The Best Student-Friendly Suburbs On The Gold Coast

The Best Student-Friendly Suburbs On The Gold Coast

May 30, 2023

Home to more than 700,000 people, Gold Coast is ranked as the sixth largest city in Australia. This beautiful metropolitan city is renowned for its diversity, beautiful beaches, and high-end infrastructural developments.

It boasts around one million visitors each year from different countries worldwide- all thanks to vibrant art and craft scene, culinary delights, well-preserved heritage sites and top-notch tourism attractions.

According to the latest statistics, Gold Coast’s international student enrolments have raised to 32,000 annually because of its world-renowned educational facilities, modern-age institutions and easy-going lifestyle. More and more students are moving to this beautiful city for higher education.

However, finding the right accommodation at the best price is quite tricky in a cosmopolitan region. Instead of living close to the CBD, you can consider student-friendly suburbs on the Gold Coast.   

You can get a rental property at an affordable cost, easy access to public transport, good cafes and restaurants, close proximity to the educational institutes, vibrant nightlife and safety when you choose the right suburb as per your preference and budget.

Let’s Get Started

Top Student-Friendly Suburbs on the Gold Coast

1. Southport: A Perfect Blend of Education & Lifestyle

Close proximity to top-notch educational institutions, Southport is a beautiful and well-developed inner suburb on the Gold Coast, offering high-end amenities. It is home to Griffith University, TAFE, CQ University and other institutes.

Living in this region can provide convenient access to institutes, campus facilities, libraries and other basic amenities. The best part is that Southport offers students a range of accommodation options. Griffith University offers on-campus living, while others can access other affordable suburbs close to Southport. These suburbs are Ashmore, Labrador and Parkwood.

These suburbs offer low-cost rental rooms starting at $150 per week for a room in a shared house.

Other Key Features are:

  • Easy Access to Cafes and Restaurants
  • Supermarkets and Shopping centres
  • Bus rail and light rail connections
  • Low Crime rate
  • Good healthcare facilities

If you plan to relocate to Southport, contact the best removalists Gold Coast in advance for a safe and sound transition of your household belongings.

2. Surfers Paradise: Known as the ‘Glitter Strip’ of the City

Do you want to live in the heart of the Gold Coast? Look no further than Surfers Paradise. Though it is not home to major universities, you can explore great proximity to the CBD, inner suburbs and hotspots where you can find top-notch universities.

Bond and Griffith Universities are within reasonable reach from Surfers Paradise. Students can easily commute to their educational institutions using public transport, including a ferry, bus or train.

The suburb is popular among youngsters because it offers eclectic nightlife, the best cafes, bars, and affordable restaurants. You can live close to the Surfers Paradise beach by choosing a suitable housing option within your estimated budget.

You can easily find everything from shared houses to sky-high apartments and student accommodation. You can live in a private rental room which is around $140 per week- which is affordable.  You can do a proper research ahead and manage your time during a house move, especially when you are doing it for the first time.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Entertainment scene
  • Affordable public transportation
  • Employment opportunities
  • Convenient Amenities
  • Mesmerising beachside views

3. Robina: A Suburb of Education Excellence

Home to Bond University and other renowned educational institutions, Robina is a great suburb for students of all ages. It is also located in proximity to the Griffith University campus and TAFE. This makes Robina a perfect suburb for students attending these educational institutions.

The best part is that the suburb offers affordable housing options, including townhouses, shared houses and apartments. Private room rentals start at around $150 per week.

Apart from studies, Robin is also known for its sports recreational centres and the Cbus Super Stadium for rugby leagues and football matches.

If you want to live in this thriving suburb,  make sure you do proper research, hire the most reliable removalists in Gold Coast and find the most affordable housing option for your comfortable stay throughout your academic journey.

Key Features:

  • Great educational facilities
  • Top-class healthcare options
  • Well-planned residential estates
  • Multiple Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Affordable Culinary options
  • Various entertainment hubs

4. Burleigh Heads: A Coastal Paradise of Gold Coast

The majority of students across the globe are heading towards Burleigh Heads because of its vibrant lifestyle, eclectic nightlife scene and picturesque beaches. The suburb offers a great café culture, bars, fashion markets and trendy restaurants.

It is conveniently nestled near Bond University, Griffith University and, of course, Southern Cross University. This makes it easy for students to commute from one place to another.

However, residential properties’ rental prices are slightly higher than in other suburbs, but you can opt for shared accommodation. The rentals of a private room start from $200 per week.

Key Features:

  • Home to Golden beaches
  • Burleigh Headland National Park
  • Surfing Culture
  • Affordable Public Transport
  • Proximity to basic amenities

Here are the tips to know the interesting facts about Gold Coast before moving to this metropolitan city.

5. Varsity Lakes : Education, Serenity, and Community

With a population of 16,493 people, Varsity Lakes is renowned as one of the most thriving suburbs where you can find world-class educational facilities. From Bond University to Griffith University, the suburb offers you quick and easy access to these institutes without a hint of stress.

It also offers various student-friendly amenities, from shopping centres to cafes and restaurants, library and art scene, entertainment options to sports recreational centres, and much more.

Varsity Lakes offers a perfect balance of natural beauty and top-class educational options. You can opt for a shared room at an affordable rental rate and access to the following facilities

  • Smooth public transport
  • Entertainment hubs
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Sports activities, etc.

You can easily relocate to this beautiful suburb with the help of best Gold Coast Removalists and stay organised throughout the process. It is good to ask important questions before handing over your precious possessions to professionals.

Wrapping up

The Gold Coast offers several student-friendly suburbs that provide a perfect combination of education, lifestyle, and convenience. Suburbs like Southport, Surfers Paradise, Burleigh Heads, Robina, and Varsity Lakes offer proximity to educational institutions, diverse amenities, recreational opportunities, and a vibrant community. These suburbs offer students an enriching and nurturing experience during their academic journey.