The Forgotten Aspects of Moving
happy couple packing and labeling boxes

The Forgotten Aspects of Moving

Jun 28, 2019

You have finally decided to move to your new home. The level of happiness is different when you relocate to the new place. You are excited about packing your beloved possessions and also want to ensure that everything goes smoothly, without any chaos.

But, there are hundreds of tasks in your moving checklist that need to be considered- from arranging packing materials to creating an inventory list, searching for the best Gold Coast Removalists to safely move precious belongings. And with so many tasks to do, it is too easy to forget about some critical aspects of moving.

These aspects play a huge role in making your relocation journey a stress-free. If you want to experience a safe, damage-free and a hassle-free move, then remember the following aspects of moving. This will help you avoid last-minute headaches.

1. Eliminating Heavy and Delicate Items from Dressers

Packing household items is one of those tasks that might take all your patience, hard work and of course time. It is difficult to wrap up the packing process even the day before the move. There are so many things to prepare, such as kitchenware, fragile items, knickknacks, furniture, electronic appliances, bathroom stuff, bed linens and a lot more.

With so many things to pack, people usually forget about their dressers, filled with full of stuff. This is one of those overlooked aspects that may give you a headache at the last moment.

A dresser is not a small item that can be moved easily. It has frames and legs that are not meant to moving around, especially with drawers full of heavy and fragile items. If you really want a smooth relocation, then make sure you empty it fully and load it on to the truck.

If you don’t want to get into the frustrating moment, then consider removing all the fragile and heavy items from your dresser. Pack them carefully and let your experienced Gold Coast Removalists move your expensive dresser with care.

Tip: You can leave clothing inside but make sure you remove fragile items for a safe relocation.

2. Labelling the Packed Boxes

This is one of the key aspects people forget while packing their household belongings. It is the most common mistakes that you realise after reaching your new place. When you open the box in the kitchen, and see that it is full of bedroom stuff.

You go to the living room and finding out the boxes full of dishes. This could make you realise that you have missed something important and that is labelling. Once you have packed all your belongings, make sure you label all your boxes using a permanent market.

For example: if you pack your kitchen appliances, label the box as ‘kitchenware’ or when you pack your delicate items, label it as ‘fragile items’.  This is how you can manage your unpacking chore and save precious time and energy.

3. Reserve the Parking Slots for the moving truck

People usually forget to reserve the parking slot for the big moving truck and then end up with a mess. If you are also one of those who arrange the space for the parking 2 km away from your house, then you should re-think about this aspect. This will not only cost you high but also put your belongings at risk.

Instead of making last-minute arrangements, reserve a parking spot at both locations two to three days before your final moving day. Secure the place for the moving truck and ensure safe and secure removal.

4. Securing Elevators

When the removalists arrive at your apartment and lift your furniture to the hallway and press the button for the elevators, they expect it to come empty on time. But what if they wait for 3-4 minutes and then see 5 people inside it together?

This could make you anxious because you have forgotten to reserve the elevators for the move of your household belongings. If you are living in a high-rise apartment, you will need to secure an elevator so that your hired Gold Coast removalists easily move your belongings.

In fact, many buildings not even allowed to move without reserving the elevators and some also need a “certificate of insurance’ from the moving company.

So, make sure you prepare everything before the final moving day to avoid last minute chaos. Arrange the certificate (if needed), take permission and reserve the elevator a week before your move.


Moving is a tedious task and managing everything before the final moving day is challenging without professional assistance. But with the help of the above tips, you will be able to remember some key aspects that can make your relocation a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Apart from this, don’t forget to hire well-trained and dedicated Gold Coast Removalists that can help you throughout the move from start to end. They can transmit all your belongings to the new place with care and responsibility.