Moving Day Checklist To Survive The Big Day

Moving Day Checklist To Survive The Big Day

Mar 11, 2022

Stress begins the day you decide to relocate your home. Managing and completing pre-move chores can be overwhelming and taxing, but you can’t compare them with moving-day tasks. The final day of relocating household belongings is the most difficult phase of the entire process.

Lack of planning and preparation can lead to accidents or injuries and other serious mistakes on the big day. You can alleviate stress and anxiety by hiring reliable Gold Coast removalists for your precious possessions.

Despite hiring professionals, people make silly mistakes and lose their precious possessions. To prevent fatal results on the final moving day, you will need proper guidance. Here is a complete moving day checklist to help you survive the Big Day – from start to finish:

Moving-day Checklist

It is important to stay organised as much as possible if you are moving to a new home. Keep your mind fresh and stay focused throughout the day.

1. Wake Up on Time

Delays can turn into a catastrophic situation. So, get up early in the morning on a moving day. You can plan and prepare everything before the arrival of your removalists. You can even enjoy a healthy breakfast and get ready for a tiring and adventurous day.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothes

It is always good to wear comfortable clothes according to the weather condition. Do not wear loose or baggy garments, heels, jewellery pieces and anything that can cause you an injury. Also, wear sturdy shoes with ankle support to lift boxes and other stuff with ease.

Make sure you donate unwanted clothes and also let go sentimental items before getting into the moving process. Do this at least 7 weeks prior to your final moving day.

3. Check your Packed Boxes and Items

Make sure you pack items, such as a toothbrush, nightdress, etc and check if all the packed boxes are properly labelled and sealed. Keep the emergency kit or moving-day essential kit with you. Don’t mix them with other household belongings because you need them during your relocation journey.

4. Keep Kids and Pets Away

The moving day involves lifting heavy boxes and moving large furniture pieces and other items around the house. This can prove to be dangerous for your kids and beloved pets. Make safety your priority to prevent personal injuries.

So, keep your kids and pets away from this chaos. You can ask your relatives or friends to take care of your little ones in a safe place while you are assisting professional removalists in Gold Coast.

5. Clear the Exit Path

This is also an important safety measure that can prevent accidents and injuries. Remove obstacles from your exit pathways, such as scattered household items, packed boxes, etc.

Clean the snow, mud or water from the floors on the final moving day. Make sure you keep the area between the entrance door and the moving truck debris-free to avoid accidents.

6. Install Anti-Slippery Coverings

If possible, install anti-slippery coverings on the floors as well as stairs to protect the property and belongings against damage and scratches.

7. Check Your Valuable Items

It is good to put your valuable and expensive items in a separate room and lock it for extra safety. Do not out them with other belongings; otherwise, they get loaded on the moving truck.

8. Meet Removalists

Make sure you review the paperwork related to your home relocation, such as inventory list, Bill of Lading, receipts, order of service and much more.  Ask important questions to your movers up front and clear all your doubts related to your move.

Don’t forget to take photos to have proof of the pre-move condition of your boxes and belongings.

9. Use Protection Gear and Materials

Most people either hurt themselves or damage the property on the final moving day. That’s why it is good to keep personal as well as property protection items with you. It is good to wear work gloves and a hard hat while lifting or moving heavy stuff.

To prevent property damage, you need foam padding, dollies, moving blankets, furniture pads, corner guards, carpet film protectors, etc. Many professional moving companies in Gold Coast bring all the moving equipment and protection materials to prevent damage and injuries.

10. Keep Important Documents with You

Keep your credential information, such as personal documents, medical records, home papers, financial reports, policy papers, rental agreement, etc, with you in a folder. You can put it inside your bag and keep it with you. Do not misplace them while moving household belongings.

11. Pack Necessary Items

Make sure you pack toiletries, first aid box, snacks, water bottles, a couple of toys for kids and pets, blankets, bedsheets and disinfecting wipes for a moving journey.

12. Stay Hydrated and Energetic

Drink at least plenty of water on a moving day. You can also add refreshing drinks like lemonade, etc, to keep yourself hydrated. Eat nuts and fruit salad in between to avoid exertion.


This complete moving day checklist will help you survive the big day. You can stay relaxed, stress-free and optimistic while planning your moving day. For the safety of your belongings, book the best removalists in Gold Coast that can give you quality service at the most reasonable price.