Setting Up Utilities And Services In Your New Home: A Step-By-Step Guide

Setting Up Utilities And Services In Your New Home: A Step-By-Step Guide

Jul 28, 2023

Moving into a new house on the Gold Coast is a big achievement. It is like a dream come true, especially if it is your first home. The city offers high-end amenities, top-notch infrastructural facilities, best housing options, schools, sports complexes, shopping retreats and much more.

The best part of home relocation is that it brings new opportunities and a chance to upgrade the living standard. This excitement keeps you motivated throughout the packing and moving process. You can also reduce your stress by hiring expert removalists in Gold Coast for the safety of your possessions.

In this excitement, do not forget about setting up your utilities and other essential service in your new home. Make sure the basic services, such as electricity, gas, internet, water and garbage disposal, have been set up when you reach the new place.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you set up new home utilities in no time:

List of Basic Utilities You need in a New Abode

1. Electricity

If you don’t want to spend your night in the dark, set up your electricity as soon as possible. Since the state government provides it, make sure you ask the landlord to set up the connection or just do it yourself.

Notify your electricity service provider in advance and fix the date for re-connection of the service before your final move.

2. Gas

Natural gas is used for heating, cooking and boiling water across Queensland and other parts of Australia. So, set up the connection quickly.

3. Water Supply

Tap water is supplied by the local authorities and is used for drinking, cleaning, cooking and other household purposes.

4. Sewage

This service is also managed by the Gold Coast Authorities to ensure proper disposal of waste.

5. Internet and Phone

You can disconnect it at your current place and schedule a date for re-connection. Make sure you do this before the final move.

6. Trash and Recycling

Set up the garbage pick-up service as well and keep your home and surroundings clean and sanitized.

Some of the other services are:

  • Cable
  • Postal, and
  • Home security services

Step-by Step Guide to Set Up Basic Utilities 

Step 1: Research your options and choose the right service Provider

This is applicable for gas and internet services because electricity and other services are supplied by the government.

Online Research is a Key: You can search online and discover detailed information about the providers in your local area. It is good to look for sites that list providers and shortlist the options depending on customer reviews. Whether you are living in the suburb or in the main city, make sure you do proper research and find the right options.

Ask Locally:  Take recommendations from your landlord or local neighbours about reliable options.

Check with your current company: If you are relocating within Gold Coast or Queensland, your current provider can offer the same service in the new area. For that, you need to transfer your service.

Check Plans and Compare Prices: Do proper research and choose the right option that comes within your estimated budget.

Make sure you do this before the arrival of trained removalists Gold Coast on the final moving day.

Step 2: Gather Necessary Information

Many utility service providers may ask you to show proof of residence or identification care before setting up utilities. So, gather the right information and make sure you have copies of your home, driver’s license or State ID. Keep all documents handy when transferring or setting up the utilities.

Step 3: Contact the Utility Service Providers

This is one of the crucial steps that can help you set up utilities and services in your new abode. If you already have basic utilities set up in your current residence, you may either need to transfer or cancel services and set up new ones.

If you are doing it from scratch, you will need to set up new services at least 3-4 weeks prior to your move.

Transfer Utilities

If you don’t want to change the utility service provider, then you will need to transfer services from your current home to the new one.

In this scenario, contact the company and let them know that you want to transfer the service on  the particular date. Make sure you provide the new address and the date of disconnection (at the current place) and re-connection (in a new house).

Cancel Utilities

If you want to cancel utilities, you need to contact the company as soon as possible. Contact the service provider and let them know that you want to cancel that particular service. Give them the address and exact day so that they will shut it down on time.

Set up the Service

You will need to visit the official website of the new service provider and check the setting up process. You can also call them and give the address so that they will come and set up the service before you come with your family.

Step 4: Update Your Address

Don’t forget to update your new address as soon as possible. It is important because this ensures that all the bills will be sent to the right address, and you can also get the installation and repair service without any stress.

Read on some important things you do two weeks before a move to avoid chaos.

Step 5: Track Your Due Dates

Moving to a new home brings new opportunities, and you can make the most out of it by going sustainable and cost-efficient.

If you have set up new services or transferred the old ones, make sure that you keep close track of the dates of your bills. Many companies charge a transfer fee, while others add additional set-up costs. So be careful.

Tip: It is good to set up reminders on your phone calls and keep track of due dates.

You can unpack your belongings with the help of removalists Gold Coast and arrange your new home with all your energy and enthusiasm. However, it is possible when you have installed or set up all the necessary utility services at a new place.

Here are some great tips to settle into your new home after a move that will save you time and energy.

Wrapping Up

This is a complete guide to help you set up utilities and services in your new home with ease. Follow these steps and ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition depending on the moving schedule.