Moving To A New Office? 6 Ways To Reduce The Stress Of Office Move

Moving To A New Office? 6 Ways To Reduce The Stress Of Office Move

Dec 22, 2021

Moving to a bigger and better office is often the first step businesses take while expanding and growing. It is a welcome milestone, but the process is always challenging, stressful and overwhelming. Moving an office requires proper planning and preparation because there are multiple things to pack and move while ensuring employees’ productivity isn’t affected.

You can hire professional removalists in Gold Coast for managing all or some aspects of the relocation. It will help reduce moving stress and anxiety, making it easier to streamline your work and focus on important tasks.

Here are six other ways to decrease the stress of an office move when going to a new office. Have a look.

1. Create A Detailed Plan

Since offices have desks, different supplies, furniture, computer systems and various other things, you need a detailed packing and moving plan. Here is what you should do as soon as the moving date is final.

• Create an office moving checklist and make a timetable for each task to set deadlines.
• Pick a team of trusted people to handle crucial tasks like changing address, setting up utilities at the new office, budgeting, etc.
• Use an application for reminders, sharing notes, sending messages and communication to get moving-related tasks done in time.
• Book the removalists in Gold Coast to arrive on weekends for avoiding peak traffic hours, inconvenience to employees etc.

2. Remove Clutter and Unwanted Contents

Inspect every office room from the pantry to the bathroom to work bays and remove broken, old, or unwanted items. Workplaces often have paper clutter, old electronics, obsolete systems, chairs/desks requiring repairs, etc. An office move is an excellent opportunity to declutter and reduce the packing and moving load for your hired removalists in Gold Coast.

After decluttering, you must segregate everything into four categories – keep, throw, donate or resell. Make sure to discard trash responsibly and send recyclable or reusable items to the local recycling and waste management centre.

3. Always Arrange Pre-Move Surveys

Removalists need to see the office contents to create an inventory and provide a good estimate cost of moving. Therefore, instead of getting free quotes from removal companies over call or email, arrange for pre-move surveys to plan packing and the move precisely.

During the survey, the removalists will arrive at the workplace to make assessments and answer queries you have regarding handling and transportation of office contents.

Most reputed removal companies in Gold Coast offer these surveys without obligation and charges. After the review, the removalists share the approximate cost of the move and provide a detailed quote outlining every service and its rates. Additional costs of moving special items or furniture are also mentioned to provide an inclusive and accurate estimate.

4. Donate Anything You Don’t Need or Want To Replace

Reduce plastic, electronic, paper and other waste from ending in landfills by donating unwanted office contents you don’t need at the new workplace or want to replace. Australia has a waste management problem, and while moving office, you shouldn’t contribute to it by discarding recyclable and reusable things into the trash.

Many reliable and good charity organisations in Queensland take furniture, electrical items, notepads, pens, and other office supplies/contents. Just make sure things you are giving away are in good condition, legal and appropriate for all ages.

5. Keep Plenty Of Time For Packing & Preparations

Since most businesses have multiple departments, keeping plenty of time for packing and preparations is wise and practical. You must notify everyone in the office at least three months before moving about the upcoming relocation. Besides keeping everyone in the loop, it will help devise business plans, work allocation strategies, productivity maintenance etc.

Additionally, your IT department needs time for changing/discontinuing internet plans, packing and labelling systems and upgrading equipment. Your finance team or advisors need time to create a budget and utilise monetary resources properly to avoid depletion of savings. Similarly, other departments would require ample time to prepare for the relocation without stress or pressure.

6. Notify Important Places/People About The Address Change

A new office address is a significant change about which you must inform important people and places in advance. Before moving, you must put in change of address requests and applications in the Australian Taxation Office, banks, insurance agencies, concerned government authorities, Australia Post, and other important places.

Furthermore, notify employees, clients, stakeholders, customers, advertisers, and other people involved with your business. Don’t inform them at the last minute, as it can cause stress and confusion. Therefore, make sure this activity is done in time by sending emails, memos or official change of address letters.

The Bottom Line

Moving office is a challenging and stressful task, as you have to manage multiple tasks within a stipulated time. Therefore, you must prepare and plan for it early and take the assistance of professional removalists in Gold Coast. Additionally, follow the tips shared above to reduce stress and ensure the move goes smoothly.