Moving Etiquette: Do’s And Don’ts For Moving Day

Moving Etiquette: Do’s And Don’ts For Moving Day

Aug 08, 2022

Are you moving homes soon and want to ensure the whole process is smooth? Moving day is a big deal, and many unexpected things happen along the way, but you can follow some do’s and dont’s to ensure the process goes by easily.

These moving day etiquette tips by budget removalists Gold Coast will help you follow the proper procedure for an easier and less stressful move:


1. Finish All Your Packing Before Time

You should have your boxes packed and ready when your removalist experts on Gold Coast come to inspect your home. This will help them assess how long it will take and what equipment to get to move your stuff. This will also help you stay organised as you won’t get in anyone’s way, and they can start the loading process immediately.

2. Label All The Boxes

It would be best if you labelled all your boxes, so the movers know what box contains. It would help if you also wrote fragile on all sides of the boxes with breakable and antique items so they can handle them with care. You can colour code the boxes and assign a colour to each room in your new home so the movers can unload them there quickly when moving homes in Australia.

3. Make Sure You Get Parking Space

It would be best to assign a parking spot for your quality removalists on Gold Coast in advance so they do not have to carry the boxes too far. You should also pick a spot near your new home in advance and keep it close to your home so that the distance is not too much.

4. Disassemble Furniture

One of the easiest ways to make your moving load lighter is by disassembling your furniture. This will help you make more space for your items, and you can carry them easily. Ensure you follow the instructions to dismantle the furniture and label all the tiny screws and parts, so you know which part it belongs.

Wrap all the parts in plastic to keep them safe from any damage. If you are unsure how to disassemble the furniture, you can always use a professional removalists on Gold Coast to help you out.

5. Keep A Bag Of Essentials Ready

One of the most important do’s of moving day is to keep an essentials bag ready. This will help you survive the first few days in your new home without you having to unpack everything. You should keep the following items in your essentials bag:

  • Toiletries
  • Snacks
  • Clothing
  • Water
  • Chargers
  • Phone banks
  • Keys
  • Important documents
  • Medicines


1. Trash Your Neighbour’s Home

When you move into your new home, you must tell your new neighbours about the move. This will give them a heads up that professional removalists on Gold Coast will move up and down near their home, which might get a little noisy. If you accidentally dirty their lawns or pathways, you should also clear them and inform them about parking spots.

2. Get In The Way

You should avoid coming in the way of the movers as they will not be able to do their job correctly. You can direct and instruct them from a distance or create a plan beforehand and hand it to them so they can follow the instructions. You should stay inside your new home and make sure things unfold properly without putting yourself in harm’s way.

3. Keep Your Valuables In The Boxes

It would be best to never pack any valuables like jewellery, family heirlooms, documents and cash in your moving boxes. It is always safer to keep these valuables in a separate box or bag and keep that with you when moving homes.

4. Overpack Your Moving Boxes

You must ensure you don’t overpack your boxes as this can be hard to carry. You should pack your boxes just a few levels below the top and weigh them before you tape them up. Always use more oversized items at the bottom to create a secure base so you can hold the boxes and lift them properly when moving homes.

5. Start Negotiating Prices

    • It is better to decide the moving quote in advance rather than fight and negotiate over the price on a moving day.
    • Ensure you get a binding estimate written in advance so that no other costs can be added later.
    • If your removalists on Gold Coast offer you a blank contract, you must not sign it.
    • This could be a scam where you will be charged massive amounts of money.
    • Check for hidden costs and insurance in advance, so you know exactly how much you are paying and don’t have to pay extra on moving day. These are important questions to ask your movers so that you don’t fall prey to scams.


You should follow the above do’s, and dont’s of moving homes to know the proper moving etiquette for relocating homes.