Moving To Gold Coast: Family Fun Beyond The Beaches

Moving To Gold Coast: Family Fun Beyond The Beaches

Jul 07, 2020

Gold Coast is one of the most popular places, not only in Queensland but the entire country. Many people decide to move to this place because it offers all kinds of facilities and its beautiful beaches attract individuals from every corner of the country! The beaches grab a lot of attention for the visitors, but people who live there know the other sources of family fun that are often overlooked.

You can also quickly and easily move to this place with the help of removalists in Gold Coast, but before that, you must know what this place can offer in terms of family fun. Here is a list of areas that you can explore beyond the beaches.

Look Beyond the Excellent Beaches

When it comes to beaches, the Gold Coast is one of the most popular places in Australia. Every year, it attracts thousands of people who want to spend some quality time with their dear ones and relax on the beaches.

From the famous and busy sands of Surfers Paradise and Main Beach, well-loved Mermaid Beach and Broadbeach or family-friendly places like Nobby, Miami, Currumbin, Tugan and Bilinga Beaches, you will find all kinds of beaches in the Gold Coast. The white sand beaches stretch across 57 kilometres of the coastline.

This part of the country has become so popular for its beaches that people often overlook its other specialities. Apart from beaches, there are many more things that make is a perfect place for a family get-together. From music festivals, wildlife, water and sports activities to theme parks, restaurants and heritage places, Gold Coast has numerous things to offer. You need to explore it properly.

Witness Excellent Events and Festivals

In case you don’t know, Gold Coast is home to numerous great events and incredible festivals that run throughout the years. These festivals attract locals as well as visitors from other states and countries. Broadbeach Jazz, Blues on Broadbeach and Cooly Rocks On in Coolangatta are some of the top-rated music festivals in not only Gold Coast but the entire nation.

During the festivals, the streets get closed down, the outdoor stages get moved, and the street of this beautiful come alive with shows, street parades, competitions, displays, etc. If you move to this place with family, you can witness all these music festivals along with other events like Gold Coast Greek Festival, Surfers Paradise Festival, Swell Sculpture Festival, Broadbeach Country Music Festival, etc. Witness these exceptional events and its non-stop entertainment.

Enjoy in the Theme Parks

Theme parks are perhaps the best place when you want to spend time with your children, and the Gold Coast has some fantastic theme parks. Some of them have the tallest and fastest thrill ride, some represent the wildlife of the country while others have swimming pools and water slides. If you are planning to move to the Gold Coast with your kids, then you are making the right decision.

This place has plenty of kid-friendly attractions, and your children would love them. You can start your new life in the Gold Coast on a great note. Visit a theme park with the kids immediately after moving. Hire experienced removalists in Gold Coast for a hassle-free relocation and visit the nearest theme park. Dreamworld, Whitewater World, Wet ‘n’ Wild, Warner Bros. Movie World, And Sea World are some famous theme Parks in Gold Coast.

Visit the Restaurants

Gold Coast also has an extensive range of excellent restaurants that compete for restaurants of places like Sydney and Melbourne. Whether you want to go for a coffee, beer, etc. or looking for a place to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, this pace has some excellent options. ROOM81, Kiyomi and Social Eating House in Broadbeach, Vanitas and Ristorante Fellini in Main Beach and The Fish House in Burleigh Heads are some famous food points where you can explore different cuisine.

These restaurants offer an exceptional environment and delicious food, and that is why these places attract people from all over the country. You can also spend some quality time with your family in these restaurants. Before moving to the Gold Coast, spend some time in the research and know which restaurants are closest to your place. If required, visit the place, and get familiar with the surrounding and routes of the Gold Coast. Hire removalists in Gold Coast so that you can focus on your research and other vital aspects of moving.

Explore the Gold Coast Hinterland

Gold Coast is not limited to its beaches only. It also offers hinterlands that you can explore with your family and give you kids the expensive of an adventure. People who live on the Gold Coast with family, visit the charming mountain villages and unspoiled national park on weekends to spend some quality time.

You can go for the three-day hinterland exploration that can include an ancient volcano, Gondwana Rainforest (world heritage site), Mount Tamborin’s wineries and boutique breweries, stunning waterfalls at Springbrook and many more things. So, if you like to stay close to nature, visit these places in Gold Coast and enjoy the sense of expedition. People often focus only on the beaches, but his place has so many things to offer.

Water Activities

The water activities are a special attraction of the Gold Coast. It is one of the primary sources of entertainment for the people living here as well as the visitors. So, if you are moving to this part of the country with family, be ready to spend your weekends in exciting water activities that include surfing, kayaking tours, jet boat ride, Jet Ski safari, whale watching adventure, flyboard and parasailing, scuba dives, etc.

You can enjoy all these activities under the guidance of certified professionals. These water activities are famous for their unique blend of adventure and excitement mixed with gorgeous sightseeing. So, move to the Gold Coast and enjoy these water activities with your family.

Other Sports Activities

The activities are not limited to water in the Gold Coast. You can also experience the adventure of skydiving (and indoor skydiving), treetop challenge, bowling, kart racing, golf, bicycle ride, etc. All these activities are available for all age groups, so the entire family can enjoy.

If you are moving to this part of Queensland, there are many more things for family fun than just the beaches. Just because the beautiful beaches get the limelight doesn’t mean this place has nothing else to offer. These sports activities not only entertain you but also allow you to spend quality time with your family that make the bond even stronger.

Important Places to Visit

Apart from all these sports and water activities, theme parks, restaurants and events, there are many more places to visit. You can plan your weekends to explore these places. If you are interested in visiting peaceful places, go for options like Natural Bridge, Glow Worm Caves, Tallebudgera Creek, Purling Brook Falls, Skypoint Observation Deck, etc. And if you are looking for more lively options, then you have Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre, Robina Town Shopping Centre, Cavill Avenue Mall, Miami Marketta and so on.

Before you move to this place, more time in the research about this place. Allow the removalists in Gold Coast to pack and move your belongings so that you can experience a hassle-free move.


The Gold Coast is an exceptional place that has so many things to offer. If you want to move to a place that can provide you with different options of entertainment for your family, this place should be at the top of your list. If you are planning to move here, consider the options mentioned here for your weekend plans.