Renting A New Home: How To Get Prepared Before Moving In
Prepare for a Move

Renting A New Home: How To Get Prepared Before Moving In

May 19, 2020

End of tenancy period is a stressful time for every tenant because there are numerous tasks to complete within a stipulated time. A tenant has to search for a new house or unit to rent, complete moving out formalities with the landlord, arrange for end of lease cleaning, pack belongings, and take care of a host of moving-related tasks.

At this time of chaos and distress, it is imperative to remain organised, focused, and collected. Besides getting the entire affairs related to leaving the current rented property in order, you are required to be ready for leasing a new home. Don’t know how? Here are some tips by professionals such as experienced realtors, cleaners and removalists in Gold Cost on how to get prepared before moving in.

Get Your Finances in Order

Renting a new home requires depositing at least one’s rent as security, besides this money is required for other tasks such as getting packing supplies, completing documentation/formalities, hiring removalists in Gold Coast, etc. Moving is a financially draining activity which is why preparing for it should be done a few months before the end of a tenancy.

According to experts, the general rule of budgeting should be 50-20-30 meaning of your total income 50% is for spending on needs, 20 % is for saving, and 30% on desired good/services. However, when lease completion date starts to draw near, the rule should be changed, shifting the focus to saving as much as possible.

Review All Properties Thoroughly

Inspecting all the properties you are looking at to lease is crucial to pick a suitable home for all the household members. In addition to considering your budget when hunting for properties, you have to review them thoroughly to ensure a few things such as

• The house/unit is in good condition internally and externally
• Check for requirements for repairs or maintenance
• Inspect the neighbourhood for security, connectivity, and cultural inclusion
• Ensure the property doesn’t have any pest, mould, or any other type of infestation

Reread Your Lease Contract and Serve Notice

Before moving into a new apartment or house guaranteeing moving out from the old one is done without any hassle is essential. Therefore, make sure to reread your current lease agreement to understand what is required to move out and secure your bond successfully.

Also, provide the landlord with the notice for leaving after finding the new property. Usually, standard lease contracts have a clause for tenants to give a month’s notice, but you should confirm the notice period by rereading your agreement.

Know Your Rights as a Tenant

Every tenancy is different, which is why knowing your rights as a tenant is crucial to live comfortably in your new home. Some of these rights are mentioned as follows.

• The premises should be fit for living and clean
• A tenant has the right to vacant possession at the start of a tenancy
• The property should be safe and secure
• The repairs and maintenance should be done properly

Declutter or Downsize to Pack Only Required Contents

Decluttering your current residence will help you get rid of all the unwanted items that are broken, useless, or aren’t used at least once a year (Christmas decorations).

In addition, downsizing is practical for people who move to a smaller home from the previous ones. Both decluttering and downsizing help you reduce the number of things to pack and move. To efficiently get rid of stuff in your property make piles of items to discard, donate or sell then take care of each pile individually.

Hire Professional Removalists

Moving into a new home is a challenging process, and in most cases, additional assistance is required. Thus make sure to hire professional removalists in Gold Coast to stay organised while moving into your new rented property. The professionals can help you pack, handle, and transport belongings safely and without damage.

Furthermore, by taking the support of experienced removalists in Gold Coast, tenants can get the bandwidth to complete other moving-related tasks.

Ensure the New Home is Clean

In order to prepare to move in, you should ask the landlord about the provisions for sanitation of the property you are going to occupy. If it was tenanted, inquire whether the previous lessee or the landlord performed the end of lease cleaning.

In case you are moving into a property after agreeing with the landlord that you would get it cleaned, then seek the assistance of a reputed end of lease cleaners in Gold Coast. Getting professional help is preferred because tenants are already overwhelmed with the moving process to burden with the tasks of cleaning the entire property.

Wrapping Up

Moving is complicated, daunting, and overwhelming that puts physical, emotional and financial strain on everyone involved in the process. Therefore, it is essential to remain focused and organised when preparing to move into a new rented property. With this guide by professional realtors, cleaners, and removalists in Gold Coast, you can know valuable tips that will help manage the move like a pro.