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Best Local Removalists Gold Coast

We are a one-stop solution for all your house or office removal needs

Moving house or office is one of the life’s most stressful tasks, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Being the best Gold Coast Removalists, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive range of local removalists service across the Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs at the most reasonable price. Our professional and fully-trained Removalists take care of every step: from packing to loading, moving to unpacking, everything. Our local removalists love what they do and they will make your move as stress-free as possible. All your belongings will be reached safely where you want it with a zero damage guarantee. We believe in transiting happiness along with your treasured goods to your new house or office because Better Removalists Gold Coast is your trusted moving partner.

A guy in red uniform leaning on a pile of cardboard boxes with his thumbs up

Leave a move-out stress on us by letting our professionals pack your precious belongings with the utmost care.


We possess a team of local-friendly removalists to give our potential customers a soothing moving experience on the Gold Coast.


We provide quick and safe transportation of your belongings to the final destination with diligence.

Why Choose Better Removalists Gold Coast?

With our accomplished removal and storage service, we offer a stress-free move to our customers.
  1. Expertise and Technique - We have a team of professionally trained removalists in Gold Coast, which is skilled as well as qualified to perform both home and office removals with perfection. You can trust us to take care of your things without any apprehensions.
  2. Economical - We are one of the leading names in the industry, but our prices have always been pocket-friendly as we understand the financial burden that comes with relocation.
  3. Easy Booking - If you plan to move soon, then you can contact our customer care executives using our contact number or fill out the free quote form on the site for an obligation-free quote.
  4. Safe Moving - Whether you are moving with your household items or office equipment, the concern about the safety of your belongings keeps you unnerved. However, with us, you can enjoy a completely tension-free relocation.
  5. Manoeuvring - Our experienced removalists in Gold Coast follow proven methods and strategy to move your things with exceptional caution and forethought. We have developed special methodologies for every item to lend you complete peace of mind.
  6. Timely Service - Most people wish to complete their local moves within a day and we abide by the requirements of our customers. We provide the timeframe at the outset and finish the job swiftly and proactively.
  7. Relaxed Relocation - People looking for a worry-free and end-to-end relocation are most satisfied by our customised and comprehensive service which includes everything from packing to unpacking and organising with the help of a valet.
  8. Friendly and Receptive - Our customer care executives are ready to serve you with a smile and patiently listen to your needs to offer you a tailored removal package which is affordable and trouble-free.
  9. Exceptional Packing - We have devised an infallible packing strategy which covers both sunny and rainy days to ensure maximum safety of your stuff. Also, we stringently follow an eco-friendly policy while packing for removals in Gold Coast.
2 Men and a Truck Starting from

$90/hr + GST

Hire Gold Coast Removalists for a Safe Move

We, at Better Removalists Gold Coast, strive on providing fast, convenient and high-standard local moves across the Gold Coast. Whether you are relocating from Ashmore to Burleigh Heads or Coolangatta to Surfers Paradise, we can make your move a hassle-free one. Whatever the situation is, our fully-insured local removalists in Gold Coast can pack and transit all the heavy and fragile items within your estimated budget. With the use of tried and tested moving techniques, we give our best to suit your specific moving needs. Our team will work within your scheduled timescale and create a custom moving plan just to give you a peace of mind. If you want to relocate your house or office on Gold Coast, hire us. We deliver happiness and joy along with your belongings!

A guy carrying a packed cardboard box
A guy carrying a better removalists gold coast branded cardboard box

Why people choose Better Removalists Gold Coast?

Are you concerned about the safe relocation of your heavy furniture or delicate items during a house move? If yes, then hire Better Removalists Gold Coast. We are one of the leading local removalists company on Gold Coast that aims at providing quick, safe and quality moves with a great endurance. We take care of all your needs related to move and that’s why people trust us. For past 8 years, we have successfully built strong customer base-thanks to our experienced and devoted staff. They can manage all types of removals, from luxurious apartments to 2-unit houses, corporate offices to manufacturing firms. In a nutshell, we can say that our priority is giving you smooth, superior and quality customer service during your entire relocation process.

How we Work
We believe in quality service!
Book our service

Call us to book our local removalists service on Gold Coast. Our customer representative will schedule a visit.

We visit your place

We send an expert to your house/office for a free assessment of your items.

Begin our packing process

Help you in packing your belongings using best packing supplies to ensure safety during the transportation process.

Move your items

Load your valuable items on the truck and move it to the new location with 100 % damage free guarantee.

Gold Coast Removalists Within Your Budget

It doesn’t matter if you are moving from a two-bedroom apartment or a 4-bedroom independent house. Better Removalists Gold Coast is capable of handling all small and big moves with expertise. We cater to both families and businesses planning to relocate locally in the city. Our removalists are ready to serve all the suburbs of Gold Coast ranging from Broadbeach to Surfers Paradise and always arrive on time to make sure that the transportation is completed on the promised date. We are focussed on making the experience absolutely comfortable for our customers by covering all the chores related to moving. Our practised removalists are efficient in wrapping all the items in strong packing materials, which are non-toxic and biodegradable. We provide insurance as well as storage which make hiring us a beneficial proposition as our prices are also pocket-friendly.

Trusted Storage and Removal Service

If you are moving from a big house into a small one, then there are a lot of chances that you will not be able to accommodate your stuff in the new property. It is a common dilemma among people who move from houses into apartments which are not as spacious. In such situations, they are left with excess baggage which is hard to giveaway or too expensive to be thrown out. We provide the best solution for this problem by offering storage services that are completely protected and safeguard your belongings for short as well as long periods. We pack the stuff that needs to be stored and seal them off in steel containers, which are then placed in our secure warehouse. The storage facility is monitored all through the day and cannot be trespassed by anyone.

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Better Removalists Gold Coast ensures top-quality and smooth move with zero damage guarantee on all our moves. With over 8 years of experience in the Local Removalists Industry of Gold Coast, we have become one of the leading removal companies that believe in delivering quality packing and relocation services at the best price. Till now, we have assisted thousands of people with their local removal processes just to give them safe and sound experience. Our Gold Coast Removalists follow the traits of honesty, dignity and authenticity to give you a surety that you are in safe hands. With the mission to serve our customer’s specific needs, we endeavour to give you quality assurance while assisting you with the packing and moving tasks. We bring the most advanced packing materials to protect your belongings from being damaged during their transportation process. Our talented Removalists in Gold Coast hold a great expertise in packing, loading and delivering the treasured items safely to the assigned destination.

Relocating heavy and large furniture can be a strenuous job. Those who are relocating their house or office find difficulties in packing and moving their bulky furniture. They either end up with a chaos or get themselves hurt during their moving process. Even, arranging a moving truck for furniture cost you a huge. So the better way is to hire the professional Furniture Removalists Gold Coast like us. We laid the foundation of knowledge to give our customers safe, secure and reliable furniture removalists in Gold Coast. Whether its sofa, piano or a dining table, we can move it without any damage. Our experts use highly-advanced packing equipment, such as moving dolly, shoulder dolly, and heavy duty adjustable appliance to save you from tedious packing and moving chores.

A man packing a cardboard box and a women carrying a pot in background

Are You Moving Locally Within Gold Coast? Call Us Now & Get Professional Assistance!

Reliable Removalists Offering Supreme Service

We have never failed to satisfy our customers, and our commitment towards the fulfilling of their requirements keeps us a step ahead of our competitors. Here is what makes us different.
We do not consider moving as another challenging task. Our removalists in Gold Coast have been recruited for the job because of their passion for offering assistance during the time of relocations.
  • We make extra efforts to ensure that you are entirely at ease during the entire process as it can be emotionally and financially distressing for the family.
  • Our removalists are locals who have been working in the field for many years and have become experts in various techniques. The knowledge of these professionals, combined with our training makes a powerful combination which achieves desired results.
  • We bring our own tools and packing materials and remove all the supplies before we leave the property so that there is no mess left behind to be cleaned by the owners.
  • Our teams are proficient in packing every item in a house or office building, ranging from kitchen equipment to bathroom appliances and furniture.
  • You can trust our professionals as they undergo a screening process from the local police and are fully insured to undertake all the removal tasks.
  • We train them in handling, assembling, dismantling and management of different electronics, appliances and furniture to ensure a seamless transfer.
Better Removalists Gold Coast is now a well-recognised brand in the city, which experiences a plethora of relocations due to job prospects, education, family demands etc.
  • Hiring a trusted removals company in Gold Coast pays off in the long run as you are spared all the labour that would have come your way if you would have done it yourself.
  • When you are moving with kids, it can become a highly tense situation as the children may not be happy with the change and you may have to face a lot of tantrums and meltdowns. Naturally, a helping hand at such times is a blessing in disguise.
  • We are considerate about your love for your things and show the same concern while packing and moving them. We have world-class tools which allow us to lift and move things without harming them.
  • Our service is highly recommended by business owners as well as tenants who have been promoting us in the region with a positive word of mouth.
  • We abide by all the regulations and give priority to your needs while packing and unpacking your belongings. You can trust us with your valuables without any doubts.
We offer an all-inclusive service which begins with careful packing and ends with putting everything in its place at the new property. We have specialised services for each task that make it smooth and straightforward.
  • We have packing experts who can diligently separate the fragile materials and pack them into insulated boxes with all the gaps filled systematically.
  • Our removalists in Gold Coast make use of exclusive boxes which can hold different objects like TV, fridge, clothes, shoes, books, cutlery, china, etc.
  • We also help in moving your vehicles, including cars, motorbikes and boats to make sure that you get everything in your new place without any hassles.
  • Our professionals also provide ancillary services which are highly beneficial for businesses that wish to reduce the downtime due to relocation and start working in full capacity again.
  • From getting the utilities connected to organising files, pantry, fax machines, printers, photocopiers and workstations – we cover everything in our supplementary services.
  • Cleaning is an important task when you move into a new house or office as you would not want to open up your boxes in a dirty and filthy space. We take care of this chore with our ancillary services.
Storage is an essential service which is needed by several businesses and tenants when they are moving as it allows protection of the surplus things that need not be moved immediately.
  • Many business owners want to keep their machines and documents safe somewhere until they start working on the project at the new property. We help them out by providing our warehouse for this purpose.
  • Many tenants who are moving from big properties into smaller spaces need to store the extra stuff somewhere until they find a bigger place. Our storage service comes handy in such cases.
  • The storage facility involves packing your belongings cautiously in plastic sheets and boxes and then placing them into solid steel containers.
  • The robust packing means that your stuff does not get disturbed by any external conditions like dust, dirt, mould, or mildew on the walls.
  • We also provide insurance for the same so that you can claim the money in case of a natural disaster affecting the warehouse or a short circuit leading to fire etc.
  • The tightly secured property has several check-in points which cannot be infringed and are constantly under surveillance through security cameras which make it impregnable.
Besides making the move completely customised to fit your needs, we make it ease into your moving budget without any hurdles with our reasonable prices.
  • We do not have standard prices for households. We determine the needs of the tenants and identify the amount of work required to create a tailored package that satisfies your requests.
  • We provide you with an upfront final quote after discussing all the services needed by you and do not make any changes at the last minute.
  • We strive to keep things transparent and have no hidden charges that can surprise you and affect you financially when you are trying to pay for other moving costs like the end of lease cleaning and a new lease, etc.
  • Our professionals understand the demands of property managers and thus provide you with our supplementary valet services, wherein you can get the new property organised before settling down.
  • Our ancillary services also fall within the affordable price bracket and we offer a discount when a customer opts for an end-to-end service.
Unlike our competitors, we do not reschedule our jobs for a different day if it is raining or extremely hot outside. Our removalists are well-prepared to perform optimally in any environmental condition unless it is too dangerous to operate.
  • If you plan to move in peak summers, we are ready to take up the challenge and bring all the necessities to keep ourselves charged throughout the process.
  • We carry enough water bottles and energy drinks to keep the crew hydrated and stay refreshed even if we are sweating a lot while carrying the furniture and boxes out of the house.
  • We wear loose and light clothing on such occasions and make use of hats to ensure that we are not affected by the blinding sunlight.
  • Since we are concerned about the health of our professionals, we make sure that our removalists are wearing sunscreen of SPF30 to stay safe in the harmful UVA and UVB radiations of the sun.
  • We make sure that the electronics are not subjected to intense heat and put them in the truck right away and get them unpacked at the new property without any delay.
  • If you have appointed us to take care of your pets, then we make sure that they get their dose of water intake and are in the shade and in a ventilated area during the transit for maximum comfort.

Friendly Local Removalists In Gold Coast

We take pride in being the most in-demand removal service in the city because of our excellent performance and competitive prices. Our friendly and customer-centric approach has helped us to build lasting relationships with our clients.
Self-move can take a toll on you both physically and emotionally as you are bogged down by the stress of doing everything on your own, and it takes you longer than expected. You falter with the packing and end up breaking a lot of costly items, and sometimes, even injure yourself in moving the heavy furniture. Thus it turns out be a rather expensive pursuit.
  • We are one of the leading removal companies in Gold Coast and have gained recognition because of our expertise in the local area. We have a team present in every suburb and ancillary service providers in each neighbourhood to make the job quick and easy for you.
  • With our assistance, you will have ample time to get your kids admitted in school. You can also take your kids out to get familiar with the surroundings and find the nearest playground while we unpack your stuff in the new place.
  • Our ancillary service providers help in getting the utilities connected, such as water, gas, security system, phone, internet connection, electricity, etc. Thus you will not have to worry about anything.
  • When relocating an office set-up, we are extra careful of the equipment and the computers as the wires and the monitors should not get mixed up and reach their identified workstations. For this, we ensure foolproof labelling and use zip-lock bags to place the wires and charges for laptops with proper names.
  • We are equally careful while moving the gym equipment and dismantle the machines which can be assembled later at your new place. Our tools including forklifts and sliders are useful in lifting these large machines and putting them in trucks.
Businesses have to move to a new location because of several reasons like increased rent, shortage of space, better prospects, presence of more commercial neighbours, etc. We make it easy by offering professional help in removals.
  • We bring along ample packing material which is adequate for all the equipment, computers, file cabinets, pantry items, furniture, etc. We use only eco-friendly material to pack all the boxes and use old shredded documents to fill up the empty spaces.
  • We have specially designed boxes for packing the machines and equipment like the fax machine, photocopier, etc., and cover them in protective blankets while placing them in the boxes to avoid any damage.
  • Our removalists in Gold Coast provide help with unpacking and organising all the computers at the right desks and putting the files in cabinets.
  • Our ancillary services include plugging in the phones, getting the internet connection working, and putting all the IT systems in place to get things working like before.
  • We also help in testing the functioning of the equipment after they are connected to ensure that things are back on track and you can get your productivity without any downtime.
  • Our removal company in Gold Coast also provides storage for all the documents and machines which are not required immediately and can be delivered at a later stage to reduce the time spent in unpacking, organising and getting back to work quickly.
Whether you are moving into a smaller house close to your workplace or need an affordable living space close to the CBD, we can help you in safeguarding your additional baggage which cannot find space in the new property.
  • It is better to store your belongings in our storage facility rather than cluttering up your apartment with too much furniture or equipment that is not needed.
  • Better Removalists Gold Coast offers premium storage services along with removals so that you can keep your things protected instead of throwing them away and losing money.
  • You can at any time go and have a look at your belongings in our warehouse after informing us, or we can bring the stuff to you at your desired address.
  • Our protected warehouse has foolproof surveillance so that no outsider enters the property and all the things are stored in a secure steel container away from the gaze of everyone.
  • Whether you are planning to store your excess furniture, kitchen equipment, garden tools, golf kit, surfboard, winter accessories or academic books, we have provisions for everything.
  • Our tight packing and top-notch security do not allow dust, mould, pests, dampness or water affect your goods in any manner as they are sealed away from all external factors.
  • You can also take advantage of our insurance facility to stay worry-free about your things and get your money back in case of a natural disaster damaging the warehouse, such as an earthquake or flood or hurricane.
Most people do not attach any importance to insuring their removals in Gold Coast. However, it is one of the most significant aspects of moving as it covers your household and office items during their handling by the removalists and in transit.
  • We provide both complete removal insurance cover and limited insurance which is restricted to a few items like electronics as per your requirements.
  • We also have storage insurance which safeguards your stuff locked in our warehouse against disasters like fire, floods, earthquakes, etc.
  • When we are transporting your vehicles, we include them in the calculation to ensure that you don’t have to bear any losses in case of a mishap.
  • The complete insurance cover is applicable from packing to unpacking your goods and protects your stuff from all kinds of dangers including mould and mildew, which can happen during a move taking place on a rainy day.
  • We also provide cover if you have packed yourself and only need our service for moving the items from one place to another. In this case, the insurance is applicable to owner packed goods.
There are a lot of items in your home which are priceless, ranging from a precious gift received on your wedding day to your prized musical instruments, haute couture dresses and an artefact you picked up from your Europe tour.
  • We take into account all the things that need our packing supplies by making a checklist of them and bring specially designed boxes for these valuables whose safety cannot be compromised.
  • Our robust plastic wraps are biodegradable and do not pollute the environment and protect your belongings thoroughly.
  • We bring along tailored cartons to pack your dresses in an upright position so that they do not get crushed or torn during the transit.
  • Our labelling is done according to the directions provided by you so that nothing goes into the wrong box and we can effectively segregate the fragile and bulky items.
  • We take extra care to pack the glass items, kitchenware, china, porcelain bowls and cutlery, and wrap them up in packing paper. The moving boxes for these delicate items are stuffed with blankets and more paper to provide cushioning from shock.
  • We use the same precautions while packing your luggage to be stored in our warehouse and lock it up in large steel containers, which are impenetrable and keep your goods completely safe.
  • The small objects are sealed into zip-lock bags and the boxes are taped from all sides to avoid any spillage. We use different colour labelling to distinguish between boxes that go into separate rooms.
  • We prepare a list of the inventory which has all the box numbers written along with each item so that you don’t waste time in locating stuff while unpacking and know which boxes should be opened first.
The credit of our exceptional packing goes to our moving boxes which do not let any of your belongings come in the harm’s way. We have acquired them in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate all your stuff with ease.
  • Our wardrobe boxes are immensely appreciated by our customers who are amazingly surprised to find their clothes in impeccable condition after the transit.
  • We have picture cartons that are specially made to fit mirrors, paintings and glass tabletops and come with extra cushioning to avoid any cracks or scrapes.
  • Our cube cartons are appropriate for fragile electronic items like printer, CPU, UPS, DVD player, Speakers, etc.
  • We have special crate shaped boxes to place your wine and liquor bottles safely. These are covered up in wrapping paper and then placed in insulated boxes to avoid breakage. These are also utilised to store all the bottles in the pantry like ketchup, pickle, olives, jam, etc.
  • The double-strength boxes are utilised to put heavy stuff that needs to be packed in high-volume like books of your kids, their toys, clothes, toiletries, etc.
  • We have large and medium and flat boxes to pack your fragile items like LCD, washing machine, oven, etc.
Moving in itself can make you feel distressed and nervous, and if you have to unpack and organise everything bit by bit, it can leave your house in a mess for several weeks. With us, you can start your new life as soon as you move, and get ready for the housewarming party without any worries.
  • Our valet service helps you with the cleaning of the house, and organising your furniture in each room as per your desire and the decor of the property.
  • We help out in putting the clothes and books in the closets and cupboards respectively and put your kitchen utensils and cutlery in order.
  • We arrange all the wall paintings and decorative items and get the mirrors fixed in bathrooms and wherever required.
  • We assemble the beds in the bedrooms and get everything placed in its rightful position, including the electronics.
  • We move out all the boxes and the packing paper while leaving the property so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up.
We ensure the complete success of every move by making it absolutely comfortable for you. We take away all the stress and effort from the process.
  • We provide house cleaning so that you don’t have to deal with dust and cobwebs on the very first day of your move.
  • Our valet service makes sure that you don’t have to move a limb after covering the journey to the new place and get everything arranged for you.
  • Our removal company in Gold Coast also provides utility connections in the new property so that you don’t have to wait for the gas, electricity etc.
  • We make sure that you get your internet connection to start using Wi-Fi in your phones and laptops to work from home for a few days.
  • We get all the electronics and appliances up and running so that you don’t have to wait for days to watch TV or get hot water in the bathroom.

Trusted and Affordable Furniture Removals in Gold Coast

Your search for a reliable furniture removalist ends with us. We are skilled in moving all heavy and delicate objects with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions related to our services? If yes then look at our FAQ section and get a better clarity about our local removalists service.

Minimum of 2 weeks’ notice should be given if you want a smooth and effective moving service. Though we also take short notice booking, make sure you book us 2 weeks prior to a moving date. This gives us a time to create your moving plan depending on your needs.
Yes, we will send our representative to perform a survey related to all your belongings that you are taking along with you. We usually analyse and decide the approx cost depending on the weight and size of all the items you are relocating to the new house or office.
We recommend you to be present during the packing, picking, uplifting and delivery processes. This ensures that all the belongings are safe and placed in the right position. In case, you don’t get time, you can trust us. We can assist you throughout your moving journey.
Our local moves start from $95/Hr + GST. You can leave us a message to know more about our moving package.
You can visit our packing service page to know more about our packing services or contact us to gather more details of our packing supplies.
We relocate everything except the following:
  • Petrol and Kerosene
  • Cooking Oils
  • Weed Killers
  • Pesticides
  • Firelighters,
  • Matches and other items that could cause a serious damage.
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