Protecting Your Move: How Moving Insurance Works

Protecting Your Move: How Moving Insurance Works

Jul 31, 2023

What strikes your mind when you think of relocating home? Whether you are moving next to the apartment within Gold Coast or across the new state, there is always a risk of damaging or losing precious possessions.

So, protecting your household belongings from being scratched or damaged should be your topmost priority. Apart from de-cluttering, packing up boxes and managing logistics, focus on creating a plan to keep your items intact throughout the journey.

Despite all planning and preparation, most people end up losing their items. In such situations, moving insurance plays a vital role. It simply protects your household items during the moving process by providing financial compensation against the damage, theft or loss of items when professionals are relocating them.

Accidents on road can happen, and that’s why you should read the following guide to know how moving insurance works and other key aspects for the safety of your possessions.

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What is the Importance of Moving Insurance?

Nothing can be more challenging than moving delicate and expensive belongings from one place to another. This increases the chances of damages, accidents and theft during the process.

Moving insurance can provide you coverage against damage or loss, and you will get peace of mind. When hiring cheap removalists in Gold Coast, make sure you ask about the insurance or valuation options to protect your items. It is because moving companies are not obliged to provide you with complete insurance coverage.

You can also opt for a third-party option to keep all your items protected throughout the journey.

What Does Moving Insurance Cover?

This is an imperative question that can give you a sense of relief. The coverage of moving insurance depends on the policy’s specifics. In layman’s terms, moving insurance usually covers any damage done to belongings during transit.

That means anything from a natural calamity to accidental damage; it is all covered. However, this depends on the type of coverage a moving company offers when you book their service. The policy commonly covers items caused by:

  • Flooding
  • Storms
  • Theft
  • An Accident
  • Fire
  • And other malicious activities

You will need to ensure that your precious possessions are covered in case of an accident or damage during the process. Choosing the right option can help you avoid moving nightmares.

Tip: Read the policy carefully because many companies do not cover delicate precisions, such as glassware and mirrors.

How Much Will It Cost?

Make sure you understand that the cost of moving insurance completely depends on the volume of your belongings and the distance of your move. In addition to this, the standard policy doesn’t cover fragile items, such as mirrors, antiques and glassware.

Trained and experienced removalists Gold Coast offer two types of liability or valuation options to help you get compensation in case of accident or damage.

If you want full coverage, you need to purchase third-party insurance. The best part is that your items can be insured up to a capital of 10 per cent of the total cost of belongings covered. Make sure you downsize your home so that you can relocate only the necessary household belongings- saving you time and money.

So, here are different options that can make things easy for you.

Types of Moving Insurance

The coverage may vary depending on the type of moving insurance you opt for:

1. Released Value or Basic Carrier Liability

This is one of the basic valuation options provided by removal companies in Gold Coast at no extra cost. A good company will have a released value liability with limited protection against damage or accidents.

Under this, you will be compensated depending on an affected item’s weight. It means you won’t get full coverage for damaged belongings.

You will get $0.30 if moving locally and $0.60 for long-distance move per pound per item.

For instance, A 40-pound item that costs $1200 to replace would only compensate you only $12 for a local move and $24 for an interstate move.

2. Full Value Protection

This provides coverage against the damage for the entire value of your items. If any belonging is damaged or lost during the process, the company will be responsible for replacing or repairing it at its current market value.

Having the right insurance coverage is one of important aspects when you are preparing furniture for a move or any other expensive items.

3. Declared Value Protection

This is an optional coverage that enables you to declare the value of your stuff before the relocation. It provides more compensation as compared to the basic released value protection.

Under this, you need to agree to a specific amount per pound of your shipment. The company will reimburse in case of damage or accident based on the declared value.

However, it won’t provide full coverage and that’s why you need third-party insurance.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how moving insurance works:

  • Before you relocate, make sure you choose a type of moving insurance coverage depending on your specific needs. Common options are Full Value Protection, Released Value and Declared Value.
  • Ask the company everything about the liability options and make a well-informed decision.
  • Depending on the level of coverage, you may need to pay an insurance premium to secure your items.
  • During the process, experienced removalists Gold Coast will handle your items with care. In case of accidents or damages, they will provide you the compensation depending on your coverage option.
  • If you have opted for the third party insurance, you need to file a claim and the company will investigate and assess the loss.
  • They will provide you compensation for the damaged items or repair or replacement based on the declared value protection.

Note: make sure you know consumer rights in QLD and file your claim without any hesitation.

Wrapping Up

Moving insurance plays a vital role in protecting your belongings against damage and accidents. It determines the success of your relocation. Choosing the right removalists Gold Coast and the most suitable coverage option can safeguard your possessions throughout the process.