Moving Tips: Relocating From A Flat To A House
a family of four packing items for a house move on the coast

Moving Tips: Relocating From A Flat To A House

Oct 24, 2017

Moving a house is one of the most daunting tasks till now. No matter how many times you shifted, house relocation always has its own flaws. You may find a lot of hurdles during an entire process. It can either due to lack of expertise or due to the shortage of time – there is a good chance of mess.

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Since relocating heavy furniture and delicate decors needs utmost care, make sure you consider the following moving tips while relocating your house.

Here is a complete house moving guide that will definitely give you a sense of relief during a move.

1. Keep yourself organised

Nothing can be better than keeping your entire moving process organised. Try to focus on the key things to simplify your house move. For an example: create a moving checklist, clean up your entire flat, schedule your moving day and a lot more.

Tip: Organise your belongings two to three weeks prior to a moving day.

2. Pack ahead of your moving day

Let face the fact that packing is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time. After finalising your moving day, get started with the packing process.

Try to pack those items that you don’t use on a regular basis. You can start with the garage, bedroom or living room. Just make sure you pack everything properly using the best quality of packing tools.

3. Use best quality of packing supplies

You need boxes, bubble wraps, and packing papers to wrap your items for a house move. Thus, it is essential to use the best quality of materials that can save your belongings from being damaged.
Make sure you buy correct packing materials to give extra protection shield to your items, especially during the loading, unloading and moving process. You can arrange packing tape, zip tie bags and bubble wrap to ensure the safety of belongings.

4. Compare the different moving quotes

If you have planned to hire professional removalists in Gold Coast for your house move, then don’t forget to compare the different prices and services of the shortlisted companies. This will give you a better idea and make your job a bit easier. Try to choose a company that can offer you packing and storage facilities.

5. Purge unused contents

If you have any unused stuff or if you don’t need any of your belonging in your new house, you can purge them prior to your moving day. It will save your moving cost, packing materials and of course, time.

So, make a list of things that you are not going to take along with you to your new house and donate them (if they are in good condition) to the charity.

6. Transfer your utilities

Don’t forget to transfer your utilities to your new house before your moving date. If you are moving into a new house, then don’t forget to re-establish utility services such as electricity, water, telephone, Internet, etc.

7. Labelling is essential

Ensure that all the packed boxes are labelled properly with their respective contents. Use a black marker to create bold labels for your boxes. You can also use coloured markets to categorise different rooms. This will simplify your unpacking process in your new house.

8. Change your address

Updating an address of a new house is one of the most forgotten things. Due to the chaotic moving tasks, people forget about changing their address and inform utilities in time. If you don’t want to stuck in the middle of your move, change your address with the organisations like dentists, doctor’s surgery, bank, 2 weeks prior to your house move.


Relocating from a flat to a house in Gold Coast is not an easy thing. You need the right set of packing supplies, transportation and storage facility to keep you going without any mess. These tips will help you a lot during the relocation while letting you save your moving cost.