Moving During Christmas And New Years Checklist

Moving During Christmas And New Years Checklist

Dec 21, 2021

Moving during the holidays is more stressful than a regular house move due to business closures, more traffic than usual, tight budget etc. It is natural to feel anxious and overwhelmed since you have to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Therefore, early planning and preparation are necessary to prevent hassle or delays.

Start by looking for a good removal company in Gold Coast for packing and moving your belongings. Additionally, streamline your tasks according to importance and urgency to control the outcomes and get to your new home in time. Follow this complete checklist for moving during Christmas and New Year for guidance and having a successful move without draining yourself mentally or physically.

1. Make A Timetable For Tasks

Start outlining moving-related tasks as soon as the date for vacating the property is final. Create a timetable using a calendar to mark what task to do on which date. It will help you set deadlines for important things like notifying the landlord, changing your address, setting up utilities at the new home etc. While making the timetable, also assign ownership of tasks to ensure timely completion of moving-related chores.

2. Monitor Expenses

Moving is expensive, and during Christmas and New Year you need money for gifting, shopping and other activities too. Therefore, you must carefully outline the fixed and one-off expenses to create a tight financial plan. Use a reliable budget planner to make a good moving budget and avoid depletion of your savings before paying the rental bond, arranging advance rent, buying packing supplies or taking care of other important tasks.

3. Create An Inventory

While moving during Christmas and New Year, Your schedule is full of multiple tasks, and you can forget to keep track of everything you need to pack. Thus, you must create an inventory of property contents you need to take to your new home. Before making the detailed list, ensure you segregate things to discard, donate or resell.

Note: If you hire professional removalists in Gold Coast, they will do this task for you.

4. Schedule Pre-Move Surveys & Get Quotes

To find the best removalists in Gold Coast and get an estimated cost of removal services for your move, schedule pre-move surveys as soon as possible. During this process, you can also ask questions from the experts and get a timeline for packing/ moving. If you cannot arrange a pre-move survey, get quotes from multiple removalists to find experts providing their services at the most affordable prices. Since these quotes are free and without obligations, most reputed removal companies give them over call or email.

5. Start Packing

Complete most of your packing before the holidays begin to only have a few essential belongings to wrap and box before your booked removalists in Gold Coast arrive to load them on the moving truck. Keep decorations to the minimum, as last-minute removal and packing of lights, ornaments, candles etc., is stressful.

Therefore, at least eight weeks until the moving day, start packing things from least-used to regularly-used. This pattern will help you pack things in the order you want them loaded/unloaded, and unpacked.

6. Book Removalists & Cleaners Early

Since business closures are normal during Christmas and New Year, you must bookend of lease cleaners for getting your bond back and professional removalists in Gold Coast early. Most reputed cleaning and removal companies in Gold Coast offer advance booking option, especially during peak moving or holiday seasons. Hire the professionals at least four weeks before the moving day to ensure you can vacate the property in time. Waiting until the last moment can cause delays and even postponement of your move, which is not feasible.

7. Host Lunches, Dinners Or Gatherings Early

Moving during the holidays doesn’t mean you cannot have family or friends over for Christmas or New Year. Host the gatherings or small celebrations earlier than usual to enjoy the company of near/dear ones and bid farewell too. Tell everyone your reason for inviting them before the holidays and get RSVPs to plan everything. Host a lunch or dinner party at a restaurant/eatery if your home is a mess and it is feasible for you.

8. Pack An Essential Kit

Packing an essential kit is crucial for every household member, as moving during the holidays is challenging. You and your family will need refreshments, toiletries, a change of clothes, phone chargers and other important things while travelling and upon arriving at the new home. Additionally, each individual must keep their essential items on-hand to move without any hassle or stress.

The Bottom Line

Christmas and New Year is a time for fun and spending time with your near and dear ones. But, when moving during the holidays, everything becomes difficult and challenging. Therefore, besides hiring quality removalists in Gold Coast, follow the checklist shared above to manage your move smoothly and comfortably.