Reasons Why People Move To The Suburbs From The City

Reasons Why People Move To The Suburbs From The City

Jun 22, 2020

Thousands of people move to the cities every year in search of better education and new job opportunities. But lately, the population of the suburbs in Gold Coast is increasing significantly. So, why people preferring to move to the suburbs? Well, there are many perks that the suburbs offer to their residents. It gives people a balanced life which has the best of rural and urban lifestyle.

Some people prefer to move on their own while others require the help of removalists in Gold Coast. No matter which way you choose, just make sure you do sufficient research on a suburb before finalising it. Here are some reasons why people move to the suburbs from the city. Let’s have a look!

Low cost of living

One of the main reasons why people move to the suburbs from the city is the low cost of living. Whether you want to purchase a property, rent a house, transportation, or utility bills, suburbs are always cheaper than the city. When people in the city realise that their income and expenses at the same level and they are not saving any money, moving to a suburb becomes their only option.

Suburbs allow people to save a small amount of money on various occasions, which become a significant amount after some time. So, if you also live in the city and concerned about the cost of living, move to the suburbs. Hire cheap removalists in Gold Coast and accomplish a hassle-free move.

Spacious House

The people who live in the city must be aware of the fact that the closer you get to the city, the smaller your living place becomes. Be it Gold Coast or any other place, houses are always compact when it comes to the city. That is why when people understand that their home in the city not big enough for the current family members or their children are getting older and require their own room, they move to suburbs because it offers spacious house.

In the suburbs, you will get plenty of space, and unlike the city, here you won’t have to fight with random people for parking space.

Better Education for kids

Another important reason why families move to the suburbs is because of the quality education that the kids get in the suburbs. The suburbs not only provide a relaxed environment to the kids where they get the nurture they require, but kids also get better schools.

Whether you decide to stay in the suburbs like Tallebudgera, Currumbin Waters, Burleigh Waters, Miami, Tugun, or Coolangatta, you will get the best schools for your kids everywhere. There is a simple reason behind it.

The residents of a suburb usually make more money, so the schools receive better funding. As a result, they provide the best possible education. The management focuses on all the important aspects of schools like hiring well-qualified teachers.


If you are fond of nature, then you should move to the suburbs. Greenery is a major reason why people choose the suburbs over the city. In the city, you don’t get enough chance to see enough trees and bushes except for the parks. On the other hand, the suburbs allow you to live close to nature.

If you move from city to suburbs, the open land and extensive stretches of greenery will give you a breath of fresh air. Whether it is lakes, forests and parks, suburbs offer lush green surrounding to the residents. That is why people after a certain age and those who have health issues prefer to move to the suburbs.

Low crime Rate

For most people, the safety of the family is the most serious concerns when they choose a place to live. Since suburbs have less population, the crime rate is also lower. Unlike the city, People in the suburbs are more aware of their neighbours and more connected.

So, if you have safety concern in the city and have kids, you must consider a move to nearby suburbs. Choosing the most suitable suburb could be time taking, so spend more time in research and exploring suburbs instead of packing your stuff. Hire experienced removalists in Gold Coast to ensure a hassle-free move.

The sense of Community

It is extremely difficult to develop a sense of community in the city. It is because everyone lives a hectic schedule to make more and more money and nobody have enough time to develop a friendship with people around them. It leads to a lot of stress and loneliness, which ultimately turned to depression. Therefore, many people decide to move to the suburbs to gain a sense of community.

People who move to the suburbs get advantage from a quality social life. With time, they develop a close-knit relationship with the neighbours and become a part of an interpersonal community. Having friends and neighbours is not only good to spend quality time but also from the safety perspective.

No Crowd

The population is increasing at a rapid speed, and a person can experience it by living in a city. With hundreds of people moving every month in search of a quality job and better opportunities, the cities have become jam-packed. That is why when people feel suffocated in the city, and move to the suburbs.

In compare to cities, the suburbs have lesser people. Whether you are driving up to the market or going for morning walk, you will enjoy your drive and walk in peaceful surroundings.

More Privacy

It is a fact that you get more privacy in the suburbs in comparison to the city. It is because suburbs offer more spacious houses but have way fewer people than the city. You can have your own porch, garage, backyard and front yard. These kinds of facilities are hard to imagine in the city.

The houses are compact, and neighbours share a common wall. So, a late-night party or loud music can be annoying for the people living around you in the city. That is why many people move to the suburbs where they enjoy their privacy. If you are also facing any similar issue, hire removalists in Gold Coast and move to any nearby suburbs in a stress-free manner.

Easy Accessibility

Many people move to suburbs from the city due to the ease of accessibility. There are plenty of train stations and subways in the cities, and people have no other option but to use them. It is because driving your own car in the traffic jam of the city is nothing less than a nightmare! Suburbs, on the other hand, offer public transportation and also let you drive your personal vehicle.

The shopping centres, supermarkets, and banks are usually in close driving distance which gives you easy connectivity to these places. There are also some suburbs that are not that far from the city. The residents of these suburbs get the best of both the worlds.


Before you jump to a conclusion, carefully consider all the advantages and disadvantages of relocating to a suburb from the city. Analyse the reasons mentioned above and understand your requirements. Then only you will be able to make the right decision. Focus on the essential aspects of living, such as safety, property size, privacy, health, and affordability.