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We understand that removals on Mermaid Beach can be stressful and backbreaking for individuals and families. Thus, Better Removalists Gold Coast goes the extra mile to offer an all-inclusive service that covers everything from packing and loading to unpacking and organising. You can enjoy a restful and peaceful removal by hiring our fully insured and verified removalists.

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Besides all the hard work involved in moving the heavy furniture and white goods from one place to another, the time taken to complete the task can be overwhelming. Living in a house full of packing boxes, with half things packed and the other half unpacked, can be challenging. Thus, we offer our fast and specialised removal services in Mermaid Beach 4218 to families and businesses, allowing them to complete the move without delay. A full-grown residential suburb, Mermaid beach is a tranquil region on the Gold Coast. It is home to artificial canals, lakes and eye-grabbing waterfront views. You can enjoy a laidback and beachside atmosphere along with high-end amenities, such as spacious homes, public and private schools, healthcare facilities, culinary delights, clubs and pubs and much more close to the suburb. With a total population of 6,533 people, the suburb ranked as one of the most peaceful and beautiful places to live and raise a family. Our talented team is trained in robust packing, loading, lifting, unloading, assembling, and disassembling household items and office belongings. Using proven and established methods, our Gold Coast removalists offer the fastest service in and around the city and its suburbs. If you plan to relocate to Mermaid Beach, contact our company today.

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Whether you have a truckload of household stuff or just a few boxes, we are happy to help.

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The buzz around the beautiful suburbs of Gold Coast has been rising in the past few years. Many families and businesses are moving to these areas to live peaceful and affordable life. Mermaid Beach 4218 is one such place that has captured the imagination of people looking for a coastal suburb with all the best views. Our removalists in Gold Coast have helped several customers move to the quiet region that is bounded by the Pacific Ocean and artificial canals of Mermaid Waters. Our furniture removals entail putting everything into the moving boxes with extreme care to reduce the risk of damage. The heavy furniture is packed and lifted using specialised equipment for superior service.


Theefficiency and credibility of our workers are known throughout the city of Gold Coast and its suburbs. We have a simple booking process and flexible scheduling coupled with customised and affordable plans that make us stand out from the crowd. The fact that we have been satisfying clients for a long time has helped us to become a reliable name in the industry. We strive to make sure that your belongings reach you safely and without any damage to extend a relaxed experience. We provide on-time removals Gold Coast and Mermaid Beach 4218 as we have been working in the suburb. Our quality packing keeps everything protected and intact.


When you decide to move to the suburbs, the decision can make your family excited about the new change. However, the work involved in uprooting can be taxing. Better Removalists Gold Coast makes it easy for you to move without any hindrance or constraints. Whether it is the packing material or moving equipment, we have everything at our disposal to get things moving. The attractiveness of cheaper housing is one of the reasons people decide to move to Mermaid Beach 4218. The median property price for a 3-bedroom house in the suburb is $1,750,000 and rent is $750 pw. The 3-bedroom units can be bought for $952,000 and leased for $713 pw.

Our fully insured and police verified professionals make the process tension-free and comfortable.
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We are skilled in packing your belongings with utmost caution so that there is no chance of breakage. Our professionals have all the packing material with them that allows them to wrap up everything appropriately. They bring durable and strong moving boxes in a variety of sizes to fit different items in the house or office. From LED TVs, computer monitors and washing machines to microwaves and vacuum cleaners, we pack everything impeccably. The bulky items are cautiously lifted with the help of sliders and a moving dolly to load them into the trucks. We label all the boxes after packing them with high-grade insulation from jerks and bumps on the way.


Moving locally is no easy feat. The only difference is that the distance between the start and end points is reduced. The workload and stress remain the same. Thus, it is a better idea to hire professional removalists in Gold Coast who are well-versed with the suburbs and can move your things effortlessly. They allow you to sit back and relax while they cover the task from the beginning until the end. Starting from dismantling, packing, and loading to unloading, unpacking, and assembling, they do everything as per your instructions. The best part about utilising a tailored service is that you can achieve your goals without making any effort.


Our approachable and friendly support team is our biggest plus point. It helps customers to contact us without any inhibitions whenever they need our help or want to book our removalists in Gold Coast. So, if you are planning to move in our out of Mermaid Beach 4218, you can contact us on 1300 766 422 or fill out the form online to get a callback. We respond at the earliest and gather all the required data about the removal and then provide you with a free quote. You can clear your doubts and fix the date for the removal as per your preference. It can all be done in minutes.

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Many people are sceptical about hiring third-party for removals as they feel that they will not handle their possessions with care. However, it is exactly the other way round. At Better Removalists Gold Coast, our professionals are fully dedicated to making the removal a damage-free process. To ensure the safety of your belongings, we use a long list of items that include sturdy packing materials, a fully covered moving truck and contemporary tools. Our support team notes down your requirements at the onset and creates a custom plan for you that includes a tailored quote depending on the size of the property and the distance to be covered. Our professionals ask you to be present on the property for a tour of the house and giving directions for packing the stuff in each room. They follow your orders related to disassembling and labelling and then unpacking and assembling at the destination. Thus, the whole process becomes hassle-free and professionally managed without any risks or damage.

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Our Gold Coast removalists are fully trained and insured to manage all types of commercial and household removals. They make the process seamless and smooth for the customers and allow them to relax while taking up the responsibility of all the hard work required for the move.

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