The Best Packing And Moving Tips By Professionals

The Best Packing And Moving Tips By Professionals

May 05, 2022

Imagine that you find your dream home and are excited to move out. But then you realise you have to pack and move all your stuff across town. If moving woes have got you down, you need to refer to these tips and tricks by some professional experts.

Many of these experts are hired for removalist Gold Coast and have experience in packing your items and moving them in the best and safest manner. Here are some of the best packing and moving tips by professionals that can help you in your moving process.

1. Make A Plan

If you plan your moving process, you won’t be stressed out when the actual day comes. All professional removalists in Gold Coast suggest the best trick is to strategize your entire move constantly. You can do this by:

• Making a list of all the items in each room beforehand so that it is easier to pack with a list.
• You can pack some non-seasonal stuff beforehand, like packing all your jackets and sweaters in a suitcase or box in the summer will mean less work later.
• Create a moving budget so you can estimate your costs and start saving accordingly.

2. Get All Your Packing Supplies Together

An essential for moving house is that you must make sure that you have everything you need and don’t have to run around last minute. Here are some essential packing supplies you should collect before you move:

• Packing tape
• Cardboard boxes
• Reusable boxes
• Newspaper
• Bubble wrap
• Scissors
• Markers
• Colourful labels
• Old towels and bedsheets

3. Declutter Your Home Beforehand

Another great tip that most removalists in Gold Coast swear by is decluttering your homes. You can do this by:

• Using the inventory you created earlier, you can arrange your items into three piles: donate your household, sell, and throw.
• Start putting all the items you want to donate in one box and have a donation centre pick it up, so you have fewer things to deal with.
• For items you want to sell, you can host a garage sale in advance to earn some extra money and get rid of a lot of your stuff.
• Then throw away the things you cannot donate or sell to get rid of any extra items you won’t need in your new home.

4. Sort Your Important Documents

Experts always suggest keeping all your important documents together when you move.

Please keep all your bills, house papers, and official documents in a clear plastic folder so that you don’t have to look through all your boxes when you need them.

This is very important so that you don’t misplace them when you are shifting.

5. Label All Your Items

Besides sorting your goods, you should also start packing them room by room and labelling them. You can put different coloured stickers on them to separate them room by room. This will help you unpack each box according to the rooms in your new house.

6. Pack Properly

Professionals also recommend that you use the right boxes for all your goods. Here are some tips on how to pack your boxes correctly:

• You need to pack heavier goods in smaller boxes and lighter goods in larger boxes. You should also put heavier items at the bottom of a box.
• It would be best if you always filled the spaces within the boxes with newspaper or bubble wrap so that the things don’t move around and get damaged when you are shifting the boxes.
• Another thing you need to be careful about is that you must not overpack your boxes. Overpacking is dangerous as the boxes might get too heavy to carry and unload, and you could hurt yourself.
• Also, make sure you pack all fragile items carefully. You can use old towels or linens to wrap all your fragile items carefully, so they don’t get damaged when moving the boxes.

7. Pack An Essentials Bag

One of the best moving tips is to pack a bag with all your essentials when you move. It must have some clothes, food, medicines and basic toiletries that will last you for a few days.

This will benefit you as you won’t have to unpack all your belongings at once and can take your time doing it methodically.

8. Load Your Vehicle Carefully

Once you have packed and organised your stuff and are ready to move everything, you must carefully load it onto your vehicle. Loading your truck is one of the toughest moving problems that can be solved if you follow the below steps:

• Make sure you load all the heavy-duty items first and push them to the front of the vehicle.
• This will help you distribute the weight on the vehicle and make it easier to drive all your goods safely.
• You should also load all your essential items last so that you can unload them first.
• You must also follow all the rules for heavy vehicles when moving your goods so that you don’t end up getting fined.
• To avoid this situation, you could hire a removalist in Gold Coast to safely move all your items in their rental truck.
• You could also backload items to only pay for the particular space that your items take on a rental truck and thus save some money when you are shifting homes.


Put all your moving woes to rest with these tips from professionals that will make you happy and excited to shift and move into a new house.