The Right Way To Pack Fragile Items For A Move

The Right Way To Pack Fragile Items For A Move

Jun 24, 2020

When you are moving, packing is the most difficult task and wrapping up the fragile items is the most challenging part of the entire packing process. Making an inventory list of such items, purchasing the right supplies and appropriately packing them can be nerve-racking. That is why people prefer to hire experienced removalists in Gold Coast.

They ensure high-quality packing, secure loading and safe transportation. However, if you are a little tight on budget and want to do the packing on your own, you should know how to do it perfectly. Here are the right ways to pack fragile items for a move. Let’s have a look!

Start Planning Early

Before you start packing your fragile items, get an idea of how many items are there in your house that comes under the fragile category. Make a list of the items because it will help you to estimate how much packing supplies you will require to pack them. It takes a lot of time to pack the fragile items properly so you should not rush. That is why you should start making plans early because you get more time.

Use the Right Packing Supplies

If you want to protect your fragile items during the move, you need to use the right packing supplies and that too in an appropriate quantity. Bubble wrap and packing papers are essential supplies when it comes to delicate items. So purchase them in adequate amount.

Wrap all the items separately with bubble wrap and place them in the moving box. Then use plenty of packing papers to fill up the empty space inside your boxes. It will act as a shock-absorbing cover.

Pack Your Plates Vertically

Plates often get damaged during the transportation because people fail to pack them and place them in the boxes appropriately. Experts believe that the biggest mistake people make with the plates is they place them in a horizontal way instead of the vertical way.

When you are packing your plates, wrapped each of them in bubble wrap and put tape on them for extra protection. Then place them one by one in the moving box vertically. Since it will reduce the surface area, the chances of getting damage also lessen. If possible, use boxes known as dish packs. It has thicker walls, so it offers better protection.

Do not Overpack Boxes

Cardboard boxes are appropriate for moving. However, you should not overload these boxes. The cardboard material is strong but not too sturdy when it comes to carrying weight. So, cannot rely on them to hold too many items, particularly the fragile one.

It will be a massive risk that you should not take. Pack limited items in your boxes and cover the space with packing papers, blankets, etc. instead of putting more items. If you assign the packing task to the removalists in Gold Coast, they will also pack the fragile items in the same way.

Hire Professionals

If you want to pack your fragile items for a move in a perfect manner, the easiest way is to hire professional removalists in Gold Coast. They have experience, skill and knowledge about packing and loading, so they are well aware of the best ways to pack and load the fragile items.

Moreover, all reputed removals companies provide proper training to their professionals to handle delicate items with utmost care. So they make sure your belongings reach your destination in one piece.

Use only New and Sturdy Boxes

People often arrange used boxes from the liquor shop and grocery store to reduce the moving expense, and it is an excellent idea. But used boxes can have a little wear and tear. It might be alright to pack other things in these boxes but packing your fragile items can be risky.

It will increase the chances of accidents. Nothing is more disheartening than losing your costly fragile items because the box was too flimsy to carry them properly. That is why you should always use new boxes to pack delicate items.

Put labels on your Boxes

Once you are done with packing, always put labels on the moving boxes that have fragile items. This will be helpful for the removalists in Gold Coast during the loading process. They will know which boxes need extra care so they will load the boxes accordingly. And if you want to carry some boxes with you, the labelling will help you to identify them.

Make the box more appropriate for the items

Soft materials, such as packing paper, towel, blankets, old t-shirts or packing peanuts should be placed on the bottom of boxes carrying fragile items. It will provide padding to the items. Also, to make sure that none of your belongings falls through the bottom of the box, strengthen the bottom surface with a layer of tape.


Packing fragile items is difficult and time-consuming. To pack them appropriately, you need to have patience and very careful. So, you should start packing them as early as possible and keep the boxes at a safe place. Consider the ways mentioned above to pack fragile items. It will help you to protect your belongings and experience a stress-free move.