Planning A Christmas Move? Here Is All You Need To Know

Planning A Christmas Move? Here Is All You Need To Know

Dec 21, 2020

Although most people prefer to move during summer, they avoid relocating around Christmas and the holidays. It is because moving during this time can hamper celebrations, and there are many commitments to honour. However, sometimes tenants have to move as their annual or bi-annual lease agreement ends during the holidays.

There may be an option to get an extension, but most tenants honour their lease agreements. If you are among these tenants and need to plan a Christmas move, here is your complete guide by professional removalists in Gold Coast outlining useful tips and things you should know. Have a look!

Make all Booking In-Advance

When you have to move during Christmas, make sure you book the cleaners and removalists in Gold Coast as early as possible. Any delay will result in the unavailability of professionals on the day you have to move, which is a significant problem.

Therefore, make sure you make bookings at least three weeks before the day you have to move and get confirmations. While booking cleaners or removalists in Gold Coast for a Christmas move, always choose reliable and reputed companies who fulfil their commitments and can manage everything even during the hectic time of the holidays.

Start with Decluttering

Whether you are planning to move during Christmas or any other time of the year, decluttering is vital for reducing your packing and moving load. Start the process as early as possible to sort things into four categories – keep, donate, resell, and discard. Decluttering is a stress-busting activity, and it will help you know which things you need to take to the new home and which things you have hoarded that don’t serve any purpose.

Create Your Budget

Planning a move during Christmas will cost you more for a variety of reasons. It is among the busiest times of the year with people shopping, traffic on roads, various community events happening, and much more.

What’s more, summer is usually the peak time for moving for tenants and homeowners alike. Maneuvering during the holidays is difficult and challenging, which is why it is more costly. Therefore, create your budget and get an estimate of the cost of the following things.

• Hiring removalists in Gold Coast because they may charge higher or extra to render service during the holidays
• Packing supplies
• Travelling and transportation
• Renting a moving truck, if you are not taking the assistance of professional removalists in Gold Coast
• Discontinuing and updating utilities
• Rent and security deposit money for the new home
• Insurance
• Gifts, clothes, decorations and other things you need to purchase for Christmas

Once the budget is created, you can plan your expenses accordingly and avoid depleting your savings entirely.

Don’t Move on a Holiday

Moving on a holiday is difficult as removalists can be unavailable and other factors such as traffics, events, commitments etc. cause delays. Even if you are planning a Christmas move, make sure the moving day is not a festival and a holiday. You can move a few days before, which will also give you time to settle before the festivities begin.

Pack and Label Correctly

Moving during the holiday season can be chaotic and messy, making it even more important to pack and label your belongings correctly. If you have hired professional removalists in Gold Coast to pack, they will create an inventory of your belongings and ensure everything is securely packed, and necessary details are noted.

For DIY packing, you need to be careful and get the right boxes and supplies. Please don’t rush the process as it may lead to loss of items or poor packing. Get your family members and friends to help you securely and safely wrap your property contents and label them properly for easy identification of the contents.

Sharing New Address is Important

During Christmas, you receive a host of cards, gifts, invites, and other things. Therefore, if you are moving before Christmas, make sure you let near, and dear ones know your new address. In addition, update your address at your office, bank, the insurance company, post office, and other important authorities and establishments.

Pack a Christmas Box

Getting all the decoration and gifts unpacked and set at the new house can be difficult if you move during Christmas. However, you can pack a Christmas box that will contain all the things you will need to get in the festive mood and make your new home ready for the holidays.

Make sure to pack this box a few days before the move and load it last on the truck, as it will get unloaded first. Label the box clearly, and ensure everything is wrapped adequately to prevent any damage during loading/unloading and transit.

he Bottom Line

Understandably, planning a move during Christmas and the holidays is challenging and overwhelming. But, with the help of professional removalists in Gold Coast and the insights shared above, you can pack your belongings and relocate to your new home with less hassle and worries. Follow these tips to move without stress and enjoy Christmas and other festivals with joy and excitement.