Moving on a Low Budget- Ultimate Guide to Cheap Moving
Guide to Help You Move on a Budget

Moving on a Low Budget- Ultimate Guide to Cheap Moving

Mar 03, 2020

No matter where you go, moving is always stressful and an expensive project. You cannot rule out the stress factor from your moving process or eliminate the relocation expenses. However, there are some smart tactics that can save you some money during the process.

Many people, who are moving on a low budget, hire cheap removalists in Gold Coast to execute their move. But there are several other strategies that you should know to accomplish an economical move. Here are some excellent ways to move on a tight budget. Have a look!

1. Avoid Moving In Peak Season

When you are moving on a low budget, you must avoid the peak season for moving. Majority of the people like to move during the summer season. As a result, the demand of removals companies increase at this time. So, you can expect them to increase their prices. Instead of summer, look for other seasons to move your house. If you are lucky, you might also get some offseason discounts. This will help you to save some money.

Choose the Moving Date and Day Wisely

Selecting the right season might not be enough, so you also need to pick an appropriate date and day. People usually prefer to move at the end of the month and during the weekends. So, if you want to save more money, choose the middle of a month and any weekday.

2. Choose the Right Service

People often make a mistake in choosing the right service and end up paying way more than they should. Thus, you must understand all the service and select the one that gives you most value for your money. For instance, if you choose end to send service, the removalists in Gold Coast will do everything, but they will charge a good amount. Instead of selecting that service, go for a service where you can pack all your belongings, and the professionals will only load and unload. This type of service will be a lot cheaper.

Compare the Quotes of the Removals Company

Talk to at least three to four removals companies and see how much they are charging for the service your need. Then compare all the quotes and choose the one that is offering maximum services at minimum price. But before committing, always research about the company.

3. Book Removalists In Advance

The relocation process can be a challenging task so you should hire professional removalists in Gold Coast. However, if you have decided to go for a removals company, make sure you book their service at the earliest. If you delay the booking until the last minute, then you might have to pay more money. Not only that, if it is around the peak season, the chances of their unavailability will be higher. This can affect your entire moving budget.

4. Declutter Your Home before Packing

If you are relocating on a low budget, you must understand the significance of decluttering. Before you start your packing, identify all the items that are not useful to you anymore. The less number of things for packing means less packing materials and moving boxes. Moreover, this can also reduce your total transport cost.

Organise a Garage Sale

Once you have finalised your list of unnecessary items such as old clothes, shoes, books, small appliance, electronics, coffee table, old upholstery furniture, etc. conduct a garage sale and sell these items. The amount you will get in exchange for these items can be used in the moving process. This is a great strategy when you are moving on a low budget.

5. Get Moving Boxes For Free

When you are moving on a low budget, you must make smart choices. One such choice is not spending money on the cardboard boxes. It doesn’t make any sense to spend money on something that you can get for free. Contact any nearby grocery store or liquor store in Gold Coast and request them for the boxes. You might not get all the boxes from the same place, so you will have to spend some time looking for these boxes.

Try To Have Reusable Plastic Container

The reusable plastic container is another great way to save money on the moving boxes. You can rent these boxes from a removals company and return them after you complete the move. And if you hire removalists, you will get all the moving boxes for free.

6. Avoid Purchasing Packing Material

You can not only get the moving boxes for free, but you can also save money of the bubble wrap and other packing materials. Bubble wrap can be quite costly so if you are moving in a low budget, try to use things that are already there at your home. To protect your delicate items, you can use things like blankets, bedsheet, rugs, curtains, towels and even old t-shirts. Many eco-friendly removalists in Gold Coast also use these things as packing material.

7. Ask For a Helping Hand

The moving process is extremely difficult for a single person, so you need to contact proficient removalists in Gold Coast. However, if you want to save your money, you can ask your close friends, family, colleagues, neighbours to help you with the packing and loading procedure. This will make the task a lot easier.

8. What Else You Can Do

Apart from the cost-effective ideas mentioned above, there are a few more things that you should follow when relocating on a low budget.

Get Back the Bond Money: Clean your rental property properly, so that you can easily get the bond money back.

Keep Track of All Expenses: You must keep track of all your expenses. Otherwise, you will end up paying more than what you have estimated.

Eat homemade food during the journey: When you are moving to a new place, avoid spending money on restaurant meals and water bottle. Carry homemade sandwiches and your own water bottle with you.


If you are moving on a low budget, you need to spend some time in the planning. Analyse every factor that can save you money. The strategies mentioned here will help you to accomplish your move in a cost-effective manner. If you want professional help, there are also many reliable and affordable removals company in Gold Coast.