of your relocation stress. Here are some useful tips to help you create a moving checklist for your move to the Gold Coast as a senior citizen:

Moving Checklist For Senior Citizens

2 Months Before The Move

Decide What Kind Of Home You Want To Retire In

You must first decide where and how you want to retire and live the remaining golden years of your life. For instance, are you looking for a quieter environment like the suburbs in Gold Coast, or do you prefer living in the city with more recreational opportunities? The best part about Gold Coast is that you will find several different living arrangements here and can enjoy the abundant sunshine and beaches for your senior years.

You might also get discounts and concessions on your home if you are an eligible pensioner living in Gold Coast.

Visit Your New Home Or Retirement Place To Get A Floor Layout

Once you have decided what home or community you want to live in, you must pay a visit to get a layout of your new home. This will help you determine what things will fit in your new home so you can decide what belongings and furniture items you can start packing and moving and which items you can leave out.

You should also look for accessible features that will help you move around in your new home easily, like:

  • Walk-in showers with grab rails
  • Nightlights along pathways
  • Ramp outside your front door
  • Bathtub with protective rails

Communicate With Your Family Members About The Move

Once you have surveyed your new home and decided it is the right place for you, you must tell your family about the move so they can help you. You must explain why you are moving, whether to downsize your space or be closer to family and friends and get their support for your move.

Survey And Book Your Professional Removalists In Advance

 Even though you have your family’s support, hiring professional removalists on the Gold Coast who will pack and move your belongings within your deadline is best. These reliable experts have advanced tools and equipment to make this move easier and will give you time for other moving tasks.

Ideally, you should book your removalists as soon as you know you are moving to get the date and time you want and get good deals. It is also a good idea to let your removalists know what you are moving and how far so that they can give you an upfront quote to help you budget your move. 

4 Weeks Before The Move

Change And Update Your Mailing Address

Once you know your new home address, it is time to change your address online or at the post office so that you can get all your bills in your new home. You should also change your mailing address in time to keep receiving any social service or medical benefits you might be getting as a senior.

Get Your Medical Records In Order

You must also visit your physician or doctor and get all your medical records in order. Get a checkup to see if you are fit for the move, and get all your medicines ready. If you are moving to a new city or town, ask your physician for recommendations in your new neighbourhood and arrange all the necessary documents.

Involve Your Family Members in Downsizing

You must now start sorting and organising your items for the move so that you can take the things you need and lighten your load. As a senior, it is more difficult to let go of sentimental things, and you can either give these to your family members as heirlooms or keep them in a storage unit. Ask your local removalists Gold Coast about their storage options.

Most of these professional services have climate-controlled storage units where they can pack and keep your belongings safe. For the rest of the items, you should donate them to a local charity and schedule a pickup at least a week before your move. 

2 Weeks Before

Pack One Room At A Time For Your Move

Ideally, you can start packing as soon as possible, but if you are pressed for time, you need to begin at least two weeks in advance. You can ask your family members for help packing and get them to arrange packing supplies, like moving boxes and bubble wrap. To make this packing process easier, it is best to follow the below tips:

  • Start packing your non-essential and seasonal items first.
  • Pack room by room and make inventory lists of your items.
  • Pack fragile items with bubble wrap to keep them safe.
  • Do not leave any gaps in the boxes; fill spaces with newspaper.
  • Label all your boxes by room and list items to find them easily.
  • Keep a bag of essentials for the first few days of your move.
  • Pack your medicines, glasses, mobiles and chargers in an easily accessible bag.


Here are some more packing hacks for your move.

If you find it difficult to complete your packing on time, you can hire removalists Gold Coast who will swiftly pack your belongings carefully.

Moving Day: Get Set For Your New Home

  • Check the logo and uniform of your movers and their trucks to ensure you are not getting scammed.
  • Ask your family members and friends to be there for you during the move, so you have all the emotional support you need.
  • Ensure all your utilities are in order and check if water and gas are running efficiently.
  • Visit your local town and find your favourite walking spots and cafes so that you can enjoy your golden years.


Here are some useful tips to organise your new home after the move.


Moving as a senior is not easy, but with the above checklist, you can relocate in a planned and organised fashion. You can also get help from professional movers and your family so that you are not lifting heavy boxes and furniture and can concentrate on spending time with your loved ones.