Navigating The Gold Coast Real Estate Market: Moving Guide

Navigating The Gold Coast Real Estate Market: Moving Guide

Aug 16, 2023

Moving to Gold Coast is one of the biggest decisions for any family. It is an economically-thriving metropolitan city that has a strong real estate market. The city offers great housing options, world-renowned infrastructural development projects, a booming commercial market, modern-age architectural structures, heritage sites, the best schools, universities and healthcare options, and much more.

The best part is that it hosts some of the most beautiful and livable suburbs and neighbourhoods where you can move with your family. According to the latest research, the median house price in the city has increased by more than 20 per cent in 2022, and this trend will continue to rise in the coming years.

If you want to move to this beautiful city, navigate the real estate market, know the potential neighbourhood, current market trends and property prices and make a well-informed decision.

This will help you relocate without any hassle. You can also book expert Removalists in Gold Coast in advance to save your time and money. For more details on real estate market, keep on reading this blog post:

Gold Coast Real Estate Market

Believe it or not! Gold Coast is one of the most diverse cities in Queensland. It has the most thriving residential property market, becoming a centre of attraction for potential homeowners and property investors.

According to the experts, the median price for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house on the Gold Coast is $989,000. The best part is that you can explore plenty of options, ranging from spacious apartments to townhouses, studio apartments to million-dollar mansions, etc.

You can also explore the units if you are looking for an affordable option. The average price for units is $690,000, and the demand is also increasing in major hotspots of Gold Coast.

Discover About Rental Real Estate Market

Are you moving house for the first time? Instead of buying a new property, you can opt for a rental option. According to the statistics, over 30 % of the Gold Coast population lives in rented properties. The rental property market is also doing pretty well, with approx 5 per cent of rental yield.

The average rent for houses on the Gold Coast is $750 per week- which is quite affordable. So check the documents required for rental applications and the rental laws of Gold Coast to make a well-informed decision depending on your preferences.

List of Best Suburbs on the Gold Coast For Your Family

When navigating the real estate market when moving house, search for the best suburbs if you are new to the city.

Ashmore: A Residential Hub

It is one of the oldest suburbs of Gold Coast, offering spacious residential properties, mesmerising beach views, lush-green parks and top-rated schools. It is a peaceful region that offers some of the best culinary delights and entertainment hubs.

The median price for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house in Ashmore is $938,000, while the average rent is $790 per week. If you want a beautiful home with all the nearby amenities, this is the perfect location. It is good to hire the best removalists in Gold Coast for safe and sound relocation.

Palm Beach: A Luxurious Suburb

Located between Currumbin and Burleigh Heads, Palm Beach is a beautiful suburb on the Gold Coast. The city offers a laidback beachfront lifestyle, plush apartments and new-age shopping precincts. You can explore more benefits of living in the suburbs.

The median price for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house in Palm Beach is $1,500,000, and the average rent is $950 per week. If you want to take your living standard to the next level, this is the perfect place.

Southport : A Family-Friendly Suburb

With more than 31,908 of the population as per the 2016 census, Southport has emerged as one of the most developed areas for families. It is home to the Central Business District and offers the biggest area for commercial properties. The suburb is surrounded by the city’s best restaurants, cafes, schools and public transport.

The median price for a 3-bedroom,2-bath house is around $900,000, and the average rent is $750 per week. You can buy or rent a property after market research.

Robina: The Most Thriving Suburb

It has a perfect blend of residential and commercial centres and can elevate your living standard. The suburb has the second-largest shopping centre, world-class healthcare facilities, including a renowned Bond University. It also has smooth public transport, schools and spacious parklands- perfect for families.

The median price for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house is $1,050,000, and the average rent is $850 per week.

Surfers Paradise: A Perfect Suburb for Beach Lovers

Do you want to enjoy a beach view from your home? Look no further than Surfers Paradise. It has beautiful beaches, spacious residential buildings and thriving commercial properties. It also has some of renowned heritage sites, such as Kinkabool and Pink Poodle Sign.

The median house price for a 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom house is $2,730,000, which is one of the most expensive places to live. So, you can opt for a rental accommodation because the average rent is $1395 per week.

Step-by-Step Tips For Navigating Gold Coast’s Real Estate Market When Moving House

Do A Thorough Market Research

Take some time out of your busy schedule and do proper research about the real estate market. Look for current property prices, neighbourhoods, best suburbs, and market trends through online real estate websites, local newspapers and local agents.

Set Your Budget

The next step is to calculate the estimated budget for buying or renting a house on the Gold Coast. For that, thoroughly calculate your income, savings, and other expenses, such as property taxes, association fees of homeowners, and much more.

If you are relocating home soon, search for affordable removalists Gold Coast in advance for the safety of your belongings. Before that, estimate the average cost of moving and make a right decision.

Choose the Most Suitable Suburb

From Surfers Paradise to Robina, Southport to Palm Beach, you can pick the most suitable neighbourhood depending on your specific requirements and estimated Budget. Make sure you consider the local amenities, nearby schools, transportation, safety and security and much more.

Buying Vs Renting: Make a Well-Informed Decision

This completely depends on your budget and preferences. If you can afford a house in the hotspots of Gold Coast, Southport and Palm Beach are the best places to buy a residential property.

If you want to know more about the neighbourhood before making a long-term investment or require more flexibility, you can opt for a rental accommodation.

Explore Different Properties

It is good to visit residential properties in the new location to collect information about the local area, property condition and other aspects. This will help you make the right decision before the final move out.

Make sure you check the current market trend and property value in the specific area to choose the most affordable option.

Understand the Legal Aspects

Hire a professional real estate agent and understand the due diligence for buying or renting residential property. This comprises rental laws, tenancy agreements, zoning regulations, and other legal obligations.

This is the stage where you can apply for a home loan or arrange sufficient funds for your new property.

Negotiate and Complete the Paperwork

You can create a proper negotiation strategy with your real estate agent and fix the best deal as per your estimated budget. After that, you can complete all the paperwork and contracts and plan for your house move.

Here is a complete guide on setting up utilities in your new home to make your life easier.


The real estate market of Gold Coast is competitive, and that’s why it is important to do proper research. The tips and insights mentioned above in the article will help you choose the right property in the most suitable neighbourhood of Gold Coast, QLD, without any hassle.