Steps You Can Take To Avoid These Moving Nightmares

Steps You Can Take To Avoid These Moving Nightmares

Jul 06, 2023

A house move is stressful and challenging since you have to complete multiple tasks simultaneously. A lot can go wrong during this time whether you are moving for the first time or doing it again. Therefore, you have to plan and prepare for the process meticulously to avoid moving nightmares.

For a smooth move, you have to start planning immediately after the relocation date is set and create a realistic timeline. Taking the assistance of professional removalists in Gold Coast can help reduce and ensure your belongings reach the new home as they were.

Additionally, you must know common moving nightmares that can happen and how to avoid them. have a look.

Damaged or Missing Property Contents Upon Arrival at New Home

This issue often occurs during DIY moving and people find their belongings damaged or lost due to some of these reasons.

  • Improper packing and labelling
  • Lack of moving expertise, equipment and experience
  • Loading contents on the moving truck in a hurry

Hiring professional removalists in Gold Coast to move your belongings is a great solution to this issue. However, if you plan to do it yourself, use good-quality packing materials, label all boxes and don’t rush while load/unload the moving truck. Additionally, create a moving inventory to keep track of your belongings at all times.

Getting Overwhelmed While Packing

Packing is one of the most important moving tasks and you must perform it properly to avoid hassle. However, it is time-consuming, confusing and tiring, which is why it is a moving nightmare for many people. Thus, follow the tips below to avoid this from happening to you.

  • Declutter to lighten your packing load. Separate things you want to take to the new home and plan to discard, donate or resell the rest.
  • Don’t try to do it alone. Ask every household member to contribute by decluttering their rooms and then packing.
  • Pack unimportant items first and necessary items last.

Not Finding Good Removalists

There are hundreds of removalists boasting of quality removal and packing services in Gold Coast. It can get confusing which to choose especially when you are stressed and anxious about relocating.

To avoid booking the wrong professionals, research about local removalists in Gold Coast. Get quotes from every moving company and compare these quotes to find the most affordable and quality removalists.

Additionally, skip removalists who only provide instant quotes or their rates are too good to be true. Reputed removalists usually offer their services at competitive rates and you can use this to your advantage.

Poor Communication with Removalists

A common mistake most people moving out of home for the first time make is not communicate their requirements from the start. Additionally, they don’t reach out to the removalists after the booking is confirmed.

Removalists cannot answer your queries or meet your requirement if they don’t know important information such as property size, location, special service requirement etc.

To avoid this issue, you must request a pre-move survey to help the removalists in Gold Coast understand your requirements better. Additionally, follow up with the moving company routinely to ensure they will turn up on your doorsteps on the moving day at the stipulated time.

Poor or Inadequate Packing Supplies

Packing your belongings with incorrect-sized boxes, missing supplies or bad-quality packing materials is a harrowing experience. It is bounds to make your move harder than it needs to be. Therefore, either hire professionals for packing your property contents or keep the following things mind while getting packing supplies.

  • Create an inventory of things you want to take to your new home and get moving boxes
  • Instead of getting several large moving boxes, focus on small and medium moving boxes.
  • Make sure the moving boxes are made with corrugated cardboard and have 3-5 ply quality.
  • Use bubble, foam and plastic shrink wrap abundantly to secure household items.
  • Get sturdy and water-proof packing tape and labelling markers

Improper management of Utilities

Noone wants the hassle of receiving bills of utilities they don’t use anymore or absence of running water, electricity or gas at the new home. These issues and many others can arise if you don’t cancel utilities at the house, you are vacating and don’t get new connections or reconnections done at the new home before moving.

Therefore, create a list of utilities like water, electricity, gas and internet you have at your current home and will need to settle in the new home. Contact the utility service provides for cancellations and settle dues. Additionally, a house move is the best time to review utility plans and change them.

Wrapping Up

During a house move you can feel stressed, confused and overwhelmed. However, with the assistance of the right removalists you can prevent a lot of hassle. Additionally, if you keep the tips shared above in mind, you can avoid moving nightmares and have a fun experience.