Questions To Ask Your Landlord Before Renting A House

Questions To Ask Your Landlord Before Renting A House

Feb 03, 2023

Are you looking to rent a home in one of Queensland’s most alluring destinations, the Gold Coast? This Australian city is the perfect place to hike along the trails of the Lamington National Park, surf along the shores of the Kirra beach, and spend fun family moments at the Warner Bros Movie World theme park. With such amazing attractions, it is no wonder that the population of Gold Coast is set to hit a million by 2023!

But before you rent an apartment on the Gold Coast, you must know the rental lease terms to have clarity about your living arrangement.

Therefore, before hiring removalists in Gold Coast to pack and move your belongings here, you need to ask your landlord questions about your new living conditions. But first, you must know the cost of living on the Gold Coast and whether it will suit your budget.

Cost Of Living On The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has a vacancy rate of 0.65%, with more and more people migrating here from other cities in Australia. This has increased rental rates, and the median cost of renting a 3-bedroom, two-bathroom home on the Gold Coast is now $970 per week.

Besides this, you will also have to account for utility, grocery and transport services that will add 1,312.6A$ to your rent as a single person. If you are a family of four, your cost of living will be around 4,749.6A$ besides your rent.

If these rental prices fit within your budget, you can start house hunting and follow this moving checklist to a new city. Also, it is important that you ask your landlord the below important questions before you rent a home:

Questions To Ask Your Landlord Before Renting A Home

1. What Does Your Lease Agreement Contain?

You must start by asking your landlord the most important question: what are your lease agreement terms? In Queensland, you must sign a tenancy agreement (Form 18a), a legally binding contract between the tenant and the landlord which outlines your rights and duties.

Each lease agreement differs according to the landlord’s policies, but some of the basic things that must be mentioned in your agreement are:

  • Name and address of you and your landlord
  • Period of the lease (starting and end date)
  • Rent amount and how it should be paid
  • Rules and duties of the tenant
  • Special terms regarding property maintenance

2. Do You Need To Pay For Utilities Separately?

If your lease agreement does not specify how you must pay utilities, you must ask your landlord about this. Generally, in Gold Coast, a tenant has to pay for utility charges separately if:

  • There is a separate meter that calculates your usage.
  • The agreement states a fixed amount you have to pay for utility services

3. By When Do You Have To Pay Your Rent?

While signing the lease agreement, you must ask your landlord about the due date of your rent and whether it is a monthly or weekly charge. In Queensland, the maximum rent in a fixed-term agreement is a monthly charge, whereas, in periodic agreements, the maximum rent you will have to pay is two weeks’ worth of rent.

If you are considering buying a home on the Gold Coast, read this to see if buying or renting a home is a better option for you.

4. What Are The Ways You Can Pay Your Rent?

You should also ask your landlord how you have to pay the rent so that you can be well prepared. According to the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 of Queensland, you can pay your rent by:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Cheque
  • Payroll deductions
  • Via EFTPOS
  • Deposit to an account managed by the landlord

The safest way to pay your rent is by credit card, as you will have secure and automated payments that will make the process easier. If you are paying by cash, make sure your landlord gives you a receipt of the payment.

5. By When Do You Have To Sign The Agreement?

You must ask your landlord when you will have to sign the agreement so you can make your decision quickly and hire removalists Gold Coast to help you move here. In Gold Coast, the landlord will provide you with the lease agreement on or before the day you start renting the home.

You must then sign and give this agreement back within five days. Your landlord must also give you a copy of the original agreement with your signature within 14 days.

6. Do You Need Contents Insurance For Your Belongings?

You should ask your landlord whether they provide insurance for your premises and belongings. Most insurance policies will cover your premises but not your possessions, so you must arrange your own contents insurance in Australia.

Contents insurance will cover any repairs or damages to your belongings in the event of a fire, accident or if they get stolen. You must see what is included in each policy and how much coverage they will give for your belongings.

7. What Will Happen If You Are Late On Your Rent Payments?

Lastly, you must ask your landlord what will happen if you are late with your rent. Generally, in Australia, if you are one day behind in paying your rent, you are one day in arrears.

Your landlord will issue you a breach notice after seven days in arrears, and then you will have seven days to pay your rent. If you still fail to pay your rent, you will be served a notice to leave within seven days and will have to leave the premises.

Wrapping Up

Thus, you must ask your landlord these questions before hiring removalists Gold Coast to move your possessions to your new rented home. If you are moving with pets, you must ask your landlord whether pets are allowed on the premises so that you are clear about these terms from the start.