Things To Consider When Moving With Pets

Things To Consider When Moving With Pets

Jan 06, 2021

Relocating to a new home is among the most challenging activities that affect you mentally and physically. It is a complicated process not just for household members but for your beloved pets as well. Moving is taxing for your fur babies as it can affect their emotional stability and lead to separation anxiety in many pets.

Like children, pets are sensitive to their environment, and it is difficult for them to leave familiar surroundings to adjust to a new one. The onus of taking care of the pet’s emotional and physical state is on the owner while moving. Thus, hiring professional removalists in Gold Coast allows you to have more time on hand to support your fur baby through the difficult time andcomplete other important tasks. Here are a few things to consider and complete when moving with pets. Have a look.

Renting and Pets

Before planning a move with your pets and getting a rental property, it is essential to know the following facts about renting and pets.

• Australia is reckoned as a pet-friendly nation with 62% of its households having fur babies.
• 39% of households in Queensland have dogs, cats, or both
• However, only about 10% of Queensland’s rental properties allow tenants to have pets

Thus, while living on the Gold Coast, it can be difficult to find a pet-friendly real estate, and you should consider this challenge.

Before selecting and signing a lease agreement, make sure you get the property manager/landlord’s permission to have pets. Read the agreement carefully, as you will be required to take more responsibility than a tenant without pets. Along with finding a rental property that allows pets, book removalists in Gold Coast in-advance to make the process easier and faster.

Updating Your Pets Microchip

Once you have found a pet-friendly real estate to rent, there is one less thing to worry about and time to focus on updating your pet’s microchip. The chip is a reliable form of identification, and it contains the unique number of the chip, the pet’s information, and your contact details including your address.

Registering your fur baby and microchipping is mandatory by law as it helps authorities identify and return lost or impounded animals. While moving, you should update the microchip of your pet to ensure its safety and security.

Familiarising Your Pet with New Surroundings

Moving can be traumatic for your pet, causing stress, anxiety, and sadness when they are suddenly moved to an unknown place. Therefore, it is important to take your pet along to the new home before moving in to familiarise it with the property and the neighbourhood. When your pet has visited the new home a couple of times, it will recognise the smell and environment. Thus, it will not be a shock for it when you finally manage the relocation.

Meeting the Vet

Whether you are moving long-distance or short, ensuring your pet is in perfect health is essential to manage the journey without hassle. Make an appointment with your pet’s vet and make sure it is well and healthy before moving. If necessary, ask the vet to prescribe medication that will come handy during a long journey to keep your pet calm.

Sending Them Away

The process of packing, handling boxes, and transporting your belongings is messy and chaotic. Additionally, when your hired removalists in Gold Coast arrive to manage the move, your pet can get in the way or get stressed with the commotion.

Therefore, it is wise to consider sending your pet away for a few days while you manage the move. You can safely get them to stay under the care of a trusted family member, friend, or neighbour. After your pet is taken care of, you can pay attention and complete other moving-related tasks with ease.

Packing Your Pet’s Belongings Last

To make your pet feel secure and at home in the new property, it is essential you unpack and place familiar things immediately after moving in. These things can be carpets, toys, blankets, and other items that your pet is comforted by.

While packing, things of daily use and requirements should be packed and loaded in the moving truck last. This arrangement will ensure your pet’s items of need and comfort will be unloaded and unpacked first when you arrive at the new home.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are moving for the first time or have moved before, relocating with pets is never easy. However, by considering the things mentioned above and by being proactive, you can make the moving process less stressful and harrowing for yourself and your pets. Furthermore, don’t forget to take the assistance of professional removalists in Gold Coast to have more time and energy to support and care for your pets during this challenging process.