Tips To Safely Move House Plants To Your New Home

Tips To Safely Move House Plants To Your New Home

Nov 10, 2022

Did you know that over 30 per cent of people in Australia own at least five houseplants? This is no surprise, as houseplants can get rid of almost 87% of air toxins in 24 hours and reduce stress levels in just 15 minutes.

You also feel up to 15% more productive when breathing in clean, green air at home as plants improve indoor air quality. Therefore household plants make for great roommates and help you relax and destress. But when you have to move homes in Australia, it can become quite a task to properly pack and move your plants to your new home, as each plant has its temperature and light settings.

However, if you start prepping your houseplants a week in advance, you can move them easily. Professional removalists in Gold Coast are experts in moving houseplants and recommend that you prune dead leaves, get rid of weeds and pests from soil and stems and repot your plants in plastic containers so they are easy to carry.

If you are moving native Australian plants across long distances, you will need a permit issued by the Department and have to pay certain fees. Once you are done with these formalities, you can start moving your household plants in the following steps:

Before The Move

Start Prepping Your Plants

Removalist experts on Gold Coast recommend prepping your plants a week in advance by replacing the soil with fresh soil, so there are no weeds and pests. This is especially a good idea if you are moving long distances and have to look after the plants for a few days or need to have them shipped.

You should also water your plants well so that the soil is moist but not soaking in water. It is good to keep your plants’ roots damp, so they do not lose moisture while moving.

Trim Your Plants

Next, another important thing to do while moving plants is to trim your plants’ dead leaves and stems so that you can pack them more easily. This will also help your plants retain more moisture and stay hydrated while on the move.

Repot Your Plants

You should also repot your plants in plastic containers before your move so that they are easier and lighter to transport to your new home. Do this a week before you move to start packing your plants.

Check With Authorities

Before packing your plants, you must check with the local authorities in Queensland if you are transporting any restricted invasive plants and what your responsibilities are. For example, if you have an African boxthorn plant, it is a restricted invasive plant in Queensland, and you must notify the local authority immediately for your added responsibilities.

  • Pack Your Plants
  • You should start packing your plants and use tissue paper when moving your household and garden plants.
  • If you are using tissue paper, you should create a cone shape and a wider base at the top for plants.
  • You can then slip in your plants from the top so that all the stems and leaves get moved upwards and are not crushed at the bottom.

You can also use an open box, place the plant inside carefully and then put newspaper or bubble wrap in the empty spaces to prevent any damage.

You can take the help of professional removalists on the Gold Coast to pack your plants properly so that they are secure on the move.

On The Move

Put Plastic Over Your Plants

If you are travelling in winter, you should put plastic or newspaper over your plants and fasten them at the bottom to avoid getting damaged by the cold weather. You should poke holes in the plastic and newspaper so that your plants can get sunlight and breathe.

Keep Your Plants At The Bottom

Once you have fastened your plants with plastic, you can place them at the bottom of your seat so that they do not roll around in the trunk and get damaged.

Keep Your Windows Down

You should let your plants breathe when moving homes in Australia and roll your windows down to let in the fresh air. If you travel long distances, you must avoid extreme weather conditions and stop along the way until the weather is clear. You should also avoid exposing your plants to direct sunlight or cold winds and protect them well.

Keep Spraying Them

Removalist experts on Gold Coast suggest that you keep spraying your plants to retain their moisture while on the move. This is especially true in summer, as plants lose a lot of moisture in extreme heat and can dry out. So, keep a spray bottle in the car and dampen your plants but do not soak them in water.

After Your Move

Place Your Plants

Once your expert removalists Gold Coast have helped you unload all your plants in your new home, you should place them in areas where they get good light and air. If needed, you should also unwrap them carefully and report them in new containers.


Once you are done moving your household plants, you can place your plants in your home to lend an aesthetic look. You will also be able to breathe fresh and clean air as the indoor air quality will improve in no time, and you will enjoy your new home in Gold Coast.