Things To Consider When Moving With School Aged Children

Things To Consider When Moving With School Aged Children

Oct 08, 2020

Moving is one of the most challenging and stressful events a child can experience. Unlike adults, children find it harder to express how they are feeling which makes them stressed, anxious, angry and scared especially when they are at a school-going age. The shift could be monumental for them as they may have to leave their neighbourhood, school, and mates behind.

If you are planning a move with school-aged children, then consider the following things to make the move smooth and less overwhelming for them. Also, read on to find expert moving tips by professional removalists in Gold Coast on how to move with children.

The Social and Emotional Impact

Moving to a new home is never easy when your children have to change schools and the neighbourhood. It is daunting to start anew, making it socially and emotionally difficult for them. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about their insecurities and fears about making new friends, having new teachers, adjusting in a new environment etc.

Maintain transparency by letting them know the reason for moving and why changing schools is necessary. Try to keep them involved while searching for schools, ask their suggestions, and be available for them whenever your children feel overwhelmed.

Schools in the Area You Are Moving To

During property selection, it is essential to find a house or apartment in an area which has good schools. See if you can find accommodation in a locality with schools which children of family members, friends, and colleagues attend. It will help your child to adjust better with familiar faces even when the surroundings are different.

In addition, create a school selection checklist to find a place that will be suitable for the education, growth, and development of your children. Learn about the schools’ syllabus, faculty, amenities, special programs, and extra-curriculum activities etc. to choose the right school for your kids.

Taking Them for Pre-selection School Visits

Visiting schools you are considering for your children with them is wise because it helps you know their reaction to the places. Other reasons why taking your kids along for school visits when moving are listed as follows.

• Children feel involved in the selection process
• It is easier to put to rest their insecurities and worries about changing school
• Your kids can get excited about the move if they know how fun the new school will be

School Terms and Holidays

Moving is overwhelming and difficult for school-aged children, and you don’t want to make it more challenging by shifting mid-term. Therefore, make sure to keep school terms dates and holidays in mind while relocating to avoid causing unnecessary inconvenience to your children. People living in rented properties with a fixed-term lease agreement can ask the property owners for an extension if it will help with moving with school-aged children.

Sending Children in Someone’s Care

Moving is a mentally and physically taxing activity that can take a toll on your children’s health. The stress and chaos can be difficult for them to handle, which is why consider sending them to stay with near and dear ones for a few days. You can complete moving-related tasks while your children are safe in the care of trusted people. In addition, it would be easier for your hired removalists in Gold Coast to handle and move property contents without the kids getting in their way.

Planning a Farewell

For school-aged children, it is extremely challenging leaving their mates, school, and neighbourhood. But, you can comfort them by hosting a farewell party to which you invite their friends and favourite teachers. Furthermore, invite relatives, friends and neighbours close to your children to the party as well.

This opportunity will give your children closure and help them get the contact information to stay in touch with whoever they want after moving.

Expert Tips for Moving With Children

Relocating with children is challenging as besides completing a host of moving-related tasks, you have to take care of their needs and avoid disrupting their routines. Therefore, knowing the tips by expert removalists in Gold Coast will help you manage the move with kids smoothly.

Create a moving checklist to streamline the process and keep everything organised
• Pack essential kits for each member of the household, especially kids. These kits can contain anything that may come handy on the moving day. For children, make sure the kits have clothes, water, snacks, beverages, medicines, toiletries, toys, etc.
• Take the assistance of professional removalists in Gold Coast to have more time to spend with your children and support them during the stressful process.
• Ask your children to help with moving-related tasks such as decluttering, packing, and cleaning, among others to keep them involved in the process.
• Make completing tasks fun and exciting for children by giving rewards every time they finish a task in time.
• Keep packed property contents in one part of the house away from entry/exit points and pathways. It helps prevent children from tripping or getting injured due to toppling of boxes.
• Once you have enrolled your child in the new school, ask teachers and administrative representatives to share course material and plans for future activities. This way, your kid will know what to expect and get him/her excited for the move.
• Maintain a positive attitude because children are sensitive to the emotions parents feel and display. Therefore, even if moving is stressful and challenging, keep your spirits high by thinking how rewarding it would be for the family once the move is complete.
• Try to manage the move on weekends or during school holidays to avoid upsetting children’s daily routines. It will be easier for family members and friends to be available on these days as well since many may not be able to take a leave from work on weekdays.

The Bottom Line

Children are significantly impacted by moving when they say goodbye to their mates, school, neighbourhood, and everything familiar. Thus, as a parent, the onus is on you to make the process as comfortable and smooth as possible by considering the things mentioned above and following the tips by professional removalists in Gold Coast.