The Complete Apartment Inspection Checklist

The Complete Apartment Inspection Checklist

Jun 25, 2021

Your new rental property might look perfect on your first visit, but it is essential to inspect the place before moving in. With the help of this inspection, you can ensure that the condition of the rental property is good enough for you. Moving into the property without inspecting it puts you at risk of paying for repair work if you discover any damage. You even have to make unnecessary payments during move out, which can make a negative impact on the refund of your security deposit.

Therefore, you should never hustle to move on your own. First, properly inspect a rental property and then move your belongings safely with the help of reliable removalists in Gold Coast. A rental inspection before moving in is an excellent opportunity to show the property owner/ manager that you are a careful tenant. Many landlords offer a pre-move inspection on their own, but there are also some who won’t unless you asked for it.

If you want to inspect the property in the best possible manner, it is essential to follow a checklist. It will make sure that you do not skip even a single spot of the property. Read on to know more about the complete apartment inspection checklist.


You should start your inspection from your bathroom because it is considered the dirtiest place in a house. Thoroughly examine every corner of the bathroom and look for damages, dirt, leakages, etc. Include the following spots in your checklist.

Overall Odour: The first thing you need to do is to check whether the bathroom has a bad odour or not.
Toilet Bowl: Look for dirt and stains inside the toilet bowl and also check if the flush is working.
Showerhead: Ensure there is no limescale deposit on the showerhead and the water flow is appropriate.
Sink and Faucets: There should be no dirt and stains in the sink, and the faucets should look sparkling clean.
Cabinets and Mirror: There should be no stains or soap scum on the mirror and cabinets must be clean.
Shower Glass & Tiles: Make sure there is no dirt, soap scum and hard water stains on shower glass and bathroom tiles.


The cooking area is also an important part of the house, so you should also inspect it properly. Ensure all the inclusions like the oven, dishwasher, etc., are in working condition and perfectly clean.

Cabinets & Drawers: There should be no dirt, grease, food particles and insects inside it.
Stove & Oven: Make sure there are no stains on the stovetop, and the oven is spotless from inside.
Dishwasher: Also check whether the dishwasher is working and adequately clean.
Kitchen Tiles: There should be no damaged tiles in the kitchen, and all the tiles should be clean.

Doors and Windows

You should also include the doors and windows of all the rooms in the inspection checklist. Properly examine them to ensure that they are not damages and they are working smoothly. To make the moving easier, also measure the doors, so the professional removalists in Gold Coast do not face any hassles while moving heavy furniture in a hassle-free manner.

Doors: Check whether the door opens and closes properly.
Windows: The window panes should not be damaged, broken, cracked, or has any gaps.
Lock: Check whether the locks on the doors and windows good enough for your safety.

Walls, Ceilings and Floor

The walls, ceiling and floor can tell you a lot about the overall condition of the rental living space. So, inspect your kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom to ensure these spots do not have the any problems.

Cracks: There should be no major cracks and stuff marks on the wall.
Dampness & Mould: You should check if there are dampness or mould in any room.
Cobwebs: Check the ceilings properly so ensure that there are no dust and cobwebs on ceiling corners.
Floor: Check for any major damage on the hardwood or concrete floor.
Carpets: Look for wear and tear, stains, etc., on the carpets.


Moving to a property and then spending money on repairing the electric points and lights can be annoying. To save your money and avoid hassles, thoroughly inspect the condition of the electricity in the house.

Light: You should check whether the lights of all the room are working perfectly or not.
Electric Outlets: Also ensure that all the electric outlets of the rental property working.
HVAC Unit: Check whether the HVAC Unit is free from dirt and working appropriately.

Safety Device

When you are inspecting the rental apartment before moving in, pay attention to the safety devices. Do not overlook their significance because such devices ensure your safety in the home during an emergency situation.

Carbon Monoxide Detector: The device that detects the presence of the carbon monoxide gas, so make sure it is working.
Smoke Detector: Smoke alarms should be installed in the bedroom and kitchen and whether they are working properly or not.

The Bottom line

Inspecting the rental property by following the aforementioned checklist may look like a stressful and needless task, but you will realise its value later. It will make the move easier, give you mental peace, save your unnecessary repair cost and help you to get back your bond money. To make your relocation process further easier, contact a reputed removals company in Gold Coast. They will ensure the safety of your items.