Pros And Cons Of Moving To The Suburbs

Pros And Cons Of Moving To The Suburbs

Mar 25, 2022

Many people prefer a laidback and peaceful lifestyle over eclectic nightlife. They have been moving from big cities to small and lush-green suburbs. This drastic change will affect your lifestyle and make you feel stressed even after safe removals.

It is important to stay relaxed and research more about the suburb you have shortlisted for a home relocation. Suburbs or small towns in Gold Coast offers great amenities, spacious residential properties, green parks, nearby schools, medical facilities and entertainment hubs.

However, you need to consider some pros and cons of moving to the suburbs. Make sure you hire the best Gold Coast removalists for the safe transition of precious household possessions. This will give you enough time to focus on the benefits and limitations of relocating to the suburbs.

Keep the following guide in mind to make a well-informed home relocation decision:

Pros of Moving to a Suburb

If one or more of the following benefits you like the most, the suburban lifestyle is the ideal option for you. The Gold Coast has some of the best suburbs inside and outside the city. Here are some pros to consider if you are planning home relocation:

1. Want a Spacious Home At a Low Price

If you wish to buy a spacious home within your estimated budget, you can move to Gold Coast’s suburbs. You will find plenty of options at affordable prices. You can even opt for rental property because the rent is less than the apartment rent in the metropolitan city.

However, you need to do proper research and find affordable suburbs. If you want spacious yet affordable homes, you can consider Sprinkbrook, Pimpama, Coomera, Nerang and Upper Coomera suburbs.

Many people face sleepless nights after home relocation, especially if they are moving for the first time. Make sure you prepare everything in advance and overcome your adjustment insominia after moving if you have developed potential symptoms.

2. A Cleaner and Laidback Environment

If you love a peaceful environment, moving to the suburb is a great option. Many people want a laidback lifestyle, away from the crowd and clustered buildings. You can look for a residential property close to the greener and cleaner playground, parks, etc.

Here, your children can play in your front or backyard and enjoy a fresh, laid-back environment. You can live away from the hustle-bustle of the city by relocating to the Northern Hinterland suburbs of Gold Coast, such as Guanaba, Wongawallan, Maudsland, etc.

You can make good friends and meet new people in your neighbourhood to enjoy your peaceful weekends.

3. A Bigger Backyard

If you live in a small house with kids and a pet, you need a big backyard. Usually, spacious homes with bigger backyards are easily available in a remote location or a suburb.

You can contact the local real estate agent in Gold Coast if you want a home with a big yard.

4. Slower Pace of Life

Many retired couples and even young people are moving to suburbs because such places are away from the hustle-bustle of the city. You can take a break from a hectic schedule and live a great life. You will become more conscious about the environment, think better about your life and enjoy a peaceful lifestyle in a suburb.

It is good to search for towns outside the city for better options. You can ask professional removalists Gold Coast for a safe and sound transition of belongings.

Cons of Moving to Suburbs

Do not overlook the disadvantages of the suburban lifestyle when planning to relocate. Here are some cons to consider when moving to the suburb:

1. Lack of Public Transportation

Unfortunately, many small towns and suburbs do not have easy access to public transportation. You need a personal vehicle to get around on a regular basis.

Buying a car can be pretty expensive because it comes with high maintenance, petrol/gas, insurance, etc. This can give you a headache, and you need to pay extra dollars to get to your office, which is probably located close to the CBD. Plus, your commute will be longer if you are a working professional.

If you have decided to relocate to a suburb, be sure you hire professionals ahead of time. This will help you prevent moving delays and help you relocate without any stress.

2. Less Employment Options

There is no denying that some suburbs in Gold Coast have a higher commercial percentage than others. However, the job market is still very competitive in small towns. You have fewer options and more competition. It is good to attend job fairs or search for reliable career websites to get the right job in a suburb.

3. Lack of Entertainment Hubs

Do you love a vibrant lifestyle or an electric nightlife? If yes, then the suburban lifestyle is not for you. Such places don’t have many entertainment options, fine-dining restaurants, clubs, pubs and adventure spots. You may have to visit the city to enjoy live music concerts, carnivals and sporting events.


Make sure you hire the best removalists in Gold Coast if you have decided to move to a suburb. Whether you decide to live in the inner city or suburbs, you have to consider the pros and cons in a better manner. It is important to do proper homework and research well about the new place and the environment before making the final decision.